Previous MASON-DIXON QUAD Results

          2015 Team Results

Maryland   17                Virginia     06              Maryland         47   
Pennsylvania  45            New Jersey   65          Virginia         24

Maryland   09            Virginia          07              New Jersey    44
New Jersey   63         Pennsylvania    62          Pennsylvania    18

Champion- New Jersey           Runner-up- Pennsylvania

              2015 Individual Results

61 Results
John Hildebrandt of New Jersey went 3-0
 Richard Fedalen of Maryland went 2-1
Nick Allison of Pennsylvania went 1-2
Austin Pollard of Virginia went 0-3

66 Results
Ibrihim Ahmed of Virginia went 3-0
Shane Nelson of New Jersey went 2-1
Dagen Condomitti of Pennsylvania went 1-2
Reid Gills of Maryland went 0-3

71 Results
Nico Nardone of New Jersey went 3-0
Gary Steen of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Meyer Shapiro of Maryland went 1-2
Eric Roggie of Virginia went 0-3

76 Results
CJ Composto of New Jersey went 3-0
Alejandro Herrera of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Dakota Bowers of Maryland went 1-2
Brendan Barnes of Virginia went 0-3

81 Results
Dylan Cedeno of New Jersey went 3-0
Garrett Thompson of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Phillip Smith of Maryland went 1-2
Nick Vafiadis of Virginia went 0-3

86 Results
Brandon Wittenberg of Virginia went 2-1
Will Guida of New Jersey went 2-1
Ian Oswalt of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Matthew Lawrence of Maryland went 0-3

91 Results
Travis Crawford of Maryland went 3-0
Darren Miller of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Connor Oneil of New Jersey went 1-2
Gene Quodala of Virginia went 0-3

96 Results
Sam Hillegas of Pennsylvania went 3-0
Robert Howard of New Jersey went 2-1
Sam Slate of Virginia went 1-2
Ethan Boham of Maryland went 0-2

101 Results
Connor Kievman of Pennsylvania went 3-0
Lucas Revano of New Jersey went 2-1
Ray Kable of Maryland went 1-2
Nicki Zoski of Virginia went 0-3

106 Results
Ryan Anderson of New Jersey went 3-0
Colton Comacho of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Garrett Fisk of Maryland went 1-2
Garrett Chandler of Virginia went 0-3

111 Results
Cameron Connor of Pennsylvania went 3-0
Darby Diedrich of New Jersey went 2-1
Dominic Solis of Maryland went 1-2
Maston Stanley of Virginia went 0-3

116 Results
Chris Cannon of New Jersey went 3-0
Max Shaw of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Sam Kilmer of Virginia went 1-2
Tyler Harbison of Maryland went 0-3

121 Results
Nick Cabanillas of New Jersey went 3-0
Alec Sampson of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Luke Grubbs of Virginia went 1-2
Earl Blake of Maryland went 0-3

131 Results
Jason Kraisser of Maryland went 3-0
Rob Garcia of New Jersey went 2-1
Magnus Speal of Pennsylvania went 1-2
Sam Fisher of Virginia went 0-3

141 Results
Rick Cabanillas of New Jersey went 3-0
Haydon Rockman of Virginia went 2-1
Tyler Krause of Pennsylvania went 1-2
Jacob Jones of Maryland went 0-3

151 Results
Jack Parr of Maryland went 3-0
Jojo Wilson of New Jersey went 2-1
Jacob McMaster of Pennsylvania went 1-2
Blake Corum of Virginia went 0-3

166 Results
Justin Henry of Maryland went 2-1
Flynn Leaf of New Jersey went 2-1
Julian Goring of Pennsylvania went 2-1
Sean Yochum of Virginia went 0-3