Setting the record straight about the NoFly List

This statement is purely designed to allow me a chance to get the facts, of this matter, into view.  Raymond Clark, Owner of the Dynasty National Team, started this whole firestorm.  Regardless, of what people say or write, regardless, of what you might hear to the contrary, the fact about who started this tornado will not change. 

For two years, there has been a NoFly list.  It was intended for use by the Junior Terps.  It was intended to remind us and our coaches to not make the same mistakes over and over.  99%, of all the families with which we work, are honest and trustworthy.  There is a group, that have demonstrated they are not dependable and can not be trusted.  In one case, the same family, demonstrated that they can not be trusted 3 times.  People have been, on the NoFly List, and earned their way back into good standing.  Illness does not attach a wrestler to the NoFly List.  Injury does not attach a wrestler to the NoFly List.  Lies and deceit are what lands people on the NoFly List.

We never released the NoFly List to any social media whatsoever.  That was done at the behest of Raymond Clark.  He wrote me that he was going to do this. His bully tactics, abusive demeanor, and other threats were not accepted by the Junior Terps.  His promise "to crush me" did not scare me. Following that rejection, he then promised to unleash HELL.  That he did.  He was true to his word.  BUT, we can all see that he wasn’t brave enough to do it himself.  Like Tom Sawyer, Clark unleased hell while hiding in the shadows.  Instead of painting the fence himself, he got disciples like Webb, Scafidi, Satriano (etc), to do the dirty work.  WOW what a leader.  Barking orders while hiding in the dark.

These disciples surely created a tornado.  That is TRUTH.  These disciples posted the NoFly List onto social media.  That too is TRUTH.  They did not need to do it.  This could have been handled differently.  Once they lit the firestorm, I tried to provide the truth, but that was impossible. I answered dozens of FB posts. I made dozens of attempts to set the record straight. Once the disciples posted the NoFly List on FB, there was nothing I could do.  Once the tornado got started, it also sucked up the numerous lies that people decided to fabricate.  The disciples started the firestorm.  Then added false information from areas about which they know nothing.

Unfortunately, some very good people like Vasil Robinson (IL)  and Mike Craine (KS) are drinking the kool aid.  They read the comments which are largely from people that know nothing of the truth. They formulated an opinion which they then tossed into the tornado.  They did not have the common courtesy to communicate with me first. Obviously, TRUTH is not important to them. 

We even have other disciples taking this a step further.  They are placing fictional wrestlers on our teams.  They stay a day or two.  They then “pull” the kids, from the team, due to this FB nonsense which the disciples created in the first place.

Fact: We do not reserve tournament spots for later resale.  Never.
Fact: Ron Plienis Sr. is NOT on the VAC BOD. From time to time, they ask me what I think about certain things.
Fact: We do not make a lot of money (profit) from these teams.
Fact: We put personal money into the Junior Terps EVERY year.
Fact: We reimburse our NHSCA coaches for their coaching credentials.  In 2018, that was over $900. 
Fact: We do not charge the working coaches the typical entry fee.  In 2018, that was a loss of $3150 at the VAC alone.
Fact: We have a scholarship program for serious economic issues.
Fact: For select events, whole teams wrestle completely free of charge.  
Fact: We are presenting 12 wrestlers free custom singlets for going undefeated at the VAC.
Fact: We have wrestlers remain with us for up to 6 years.
Fact: This entire process changed nothing in the long term. We will still Work with 350 families per season.  We will still help 350 wrestlers to complete over 5,000 matches per season.  We will maintain our schedule.  Only one thing will change.  

The invasion, of our website, and the subsequent posting, of the NoFly list by Clark’s merry band of elves, will change nothing in the long run. We will just need to install a password system for particular areas.


Some responses to me.

1) Ron I just got word from his coach, at xxxxxxxxx, that now they are putting a team in Wildwood Duals. Originally they weren’t but he told me they are now. I saw all of your BS you’re dealing with on Facebook and wanted to give you as much notice as possible because this has nothing to do with that crazy people acting like you did Something so wrong ..... you can’t fix stupid with some people.

2) People are trying to get me to back out. Fuck that. When I committ my son, he is committed. And I totally understand where u are coming from. People need to keep their fucking word.

3) All these comments and bitching BUT not one from the “so called Blasted Kids”. It is just the ego of the parents that got called out for jumping ship, not honoring their commitment, it's easier to blame someone else. Show me one comment that goes like this...Mr. Ron why is my name on that no fly list it was my dad that didn't let me wrestle on your team!!