Nanticoke H.S. Duals,   Sun.   11/25/2018
We always keep our "word"; please do the same.

Nanticoke Area H.S. 425 Kosciuszko St., Nanticoke, PA., 18634
Weigh-ins, by teams, Sun. 7:00-8:00 am

Required Individual Entry $72, Headgear Required, NO Cards Required,
PayPal Options are on our HOME page. Apparel Options are also on our HOME page
Checks: Junior Terps, 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231, Questions: 410-446-0327 (c)

As always, we are required to provide a table worker for each match. Please consider helping out. Please review your wrestler's roster. If you can help coach or keep score or work the clock, please volunteer. Two coaches and 1 scorer per team, get free admission.Without coaches and scorers the wrestling will not happen.

2018 Nanticoke Duals, Terps Xtreme, K-8, (+0)
MS 53, 58, 62, 68,72,78, 84, 88, 95,102,109, 116, 123, 130, 140, 155, 175, 235 Terps XTREME
53 * Christian Wirts, Warhawks, MD. Applied Confirmed Parent
58 *Levi Wheeler, Central PA All-Stars Applied Confirmed Figard
62 * Ian Bailey, FITS Wrestling, PA. Applied Confirmed Parent
68 * Tobias White, Iron Eagles, WV. Applied Confirmed Figard
72 *Wyatt Wheeler, Central PA All-Stars Applied Confirmed Figard
78 * Alex Kadryna, BVRTC, PA. Applied Confirmed Parent
84 (s) Avi Berg, Bludgeon Brigade, NY. Applied Confirmed Figard
88 * Xavier Ortega, Hit Squad, NJ. Applied Confirmed Parent
95 *Sebastian Ortega, Hit Squad, NJ. Applied Confirmed Parent
102 (s) Parish McFarland, Blue Mountain, PA. Applied Confirmed Figard
109 * Griffin Gonzales, LCMC, PA. Applied Confirmed Figard
130 * DJ Henry, Shore Thing, NJ. Applied Confirmed Ortega
140 Richaed Matthews, PA. Applied No Show, No Call, NoFly
155 * Conner Leonard, PA Applied Confirmed Gonzales
2018 Coaches- Jim Kadryna, Duane Ortega, Tables- Raina BergĀ