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The Titan Mercury Wrestling Club's Mission (Rally 4 Wrestling) is to showcase the moral, physical and intrinsic qualities of our Sport of Wrestling.

To bring to mainstream America the positive role models and lessons
that the Sport of Wrestling brings to our daily lives.

To “Rally” the multitude of Wrestlers, Coaches, Parents and Fans for
the Good News, Good Lessons and Good Sportsmanship that Wresting
instills in Mankind.

Portions of the proceeds to benefit the Committee for the Preservation
of Olympic Wrestling, Beat the Streets and local wrestling fundraising.

05/10/2013 (89 Dinners)
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo1 - Wayne Boyd, Haswell Franklin, Frank Lipoli
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo2 - Kerry McCoy, Tyshawn Williams, Lydell Henry
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo3 - Wayne Boyd, Kyle Snyder, Alfred (Baby J.) Bannister, Teague Moore
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo4 - Wayne Boyd, Garrett Lineberger, Mike Moyer
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo5 - Dinner Picture
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo6 - Group Photo
Rally 4 Wrestling Photo7 - Group Photo
Rally 4 Wrestling Video1 - Kyle Snyder & Baby J Bannister
Rally 4 Wrestling Video2 - Kerry McKoy with Danny Bertoni, Anthony Cimorosi, Quinn Devaney

05/12/2013 (51 Students)
Rally 4 Wrestling Clinic Photo1 - Group Photo
Rally 4 Wrestling Clinic Photo2 - Wayne Boyd, Kyle Dake, Frank Lipoli
Rally 4 Wrestling Clinic Photo 3 - Wayne Boyd, Kerry McCoy, Frank Lipoli
Rally 4 Wrestling Clinic Photo 4 - Group Photo

Terrific Teague Moore Interview

"Rally 4 Wrestling" was a big winner in Maryland.  The Sheraton Hotel was the site of a terrific event on Fri. evening 05/10/2013.  We had to create extra places, and several persons were standing.  It was an evening of unity.  This was a group that was looking for real leadership into the future of amateur wrestling.  Some people were focused on the Olympic issue.  Some focused on the college issues.  Some focused on kids issues. Everybody was focused on wrestling's future to some degree. Here are the details of the program.

Groups, that had representation at the “Rally 4 Wrestling Dinner With the Champs”, include the following:

Virginia NWHOF,  Virginia USA Wrestling
Maryland NWHOF,  Maryland USA Wrestling (2 Executive Board Members)
Univ. of Maryland
American University
Johns Hopkins University
Cornell University
Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County
National Wrestling Coaches Association
Junior Terps
Beat the Streets, Baltimore
Warhawks, Vipers, Dundalk, Blue Claw, Manchester

Nside Wrestling was on hand to shoot video of the entire evening.  When you have a few free minutes, please checkout their website. Nside Wrestling

Right on the heels of a terrific dinner and reunion, came the Rally 4 Wrestling Training Camp.  Both Kerry McCoy and Kyle Dake were terrific with the 50+ wrestlers that learned from these two NCAA Champions.  The St. Paul’s School and Coach Shaifer were terrific hosts. Overall, this Rally 4 Wrestling weekend was a boost for all Maryland wrestling. We also hope that is some small way, we have help to keep wrestling as an Olympic Sport. We have tentative plans to return Rally 4 Wrestling on 05/17&18/2014.

Please see information and photographs at the Junior Terps website.

Ron Plienis Sr.