2022 National Middle School  Duals, 11/11 - 13/2022
Glass City Center (formally SeaGate), 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, OH. 43604
( National Middle School Duals )     (  Glass City Center )

We always keep our "word"; please do the same.

National MS Duals ( Grades K thru 8 ) AND ( 15 & under as of 09/01/2022 ) Please be prpared to verify ages/grade.
Early Weigh-Ins: Friday 1:00-2:00pm at the venue. Additional $25 and MUST preregister by 11/11/2021.
Regular Weigh-Ins: Friday 5:00-7:00pm at the venue. NO additional payment.
Team meeting and warm-up - NOT later than 8:15 am on Sat. & Sun. The "cold" Team always loses the first match.
8:00am Doors open,     8:30am Coaches meeting,      9:00am Wrestling begins

Required Individual Entry $85,     Headgear Required,    USAW Cards Required.  Please bring your card verification.
Optional Junior Terps' Elite Team Singlet $65, See photo on Home Page.
Optional Original White Short-Sleeve Dri-Fit Tee Shirt $20, See Photo on Home Page.

Please use PayPal Buttons - www.juniorterps.com
Checks: Junior Terps, 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231,    410-446-0327(c)   or   E-mail


As always, we are required to provide a table worker for each match. Please consider helping out.
If you can help coach or keep score or work the clock (TrackWrestling), please volunteer.
Each, of 2 coaches, need not pay for their child wrestler.
Each, of 2 coaches and 1 scorer, receive free event admissions.

MS 55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,112,119,129,139,159,209 ( +2)

2022 National MS Duals         Junior Terps XPRESS     MS2

55 Clayton Knighton, Doylestown, OH. (Geibler) Email Text    
60 Braxton Sharples, Perrysburg , OH. Email Text    
65 Caleb Tsikerdanos, Warhawks, MD. Email Text    
70 Costa Paxos, North Canton, OH. Email Text    
75 * Christian Wirts, Warhawks, Baltimore, MD. Email Text    
80 * Sam Adams, Arsenal W.C., Doylestown, OH. Email Text    
85 Blake Coakley, Logan, OH. Email Text    
90 Grady Lambdin, Chippewa, Marshallville, OH Email Text    
95 Brandan McLaughlin, Westlake, OH., Email Text    
100 * Alexander Bermudez, Grindhouse, Chandler AZ. Email Text    
105 Carter Trukovich, Ashland, OH. Email Text    
112 Joel Brink, Shamrock WC, Akron, OH. Email Text    
119 Logan Haer, Massillon, OH. Email Text    
129 * Trace Johnson, Massillon Perry, OH. Email Text    
139 Paul Tepley, Brooklyn Hts., OH. Email Text    
159  Noah Stutler, Massillon Perry, OH. Email Text    
MS Coaches - Tavis Adams,  Aaron Johnson,   Scorer -


2022 National MS Duals         Junior Terps XTREME     MS1

55 Jakeb Wikel, Sandusky, OH. Email Text    
60 Max Sako, Vermilion, OH. Email Text    
70 * Andrew Mlynarczyk, Independence, OH. Email Text    
75 AJ Bechlem, Independence, OH. Email Text    
80 * William Schork, Medina, OH. Email Text    
85 Ray Causey, American Dream, Freeland, MD. Email Text    
90 Conner Whitely, Rome, OH. Email Text    
95 Cannon Driscoll, Aurora, OH. Email Text    
100 Lincoln Rohr, Massillon, OH. Email Text    
105 Austin Bickerton, Hinckley, OH. Text Text    
112 Joshua Piparo, Andover , NJ. Email Text    
119 Tyler Ineman, Solon, OH. Email Text    
129 * Andrew Moro, Columbus , OH. Email Text    
139 Zach Aquila, Solon, OH. Email Text    
159 Cooper Driscoll, Aurora, OH. Email Text    
209 Danny Zmorowski, Twinsburg, OH. Email Text    
MS Coaches - Aaron Moro,     Scorer - Steve Mlynarczyk








2021 National MS Duals         Junior Terps XTREME         GOLD Pool- 5th Place overll of 32

55 * Max Sako, Vermilion, OH. E-mail Text 104699901 OH Grade School State Placer, OH TOC Champ.
60 * Andrew Mlynarczyk, Independence, OH. E-mail Text 1900335901 OH State Placer, National MS Duals AA
65 * Rylen Wax, Zane Trace, OH. E-mail Text 111410001 OH State Champ, Tulsa Finalist, Multi Placer
70 * Cameron Schofield, Franklin, IN. E-mail Text 1901713101 IN State Placer
75 * Maddox Laymon, Hebron, OH. E-mail Mazur 1802622801 OH State Finalist, Tulsa Kickoff Finalist
80 * Jarrett Smith, Rudyard, MI. E-mail Mazur 94993001 Multi-time MI State Champion
85 * Timothy Mazur, Cleveland, OH. E-mail Text 115532801 OH State Champion
90 * Liston Seibert, Uhrichsville, OH. E-mail Mazur 110322301 OH State Champion, State Placer
95 * Anthony Sindelar, Streetsboro, OH. E-mail Mazur 121225901 OH State Placer
100 * Alexander (Huggy) Williams, Powell, OH. E-mail Mazur 100135101 OH State Placer, National Middle School Duals AA
105 * Joseph Curry, Newark, OH. E-mail Mazur 1812278501 OH State Champion
112 * Brennan Warwick, Perry Township, OH. E-mail Mazur 2001658601 OH State Champion, State Placer
120 * Carson Campbell, Ontario, OH. E-mail Mazur 111857401 OH State JH Placer, National MS Duals AA
128 * Cameron Plotts, Massillon, OH. E-mail Mazur 2101869601 OH State Finalist
136 * Harrison Ratliff, New Lexington, OH. E-mail Text 1811334201 OH State Freestyle Champ, Stae Greco Placer
155 * Aiden Peterson, Medina, OH. E-mail Mazur 121107401 OH State Champion, State Placer
205 * Danarii Mickel, Erie, PA. (Overton) E-mail Text 121075901 PA State Placer
MS  Coaches - Eric Seibert, Guy Sako, Bill Mazur,     Scorer - Mike Curry


2021 National MS Duals         Junior Terps XPRESS
55 OPEN        
60 * Thomas Lesselyong, Greenville, WI. E-mail Text 122242001 WI State Placer,  Track Pre-Season Nat. Placer
65 * Eddie Zeller, Avon, OH. E-mail Text 1912133101 OH State and OHWAY Qualifier.
70 * Nick Mrosko, Westshore, Avon, OH. E-mail Text 1805308001 OH State Placer. 
75 * Evan Lesselyong, Greenville, WI. E-mail Text 109457801 2x WI State Champ., USAW Pre-season Nat. Finalist
80 * Liam McGettigan, Reisterstown, MD. E-mail Text 105143501 2x Maryland State Champ
85 * Christopher Phillips, Bremen, GA. E-mail Text 102511901 GA State Champ., FS/GR, GA Big Kids State Placer
90 * Brandon Veno, Perry Twp, OH. E-mail Text 2007899401 OH State Placer
95 * Daniel Krutules, Atlanta, GA. E-mail Text 101337601 GA State Placer
100 * Tony Mrosko, Avon, OH E-mail Text 1805309101 OH State Qualifier
105 * Dj Otero, Sheffield Lake, OH. (Bobel) E-mail Text 2104722901 OHWAY Sate Placer
112 * Blaze Van Gundy, Columbus, OH. E-mail Text 121566001 Journeymen Fall Classic 3rd,
120 OPEN        
128 * Eli Esguerra, Dublin, OH. E-mail Text 105888001 OH State Finalist, Greco State Finalist, Freestyle State Placer
136 * Roderick Owens, Clayton, OH. (Johnson) E-mail Text 103203201 OH State Place, 4x State Qualfier. 
155 OPEN        
205 OPEN        
MS  Coaches -Chance Van Gundy,  George Veno,    Scorer -