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REVISIONS - MDWAY presents the Maryland “Two for One” State Wrestling Championships.

During these tough economic times, we have decided to tweak some of the MDWAY procedures to continue to strengthen our Regional concept and, at the same time, insure great competition and wrestling opportunities. The basic changes are as follows:

1) Wrestling in the MDWAY State Championships will be a prequalification for attending the NUWAY Nationals. NUWAY National details are TBA.
2) If your region was cancelled, wrestlers will be able to "cross" regions as necessary to meet their individual schedules. Regional entry costs will remain $25. Regional "true second place" wrestlers will be determined. Wrestlers that finish 1st & 2nd may proceed to the State Championships without a further entry fee. 1st & 2nd place winners get TWO tournaments for the price of ONE. Regional wrestlers must enter the State Championships prior to leaving the Regional Event.
3) Remaining regional wrestlers may proceed to the State Championships with a $25 entry fee. They too must enter the State Championships prior to leaving the Regional event.
4) Once the Regional events have passed, MD wrestlers,
of cancelled regions, will STILL be allowed to enter the State Championships. For these open entries, the State Championship entry fee will be $30. These open entries must be received by 02/20/2012.
5) Every wrestler will be required to present a NUWAY Card at weigh-ins. The cards will be obtained on-line and the cost is $15. Wrestlers will select their HOME REGION, as their team when they obtain their cards.
6) If a question is raised, wrestlers will also be responsible to have proof of age available.
7) All weigh-ins, for the State Championships, will be on Sat. 02/25/2012 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The weigh-ins will occur at UMBC, in Western MD (site TBA), and in Southern MD (site TBA) ALL wrestlers must be pre-entered, have a NUWAY Card, and wear briefs/singlet for weigh-ins.
8) There are no walk-ins, or phone-ins, or e-mail entries. Once entered, there will be no weight changes.
9) The MDWAY State Championships will have limited chart separation by Club, Region, and Accomplishments. All decisions, of the tournament director, will be final on all matters.
10) MDWAY will award State medals for places 2 thru 6. The winners will get a custom State Championship SINGLET. There will be no "true seconds" determined at the State Champ’s.
11) Additional information and pdf documents will be displayed on the MDWAY information page .

MDWAY Regions

(ALL participation qualifies wrestlers to the NUWAY National Championships)
(ALL Champions will receive a custom MDWAY Championship Singlet)

6  & Under, 40 45 50 55 85   
8  & Under, 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 95  
10 & Under, 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 97 105 135   
12 & Under, 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 101 108 115 122 140 170   
14 & Under, 80 85 90 95 101 108 115 122 130 140 150 165 185 225
Ages as of 12/31/2011

Champions, of the MDWAY State Tournament, will receive a custom Championship Singlet.

State Advancement Entry Form

MDWAY Age/Weight State Champ's

Date: Sunday, February 26th, 2012 ......... Wrestling Begins at 9:00 am
Location: UMBC, Univ. of Md. Baltimore County

State Advancement Registration Form, PDF Flyer

MDWAY Regional Directors for 2011/2012

Region 1 Director, Kenny Rhodes, E-mail, 301-992-9682 (c), 301-745-1204 (w); Assistant, John Brooks, E-mail, 301-992-0767 (c)
Region 1 Championship Tournament, Saint James School just outside of Hagerstown, Sunday, February 5, 2012, PDF Flyer

Region 2, Director, Kenny Kiler, E-mail, 443-340-5667; Assistant, Mike Randall, E-mail, 202-606-4615 Will return nest year.
Region 2 Championship Tournament, North Carroll HS, Manchester, MD., Sunday, February 5, 2012, PDF Flyer

Region 3, Director, Sean Devaney, E-mail, 443-467-4927 (c); Assistant, Joe Doetsch, E-mail, 410-284-8173
Region 3 Championship Tournament, Perry Hall HS., Perry Hall, MD., Sunday, February 05, 2012, PDF FLYER

Region 4, Director, Ken Thier, E-mail, 443-243-0878; Assistant Ken Thier, JR., E-mail, 443-243-0973 Will return next year.
Region 4 Championship Tournament - For 2012, Region 3 and Region 4 are combined. See Region 3 for details.

Region 5, Director, Mike Vosburgh, E-Mail, 240-538-5098 (c), 301-475-2814 ext 199 (w); Assistant, Ricardo Wilkinson, 202-222-5559 (c), E-mail
Region 5 Championship Tournament, Leonard Hall Recreation Center, Leonardtown, MD., Monday MLK Holiday, January 16, 2012, PDF Flyer
Region 5, Walk-ins Allowed on 01/16 8:00-8:30 am

MDWAY Executive Board 2010/2011

The mentioned Regional Directors are also Executive Board Members of MDWAY.    MDWAY has the following Officers.

Chairman, JR Plienis, E-mail,   410-446-0437 (c)

Vice Chairman, Kenny Rhodes, E-mail,   301-992-9682 (c)

Executive Assistant (non officier position), Ronald Plienis, Sr., E-mail, 410-477-0748 (h) 410-446-0327 (c)

Mailing Address —  MDWAY Wrestling , 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231

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