2020 Virginia Challenge
19th National Holiday Dual
*Virginia Beach Sports Center* (New Location for 2020)
Virginia Beach, Virginia
December 10-12, 2020

In 2019, there were 48 & 48 Teams. In 2020, there are 36 & 36 Teams. (24 fewer teams)
Wrestlers from over 25 States
Team & Individual Awards
#1 Age Group Duals in the Country

For additional information contact
Frank Lipoli 757-214-3192        flipoli12@gmail.com

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ES Weight Classes 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 100, 110, 130 (+1)
Grades 6 and UNDER.

MS Weight Classes 72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 130, 140, 160, 210 (+1)
Grades 8 and UNDER.

2020 Virginia Challenge Holiday Duals - "Free Agents" (Wrestlers Seeking a Team), E-Mail to add to List

Please UPDATE your information when "NO Longer" available.


ES 52, Lucas Huntley, NJ.,    rayrayhuntley@yahoo.com or 908-240-5026
ES 52, Benex Velasco, Tarboro, NC.,     benexvelasco07@yahoo.com     Experienced at National Duals and National Open events.
ES 56, Braxton Rankin, VA.,     czshce@yahoo.com    
ES 60, Braxton Baker, Mat Demons, WA.     kimberley.k.baker@gmail.com
ES 60, Jackson Wells, VA     rickwellsdc@gmail.com     State Placer
ES 64, Cameron Smith, American Dream, Mayfields M.A., PA.     rsmithjr44@comcast.net
ES 64, Connor Bagdonas, OH.,     alweiser@gmail.com     State Placer
ES 64, Brady Watson, Oxford, PA.    watson.npd@zoominternet.net
ES 68, Zane Blanchard, LA.,    willpblanchard@yahoo.com, 2x USAW Nat'l Finalist ('18&'19), 6x LA. USAW Folk'e State Champ, TX North Lonestar Nat'ls Champ, Deep South Invit' Champ,
ES 68, Teo Triscaro, Chagrin Falls, Ohio,       jtriscaro@hotmail.com,       Ohio State Champ, 3rd at Super 32, Runner-up at Barbarian Nationals
ES 68, Maddux Guerra, Gilroy, CA.,     Jose.Guerra@Ipaper.com     Multiple Time CA State Placer, Daniel Cormier Trained
ES 68/72, Christopher Phillips, GA., jphillips7102@gmail.com     GA State Folkstyle 3rd, GA State Freestyle 1st, GA State Greco 1st
ES 72, Evan Lesselyong, WI.,     lesselyongsports@outlook.com     4x WI State Champ, USAW Pre Season Runner Up, Wildwood AA
ES 76, Thomas Gorski, OH.     a.gorski@sbcglobal.net     Silver-bronze pool level wrestler
ES 80, Mason Bauer, OH.,     thomas.bauer@aol.com,     Ohio State Placer
ES 84, Ashton Thompson, Mat Hawgs, MD.     cmthompson9876@gmail.com     MD State Placer
ES 84, Haku Ogawa, Tri-valley Elite W.C., CA.     yuyaogawa42@yahoo.com    
ES 84, Cannon Driscoll, OH.,     JKred@yahoo.com    
ES 84, Mac Johnson, The Crew, NC.     ErinJohnson@TACS.life
ES 84, Artasam Feizi, Tri-valley Elite W.C., CA.     feizia@gene.com    
ES 88, Tye Johnson, The Crew, NC.     ErinJohnson@TACS.life
ES 88, Owen Marshall, Mat Demons, WA.     fusical@gmail.com    
ES 100, Kingston Stroshine, UT,     info@stroformance.com    

MS 72, Gabe Swann, GA.     ralswann@bellsouth.net,     4x GA state champ, Dixie Champ, Liberty Champ, Multiple AA
MS 72, Kameron Harrell, VA.,     kevin.r.harrell@NASA.gov     5X VAWA State Champion
MS 76, Collin Broxterman, OH.,     Jbroxterman95@gmail.com,     Ohio Placer
MS 80, Noah Rankin, VA.,         czshce@yahoo.com    
MS 80, Lazarus Joyce, NJ.,     nivek9576@gmail.com    
MS 84, Max Edwards, Oh.,     Brian.edwards1975@gmail.com    
MS 84, Joseph Uhorchuk,     ralswann@bellsouth.net     5x TN Champ, Multiple AA
MS 88, Will Yordy, Fairfiels, PA.,     kyordy395@comcast.net    
MS 96/100, Luke Wells, VA.,     rickwellsdc@gmail.com     State Finalist
MS 96/100, Gordon Gidson, WA.,     graeme99@comcast.net    
MS 100/105, Leo Macias, Dethrone, CA.,     Henry@jpsolar.com    
MS 105, Colson Hoffman, GA,     Jason@hoffmanlp.com,     Georgia State Placer
MS 105/110, Tristan Buchanan, OK.,     stephnicholeb@gmail.com    An oklahoma state champ and placer
MS 115, Lincoln Woods, Mat Demon W. C., WA.,     tw88ds@gmail.com    
MS 120, Joseph Toscano, CA.,     Ashleywm@msn.com     Multiple Time State Finalist, Freakshow Champ, Multiple Time National Champ
MS 120, Jayden Bowles, FL.     jbow81@yahoo.com,     FS/GR St. Champ, Folkstyle St. Finalist, USAW Kids Nat'ls FS/GR All-American, International Placer in Sweden and Greece.
MS 120, Kekoa Ogawa, Tri-valley Elite W.C., CA.     yuyaogawa42@yahoo.com    
MS 130, Jonathan Rocha, CA.,     rochajg@gmail.com     State Champ,  WOW Reno Worlds Champ, Freakshow Champ, Super 32 11U Champ
MS 140, Keegan Ramsay, PA.,     scottaramsay@yahoo.com,     3X Pa State placer
MS 140, Frank Aquila, OH.,     Jenny.lawton@yahoo.com