2015 Guaranteed Places
1st Place - New Jersey
2nd Place - Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Maryland
4th Place - Virginia
Round 1
New Jersey defeated Virginia 65-6.
Pennsylvania defeated Maryland 45-17.
Round 2
New Jersey defeated Maryland 63-9.
Pennsylvania defeated Virginia 62-7.
Round 3
New Jersey defeated Pennsylvania 44-18.
Maryland defeated Virginia 47-24.

2015 Mason/Dixon Quad Results-
PA-45 MD-17    NJ-65 VA-06    NJ-63 MD-09    PA-62 VA-07    MD-47 VA-24     PA-18 NJ-44. (Cadets added)

2014 Mason/Dixon Quad Results-
PA-69 MD-9    NJ-73 DE-13    NJ-54 MD-15    PA-86 DE-03    MD-39 DE-12     PA-44 NJ-22. (Cadets added)

2013 Mason/Dixon Quad Results-
PA-56 MD-12    NJ-71 DE-13    NJ-52 MD-17    PA-71 DE-03    MD-48 DE-34     PA-34 NJ-23. (Cadets added)

2012 Mason/Dixon Quad Results-
PA-64 MD- 6     NJ-73 DE-0     NJ-58  MD-10    PA-86  DE-0     MD-58 DE-18     PA-42  NJ-15. (Cadets added)

2010 Mason/Dixon Quad Results-PA-36 MD- 28   NJ-89  DE-0    NJ-33  MD-29     PA-88  DE-03   MD-73  DE-03    PA-41  NJ-26
This was not MD's best year, but it was close. Maryland lost to both PA and NJ due to a forfeit. With all 17 wrestlers, MD could have won their first MDQ ever. Of the 16 MD wrestlers that competed, 13 kids had participated in the Junior Terps program in 2009/2010. This includes all 5 Champions from Maryland. The remaining 3 MD kids wrestled a similar program with Maryland's PAL Elite team. Maryland's kids, when trained properly, are competative with all teams from the mid-atlantic region. We offer congratulations to all kids and coaches of Team Maryland from the Junior Terps.

Mason/Dixon Quad- 1996-1998, MD vs. NJ & PA, Record 3-3, Average score for 6 dual meets- 34.5 to 33.5
Mason/Dixon Quad- 2009-2011, MD vs. NJ & PA, Record 1-5, Average score for 6 duals meets- 38 to 23.5
Mason/Dixon Quad- 2012-2015, MD vs. NJ & PA, Record 0-8, Average score for 6 duals meets- 57.6 to 11.8
(Notice the trend ?)

BOX SCORES- Courtesy of the McDonogh Duals


Things to think about:

1. The Mason/Dixon Quad (MDQ) was started in 1991 by Ron Plienis and Haswell Franklin (MSWA). At that time, we worked closely, on all aspects of the event with the Maryland Junior Wrestling League (MJWL). In 2015, this will be the 25th Mason/Dixon Quad. Good luck to all the kids. I offer these suggestions here because I am prohibited from attending all MSWA meetings.

2. When an organization that has $200,000+ is charging $10 for wrestle-offs, that is a mistake and hinders putting the best team on the mat.

3. When an organization that has $200,000+ is charging $40 additional to be on the team, that is a mistake and hinders putting the best team on the mat.

4. Requiring kids to enter a particular weight class, without knowing the other entries, is a mistake and hinders putting the best team on the mat.

5. Not allowing kids to enter more than one wrestle-off is a mistake and hinders putting the best team on the mat. (ie: the 2nd best 75 pounder may be better than all of the 80 pounders.)

6. When one club/coach has 12 of 17 wrestlers on the MD Team, keeping that club coach, out of the coaching corner, is a mistake and hinders Team Maryland's success.

7. When the MDQ was founded, it was conceived as a reward to MD's Schoolboy Division wrestlers. They did not pay to enter wrestle-offs. They did not pay to be on the team.
We loaned the kids both singlets and warmups. Where is that equipment now ? We bought the kids and coaches, on all 4 teams, event tee shirts as gifts.
For kids with obvious economic problems, we even purchased some of their USA Wrestling cards for them. This event should be a reward from the MDWA to the kids.

8. It is time to update the MDQ. It is time for the 21st century. There are obvious opportunities to improve this event. Add more value to the event. Make it more cost effective for parents. Expand to 6 teams and five matches. Make the typical cost, for the trip, a better value.