Virginia Challenge Holiday Duals - "Free Agents" (Wrestlers Seeking a Team)

Official ES Weights- 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 125, 140 (+1)
Official MS Weights- 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 112, 119, 126, 135, 145, 160, 175, 235 (+1)
WT (+1) Wrestler E-MAIL Available or NOT Additional Information Accepting Team
ES 45 Tyler Hildebrandt, NJ NOT Available MAWA Eastern Nationals 3rd NJ Elite
ES 45 James Blood, ME. NOT Available 2X State Champion, 2X NE Nationals Champion Michigan Select
ES 45 Chazz Robinson, Available Harvey Twisters  
ES 45 Jared Goodson, Poquoson, VA. Available VA. StateChampion, 57-7 (2012/13)  
ES 45 Wyn Wheeler NOT Available State Champion, AAU Duals Silver, 46-2 in 2012/13 Scorpions
ES 50 Owen Lehman, PA, Drillmasters NOT Available PA State 2nd Team Unknown
ES 50 Kaden Naame Available War at the Shore Champion and place winner  
ES 55 John Hildebrandt, NJ NOT Available 2X NJ State Champion, MAWA Champ, VAC Silver NJ Elite
ES 55 Brandon Krul, PA Available 2X PA State Placer, 6-2 2012 Wildwood Duals
2012 Flo National Champion
ES 55 Gavin Butler, SC NOT Available Liberty Nat. Champ, 8-1 AAU Duals, 8-2 Wildwood  
ES 55 Jason Brown, NJ Available WOS Champion, Penn State Open 2nd  
ES 55 Jadon Robinson Available Harvey Twisters  
ES 55 Phillip Arteaga, NC. Available VA. State Champion  
ES 55/60 Gabe Giampietro, Smyrna, De Available DE St. Champ, MAWA Eastern National Place Winner  
ES 55/60 Keagan Judd, Stephens City, VA. Available East Coast National Champ., State Champ,
20-4 in National Duals
ES 60 Marco Nash, Available Harvey Twisters  
ES 60 Jacob Voyles, Gillsville, GA. Available Multi-State Place winner, FR Champion, FS Champion  
ES 60 Joey Sheeren, Journeyman, NY Available Multi NY State Placer, Multi National Placer  
ES 60 Dylan Chappell, PA NOT Available 2X PA State Placer(4th/7th), OTOC 3X Placer GA. Minions
ES 60 Chase Liardi, NY NOT Available NY State champ., Northeast National Champ NY Dynamics
ES 60 Carson Porter, Smitty's Barn, NH Available Main State Champ, 3X Runner-up in National Events  
ES 60 Matt Vulakh, North Penn, PA NOT Available PJW Qualifier, MAWA Eastern National Champion  
ES 60 Calan Bollman, Young Guns, PA NOT Available PJW Place Winner, MAWA Eastern Nat'l Place Winner Tiny Terps
ES 60 Clarence Moore, CA Available Tulsa Kick-off Champ, Mulit-time National Champ.  
ES 60 Cam, Gordon, VA. Availale Multi-Time Mason/Dixon Place Winner  
ES 65 Andy Lucinski, Cobra Wrestling, NY NOT Available 3X NYS Finalist, Gene Mills Eastern National Champion Xtreme Tiny Terps
ES 65 Vincent Robinson, Harvey Twisters NOT Available 2X Ill State Champ., Amarillo Nationals 3rd Place  
ES 65 Luke Hoerle, Apex NJ Available NJ State Place winner  
ES 65 Dean Peterson, Mat Warriors WC NOT Available 4X NJ State Champion, Multi-Time National champ. Michigan Select
ES 65 Jake Slotnick, NJ NOT Available NJ State 2nd, MAWA Eastern National Champion South Jersey
ES 65 Evan Brown, NJ. Avilable SJWA State Champion, MAWA Eastern National 4th  
ES 70 Chase Esterline, Muir, PA. Available 2012/13, 40-11  
ES 70 Spencer Barnhart, Malvern Prep NOT Available PJW Area Championship Placer MI. Select Blue
ES 70/75 Gregory Hotaling, Journeyman WC Availavle MAWA Qualifier  
ES 75 Tervor Mastrogiovanni, Drillmasters Available NJ State 2nd, Multi-time National Champion  
ES 75 Travis Mastrogiovanni, Drillmasters Available NJ State 2nd, Multi-time National Champion  
ES 75 Johnny Laird Jr., Team Cobra Available    
ES 85 Noah Castillo, NJ, Drillmasters NOT Available NJ State Champion, National place winner Scorpions
ES 85 Enzo Morlacci, Team Pride, PA NOT Available Ohio TOC Champion, Tulsa Champion Tiny Terps Red
ES 90 Tyler Mousaw, Kenneth Square, PA. Not Available PA State Champion, 2012 Eastern Nationals 4th
Xtreme Tiny Terps
ES 90 Francis Morrissey, GA. NOT Available MAWA East'n Nat'l Champ., AAU 7-0, Wildwood 8-1 Minion, GA.
MS 80 Mark Montgomery, NJ NOT Available NJ State Place Winner Bellator
MS 80 Travis Melton, Harvey Twisters NOT Available 2X Ill. State Champ., Past Tulsa Champ.  
MS 85 Dakota Wilson, VA. NOT Available VA. State Place Winner Ron's Raiders
MS 85 Albie Snedaker, VA. Not Available VA. State Champion VA. Blue
MS 90 Scott Jarosz Jr., Scorpions NOT Available   Xtreme Junior Terps
MS 90 Kyle Mosher, NY NOT Available 3X New York State Champ, 2012 VAC Bronze  
MS 90 Drew Schafer, Superior Wrestling NOT Available Gene Mills Nat. Champ, Fargo Cadet qualifier MI Select Blue
MS 90 Ty Mills, Indiana NOT Available 7X State Champion, National Champion Texas
MS 90 Chase Zollmann, CA. NOT Available State Champion, VAC Bronze Team Northeast
MS 90 Trey Ashby, VA. Predators NOT Available Dixie Nat. Champion., Ohio TOC 2nd VA. Blue
MS 90 Joe Paul, Predators, VA. Available    
MS 95 Justin Phillips, VA. NOT Available VA. State Runner-up VA. Blue
MS 95 Shane Kobis, Scorpions NOT Available NJ State Placer, NHSCA Duals 6-1 Scorpions
MS 100 Gunnar Fuss, North Penn NOT Available PJW 4th, MAWA Eastern National Champion Northeast Xtreme
MS 100 Dylan DiSano, Wakefield, RI. NOT Available VAC Silver, Wildwood Gold NJ Elite
MS 95 Gavin Hollingsworth, BYC NOT Available MAWA Eastern National Place Winner Ron's Raiders
MS 105 Austin Filippone, BYC Slammers, NOT Available MAWA Eastern Nat. Qualifier, With G2 at VAC 2012 Junior Terps
MS 105 Mason Reinche, GA. NOT Available USAW National Champ, Tulsa Champ. Liberty Champ Wisconsin
MS 105 Brendon Fenton, Burnett Trained NOT Available Ohio State Champion, 47-10 Wisconsin
MS105 Jackson Turley, VA. Predators NOT Available Multiple State Championships, WOS Champion, VA. Blue
MS 105 Nick Barnhart, Malvern Prep Available PJW Area Championship Placer  
MS 112 Kyle Brobst, Walnut Bottom, PA. NOT Available Renegade Force Gunslingers
MS 112 Ellis Popiolkowski, PA. NOT Available PA State Freestyle Champion, 2012/13, 64-4 Junior Terps Red
Team PA
MS 112 River Curtis, VA NOT Available VA. State Champion VA. Blue
MS 126 Danny Starr, Team Pride, Pa. NOT Available   Junior Terps Red