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The Mason/Dixon Quad (MDQ) was started in 1991. The 2018 event will be the 28th Mason/Dixon Quad.
Currently the MDQ is scheduled for 01/07/2018 at the McDonogh School in Owings Mills.
The long time Tournament Director is Mike Clemens. Mike is also a long time member on the Executive Board of the MSWA.
Mike has directed more MDQ events than anybody. There is also one other person that ought to be acknowledged.
Van Plocus, of PA USA Wrestling, has attended all 27 previous MDQ events. This is an unbelievable record of support.

Maryland's selection, for the MDQ, will alter from the process of the immediate past. The days, of the required wrestle-offs, are gone.
A committee, of knowledgeable youth wrestling coaches, will make the team selections right after the Pre-CAWL Tournament in early Dec. 2017. This process will have only one goal. We want to assemble the very best Maryland, folkstyle, USAW State Team. Nothing less will be acceptable. Regardless, of who may have entered at a weight, please apply your wrestler. These teams are very fluid, and replacements are often needed.

Registration Link

2018 Conditions - Weights 60, 65 (+1) Born in year 2006 and after.
2018 Conditions - Weights 70,75, 80,85, 90,95, 100,105, 110,115, 120, 130, 140, 150, 165 (+1) Born in year 2003 and after. NO HS.

The Developing selection committee is as follows: Ron Plienis (Junior Terps), Dennis Gills (Navy Juniors), Jason Myers (Manchester), Jason Gabrielson (Wolfpack), John Fedalen (Warhawks), Demetrios Gourgoulianis (John Carroll). Seeking 1 more from out western MD way.


NE Regional Bantam FS/GR
• 60-Paul Fitzpatrick FS 2nd (2-1)-GR 1st (2-0)
• 65- Salah Tsarni FS 1st (3-0)- GR 1st (2-0)

NE Regional Intermediate FS/GR
• 65-Joseph Gigliotti FS dnp (2-2)-GR 1st (4-0); Kenneth Marinaccio FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2)
• 70- Angelo Marchany FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2); Calvin Traina FS dnp (0-2)-GR 3rd (3-1)
• 80- Alexander Rodrigues FS 1st (4-0)-GR 1st (2-0)

NE Regional Novice FS/GR
• 65-Bryan Santangelo FS dnp (0-2)-GR 2nd (1-2)
• 70-Evan Boblits FS dnp (2-2)-GR 3rd (2-1); Carter Nogle FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2)
• 75- Michael Pizzuto FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (2-2)
• 80-Judah Aybar FS dnp (3-2)-GR 2nd (2-1); Joshua Strong FS dnp (1-2)-GR dnp (1-2)
• 85-Antonio Rodrigues FS 2nd (2-1)-GR 3 (4-1); Ben Smith FS 4th (3-2)-GR dnp (2-2)
• 100-Gerard Johnson FS 1st (2-0)

NE Regional Schoolboy FS/GR
• 70-Owen Bell FS 4th (0-3)-GR 3rd (0-2)
• 77-Coleman Nogle FS 2nd (2-1)-GR 2nd (1-2); Demetrios Gourgoulianis FS dnp (1-2)
• 84-Richard Fedalen FS 1st (4-0)-GR 1st (3-0); Matthew Walsh FS 4th (3-2)
• 91-Meyer Shapiro FS 2nd (4-1); Eric Liau FS dnp (2-2)-GR dnp (4-2); Constantin Gourgoulianis FS dnp (1-2)
• 98-Clayton Gabrielson FS dnp (4-2)-GR dnp (1-2); Jason Liau FS dnp (2-2) -GR 3rd (5-1); Ben Williams FS dnp (1-2)-GR dnp (2-2)
• 100-James Riveira GR 1st (4-0)
• 112-Joe Fisk FS dnp (2-2)-GR 2nd (3-1); Jaden Selby FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2); Evan Eldridge FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (1-2)
• 120-Jeremiah Aybar FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2)

NE Regional Cadet FS/GR
• 88-Joey Couch FS 1st (2-1)- GR 1st (2-0)
• 106-Ethan Bell FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (1-2)
• 113-Branden Stalnaker FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2); Patrick Kielb GR dnp (0-2)
• 120-Phil Smith FS dnp (3-2)-GR dnp (1-2); Sean Scott FS dnp (1-2)-GR dnp (2-2)
• 126-Matthew Lawrence FS dnp (2-2)
• 132-Connor Strong FS dnp (4-2)-GR dnp (0-2); PJ Truntich FS dnp (3-2)-GR 4th (5-2)
• 138-Isaac Ruderman FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (0-2)
• 145-Garrett Fisk FS dnp (2-2)-GR dnp (2-2); Garrett Hammond FS dnp (2-2)-GR 2nd (2-1); Chris Roybal FS dnp (0-2)
• 152-Austin Brown FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (1-2)

NE Regional Junior FS/GR
• 120-King Sandoval FS 3rd (5-1)-GR 1st (3-0)
• 126-Earl Blake FS 2nd (3-1)-GR 2 (2-0); Nathan Gainey dnp (1-2)
• 132-Rick Couch FS dnp (5-2)-GR 4th (4-2); Daniel Planta FS dnp (5-2); Ray Kable FS dnp (1-2)
• 138-Jason Kraisser FS 2nd (4-1)-GR 1st (4-0); Skylar Minutelli dnp (0-2)
• 145-Imran Heard FS 3rd (5-1); Seth Fillers FS dnp (0-2)-GR dnp (3-2)
• 220-Mansur Abdul-Malik FS dnp (2-2)-GR 1st (4-0)

NE Regional Junior Girls FS
• 106-Julian Yates 3rd (0-2)
• 112-Laura Chang 3rd (0-2)
• 200-Alyssa Marinaccio 1st (0-0)

NE Regional Open FS
• 61-Jhared Simmons dnp (1-2)
• 65-Tyler Goodwin 2nd (4-1)
• 70-Alfred Bannister 3rd (5-1); Adam Whitesell dnp (4-2); Camden Fischer dnp (1-2)
• 80-Sam Rowell dnp (0-2)
• 86- Reid Robilotto dnp (1-2)

• 86FS-Pat Downey 5th (6-2); Josh Asper dnp (3-2)
• 97FS-Brandon Ballard dnp (1-2)
• 98GR-Danny Miller dnp (2-2)
• 58W-Helen Maroulis 1st (3-0)

• 60FS-Cody Trybus dnp (2-2)
• 63FS-Kyle Trybus dnp (2-2)
• 70FS-Austin Kraisser 3rd (5-1)
• 84FS-Jaron Smith 4th (3-2); Hunter Ritter dnp (1-2)
• 96FS-Kevin Snyder 4th (3-2)
• 96GR-Brady Daniel dnp (1-2)
• 120-Mike Smith FS dnp (0-2)- GR 6th (3-2)


Current leaders for the Dave Schultz Award (02/27/2017)

126, Joey Thomas (South Carroll), MPSSAA 1
138, Danny Bertoni (Middletown), MPSSAA 1
152, Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel), MIS 1st, 2017 Winner
170, Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s), MIS 1st
182, Ethan Smith (Sparrows Point), MPSSAA 1
220, Brady Daniel (Good Counsel), MIS 1st

We have room for additions if there are any surprises
at the MPSSAA State Tournament. Good Luck to ALL.


2017 National Prep Maryland Results,
1. Blair Academy (NJ) 306
2. Wyoming Seminary (PA) 276
3. Malvern Prep (PA) 227.5
4. Mt St Joseph (MD) 116
5. St. Christopher's (VA) 104
6. McDonogh (MD) 99.5
7. St. Paul's School for Boys (MD) 94.5

Championship Finals
106: Chris Barnabae FR (Mt St Joseph) 2nd Place
120: King Sandoval JR (St. Mary`s Ryken) 2nd Place...
152: Bailey Thomas SR (Good Counsel) National Champion
170: Dale Tiongson SR (St. Paul`s Boys-MD) 2nd Place
220: Brady Gilliland-Daniel SR (Good Counsel) 2nd Place

3rd/4th Place
120: Paul Truntich SO (Arch Spalding) 4th Place
126: Nathanil White JR (Dematha) 4th Place
132: Shawn Orem SR (Mt St Joseph) 4th Place
138: Imran Heard JR (St. Paul`s Boys-MD) 3rd Place
145: Ethan Krause SR (Georgetown Prep) 3rd Place
145: Quinn Devaney SR (McDonogh), 4th Place
182: Jack Parr SO (St. Paul`s Boys-MD) 4th Place
285: Dan Herman PG (Wyoming Seminary) (MD) 3rd Place
285: PJ Mustipher JR (McDonogh) 4th Place

5th/6th Place
106: Luke Kowalski FR (St. Johns College) 6th Place
132: Caden Mareno JR (McDonogh) 6th Place
138: Nathan Thacker JR (Gonzaga) 6th Place
152: Zach Phillips SO (Mt St Joseph) 6th Place
160: Corneilus Schuster SR (Mt St Joseph) 6th Place
170: Justin Henry SO (Mt St Joseph) 6th Place
182: David Schultz JR (Mt St Joseph) 5th Place
182: Jack Wimmer FR (McDonogh) 6th Place
195: Noah Kalishman SR (St. Paul`s Boys-MD) 5th Place
195: Brian Hennessy SR (St. Johns College) 6th Place
220: Mansur Abdul-Malik SR (Wyoming Seminary) (MD) 5th Place
285: Thomas Gates SR (Georgetown Prep) 5th Place

7th/8th Place
126: Rick Couch SO (Arch Spalding) 7th Place
138: Brendon Gallagher JR (Landon) 8th Place
145: Nick Goray SR (Arch Spalding) 7th Place
152: Joshua Laubach JR (Arch Curley) 8th Place
160: Aryemis Brown SR (Bullis) 7th Place
170: Garrett Kappes FR (McDonogh) 7th Place


Here is how the MSWA ranks the prospects for the 2017 Dave Schultz Award 11/07/16

113, #1-Chris Spano (Marriotts Ridge) SR
120, #1-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) SR
126, #2-Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) SR ***University of Pennsylvania
126, #3-Nathan Gainey (Arundel) SR
138, #1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) SR ***University of MD
145, #1-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) SR ***Duke
145, #2-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) SR ***University of MD
152, #1-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) SR
152, #3-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) SR
160, #2-Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s) SR ***Princeton
160, #3-Robert Doetsch (Dundalk) SR
170, #1-Ethan Smith (Sparrows Point) SR ***Iowa State
182, #1-Jamar Williams (South Carroll) SR
182, #5-Eugene Zacerous (Perryville) SR
220, #1-Brady Daniel (Good Counsel) SR
220, #3-Sean Mullican (Middletown) SR ***West Virginia
Billy Buckheit


Maryland’s 21 Dave Schultz Award Winners. (10/23/16)

1996-  JR Plienis, McDonogh School.
1997-  Jason Gabrielson, Northern H. S.
1998-  Davey Blake, Kent County H. S.
1999-  Wes Cummings, DeMatha H. S.
2000-  Mike Faust, Gilman H. S.
2001-  Kevin Gabrielson, DeMatha H. S.
2002-  Matt Eveleth, Chesapeake H. S.
2003-  Olabode Ogunwole, Georgetown Preparatory H. S.
2004-  Mike Rowe, DeMatha H. S.
2005-  Rudy Rueda III,  DeMatha H. S.
2006-  Mack Lewnes, Mt. St. Joe H. S.
2007-  Eren Civan,  Walt Whitman H. S.
2008-  Bubby Graham,  Annapolis H. S.
2009- Andrew Banister, Bishop McNamara H.S.
2010- Adam Krop, Urbana H. S.
2011- Lex Ozias, Southern Garrett H. S.
2012- Nathan Kraisser, Centenial H. S.
2013- Garrett Lineberger, Thomas Stone H. S.
2014- Alfred Bannister, Bishop McNamara H. S.
2015- Myles Martin, McDonogh School
2016- Austin Kraisser, Centenial H.S.

Starting considerations for the 2017 Award.

Chris Spano, Marriotts Ridge, 2016 State 1st , WUSA #14
Nathan Gainey, Arundel, 2016 State 1st
Joey Thomas, South Carroll, 2016 State 1st (3X),  NHSCA AA, WUSA #10
Daniel Planta, St. Pauls, 2016 State 1st  (3X),  NHSCA AA, WUSA #24
Danny Bertoni, Middletown, 2016 State, 1st (3X),  NHSCA AA, WUSA #30
David Hollingswirth, Owings Mills, 2016 State 1st
Robert Doetsch, Dundalk, 2016 State 1st
Ethan Krause, Georgetown, 2016 State 1st, NHSCA AA, WUSA #29
Bailey Thomas,  Good Councel,  2016 State 1st,  NHSCA AA
Dale Tiongson,  St.Pauls, 2016 State 1st, WUSA #27
Jamar Williams, South Carroll, 2016 State 1st (2X), NHSCA AA
Ethan Smith, Sparrows Point, 2016 State 1st , WUSA #13
Brady Daniel, Good Counsel, 2016 State 1st  (2X),  NHSCA AA, WUSA #14
Eugene Zacrous, Perryville, 2016 State 1st
Sean Mullican, Middletown, 2016 State 1st

LESSONS from the Fargo events.

With still another new headcoach, the kids did about the same as in 2015. 45 different male wrestlers combined for 85 total entries. That produced 3 male AA wrestlers (.035%) Double AA Aaron Brooks saved the day. He did it on his own. He wrestled at McD Tournament and the UMD Camp only. Looks like the training, in the West, should be the model for the MSWA. Here is the real sad part.
All 4 of the 2015 AA's (1 Champion) were eligible to return in 2016. 3 choose NOT to return. The Champion chose to NOT return. The 4th AA failed to make AA after have been an AA in 3 previous years. Somebody care to explain these trends ?

Here is another cruel reality. This, in a nutshell, shows a real problem.
30th Place, SD, Entries 26, AA's 6
31st Place, AL, Enteris 48, AA's 5
31st Place, MD, Entries 101, AA's 5. - MD needs 3 or 4 or 5 times the wrestlers to achieve the same results.
33nd Place, TN, Entries 22, AA's 3

Maryland’s 21 Dave Schultz Award Winners.

1996- JR Plienis, McDonogh School.
1997- Jason Gabrielson, Northern H. S.
1998- Davey Blake, Kent County H. S.
1999- Wes Cummings, DeMatha H. S.
2000- Mike Faust, Gilman H. S.
2001- Kevin Gabrielson, DeMatha H. S.
2002- Matt Eveleth, Chesapeake H. S.
2003- Olabode Ogunwole, Georgetown Preparatory H. S.
2004- Mike Rowe, DeMatha H. S.
2005- Rudy Rueda III, DeMatha H. S.
2006- Mack Lewnes, Mt. St. Joe H. S.
2007- Eren Civan, Walt Whitman H. S.
2008- Bubby Graham, Annapolis H. S.
2009- Andrew Banister, Bishop McNamara H.S.
2010- Adam Krop, Urbana H. S.
2011- Lex Ozias, Southern Garrett H. S.
2012- Nathan Kraisser, Centenial H. S.
2013- Garrett Lineberger, Thomas Stone H. S.
2014- Alfred Bannister, Bishop McNamara H. S.
2015- Myles Martin, McDonogh School
2016- Austin Kraisser, Centenial H.S.

Starting considerations for the 2017 Award.

Chris Spano, Marriotts Ridge, 2016 State 1st
Nathan Gainey, Arundel, 2016 State 1st
Joey Thomas, South Carroll, 2016 State 1st (3X),  NHSCA AA
Daniel Planta, St. Pauls, 2016 State 1st  (3X),  NHSCA AA
Danny Bertoni, Middletown, 2016 State, 1st (3X),  NHSCA AA
David Hollingswirth, Owings Mills, 2016 state 1st
Robert Doetsch, Dundalk, 2016 State 1st
Ethan Krause, Georgetown, 2016 state 1st, NHSCA AA
Bailey Thomas,  Good Council,  2016 State 1st,  NHSCA AA
Jamar Williams, South Carroll, 2016 State 1st (2X), NHSCA AA
Ethan Smith, Aberdeen, 2016 State 1st
Eugene Zacrous, Perryville, 2016 State 1st
Sean Mullican, Middletown, 2016 State 1st


The MSWA's 3 stooges are at it again. Ray Kable won both styles at the MSWA's State Championships. He is not allowed to be on MD's Cadet Dual Team. They claim he was not supporting the organization as much as he should. Now, according to the trackwrestling roster, they put a PA. resident on Maryland's Schoolboy Duals Team. I wonder how much the PA kid supported the MSWA during this season. With the MSWA election coming this fall, maybe the 3 stooges will get voted "out". They allowed Maryland's most successful schoolboy to be "bumped off" the Schoolboy Duals Team. Now they add a PJW State placewinner to the same MD team. Anybody see anything wrong with this picture ???

It is bad enough that they completely ruined the Mason/Dixon Quad, not they are expanding their nonsense.


Starting in 2016, the previous Dapper Dan Classic has changed into the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic.



WOW - MD has 1 Big 10 Dual Meet victory in 2 seasons.
2015-16 Wrestling Standings
Conference Overall

W-L-T % W-L-T %
Iowa 9-0-0, 1.000, 16-0-0, 1.000
Penn State 9-0-0, 1.000, 15-0-0, 1.000
Michigan 8-1-0, .889, 13-2-0, .867
Ohio State 7-2-0, .778, 10-3-0, .769
Rutgers 5-4-0, .556, 15-5-0, .750
Nebraska 5-4-0, .556, 11-5-0, .688
Minnesota 5-4-0, .556, 9-8-0, .529
Illinois 4-5-0, .444, 13-5-0, .722
Purdue 3-5-0, .375, 8-6-0, .571
Indiana 3-6-0, .333, 6-6-0, .500
Wisconsin 2-6-0, .250, 3-8-0, .273
Maryland 1-8-0, .111, 5-12-0, .294
Michigan State 1-8-0, .111, 1-14-0, .067
Northwestern 0-8-0, .000, 1-12-0, .077
Updated through 2/19.

Past Junior Terps and the MIS MD State HS Championships.

106 Results
1st Place - Kurt McHenry of Saint Paul`s
3rd Place - Jared Thomas of Good Counsel (past Warhawk)
113 Results
2nd Place - Ray Kable of McDonogh School (past Warhawk)
5th Place - Luke Strappelli of John Carroll
120 Results
2nd Place - Travis Crawford of McDonogh School (past Warhawk)
7th Place - Nick Dintino of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)
8th Place - Chris Sanchez of Good Counsel
126 Results
1st Place - Daniel Planta of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)
2nd Place - Michael Doetsch of Severn School
3rd Place - Caden Mareno of McDonogh School
4th Place - Ryan Garretson of Archbishop Spalding
5th Place - Tyler Harbison of Good Counsel (past Warhawk)
132 Results
1st Place - Shawn Orem of Mount Saint Joseph
2nd Place - Breaden Alevizatos of Gilman School
3rd Place - Alex LaVeck of McDonogh School (past Warhawk)
4th Place - Dylan Blau of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)
5th Place - Joshua Laubach of Archbishop Curley
7th Place - Tyler Savage of Archbishop Spalding (past Warhawk)
138 Results
1st Place - Ethan Krause of Georgetown Prep
2nd Place - Quinn Devaney of McDonogh School
7th Place - Dylan Istre of DeMatha Catholic (past Warhawk)
145 Results
1st Place - Kevin Budock of Good Counsel (past Warhawk)
6th Place - Jack Eberhard of Archbishop Spalding
152 Results
1st Place - Bailey Thomas of Good Counsel (past Warhawk)
160 Results
1st Place - Dale Tiongson of Saint Paul`s
8th Place - Marcus Suri of Mount Saint Joseph (past Warhawk)
170 Results
1st Place - Paul Hutton of Good Counsel
2nd Place - Jack Parr of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)
4th Place - Justin Henry of Mount Saint Joseph
182 Results
1st Place - Paul Purkey of Good Counsel
6th Place - Noah Kalishman of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)
195 Results
1st Place - Kevin Snyder of Good Counsel (past Warhawk)
220 Results
1st Place - Brady Daniel of Good Counsel
2nd Place - John Urban of Saint Paul`s (past Warhawk)


2014-15 Big 10 Wrestling Standings - WOW

Conference Overall
W-L-T % W-L-T %
Iowa* 9-0-0 1.000 17-1-0 .944
Nebraska 8-1-0 .889 14-1-0 .933
Ohio State 8-1-0 .889 13-4-0 .765
Minnesota 7-2-0 .778 12-3-0 .800
Wisconsin 7-2-0 .778 9-4-0 .692
Penn State 6-3-0 .667 11-4-0 .733
Illinois 6-3-0 .667 13-5-0 .722
Michigan 4-5-0 .444 8-6-0 .571
Purdue 3-6-0 .333 10-8-0 .556
Rutgers 2-7-0 .222 14-7-0 .667
Northwestern 2-7-0 .222 12-8-0 .600
Michigan State 1-8-0 .111 5-13-0 .278
Indiana 0-9-0 .000 4-10-0 .286
Maryland 0-9-0 .000 5-15-0 .250
Through Feb. 22. 2015
*Big Ten Regular Season Champion


Keep up with Team Maryland in Fargo.

111 combined "male" entries in the 4 male tournaments. 4 All-Americans from 111 entries.
I wonder why the MSWA has not scheduled their annual awards banquet for the Fargo AA's, the kids "Triple Crown" winners, and the Johnny K. Eareckson Memorial Award and the Coaches Clinic.

BTW, I also have not seen an MSWA celebration for World Champions Kyle Snyder and Helen Maroulis.
$200,000+ and these things can't be worked-out. On the other hand, we would not want the MSWA to lose focus from preventing me from having a USAW Card. They manage to do that right, but can not manage a Fargo Team nor reconize the champions.



1st off I don’t know where to begin! Just wanted to say thank you to so many people and just hope I don’t forget anyone. 4 years ago I made a tuff decision to let my son go away to school in a strange state, in a strange town, in a strange school, around strange people. Today I call that strange state and town a 2nd home and that strange school and people my family! Although it was one of the most difficult decisions of my life I now consider it one of the best decisions of my life. I realize McDonogh has taken shots over the years about recruiting kids etc etc however I don’t know about other kids but in our case that could not be further from the truth! I believe we were just at the right place at the right time around the right people. Yes I could not be more proud of the things my son accomplished on the mat however the man he has become after spending 4 years at McDonogh could not have made me any prouder! He had a Highschool career that I could not even had dreamed of myself when he was just a young kid. Just this year alone he was Most Outstanding wrestler at the Ray Oliver, MIAA (2nd year in a row), State Tournament, National Preps (2nd year in a row) and the Dapper Dan. Won the Beast of The East for the 2nd year in a row and won the Ray Mendoza award there. Won Baltimore Sun’s and Varsity Sports Network Wrestler of the Year for the 2nd year in a row!! I could go on and on about wrestling accomplishments but this is not about wrestling but we are grateful that he had great coaches and men in his life that helped him accomplish all these things and ended with him receiving a scholarship to wrestle with Maryland great Kyle Snyder and the 2015 National Champion Buckeyes!! His Coaches not only helped him on the mat but helped him become a young man that I’m proud of and they are Coach Welch, Coach Bakewell, Coach Bode, Coach Holmes, Coach Mitch Bode, Coach Sellers, and although no longer there Coach Joe McMullan as well as the coaches I forgot about! I have to thank trainer Marty Sataloff for keeping him on the mat through bumps and bruises. Mr Irv Naylor who just supports the program like no other, The many people that kept Myles over night at times it was needed Mrs Welch, Mrs Bakewell, Mr and Mrs Cook, and especially Mr and Mrs Holmes!!!! I believe he even stayed at the headmaster house a few times Mr and Mrs Britton!! I also want to thank the many Coaches from around Maryland that supported Myles through his 4 years of HS and you don’t get OW’s without their respect and support! I definitely want to thank his teammates and the parents we did this 4 journey with because they were all awesome!!! To the many fans of wrestling that I met along the way and offered kinds words or supported my son through the years I say thank you as well!!!!! Also the many college guys and wrestlers that came into the room to work out with Myles over the years! Lastly his Girlfriend Stephanie who has been real supportive of him throughout the years I could not have picked a finer friend for him if I was picking her myself!!! If I forgot anyone please blame it on my head and not my heart because you all were appreciated! Myles had a opportunity to leave McDonogh before his senior year to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and if we had to do it all over again we would still chose McDonogh!!! No place in the world like it!!!! Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!!!!

Greg Martin


What in the world is going on at college park ???

Big 10 Conference: 14th place of 14 teams.
0-9 in conference, 5-15 overall, 3 NCAA Tournament qualifiers, 4-6 record



Our region had an excellent showing at the National Prep Tournament this weekend. Below are the area place-winners from BOTH DC AND MD:

Nathan Thacker (Gonzaga) 2nd
Ryan Garretson (Spaulding) 4th
King Sandoval (Ryken) 5th

Daniel Planta (St Pauls) 3rd
Cody Trybus (MSJ) 4th
Luke Davis (SJC) 5th
Karl Lindsay (McDonogh) 8th

Ryan Friedman (St. Pauls) 3rd
Michael Doetsch (Severn) 4th
Malcolm Robinson (SJC) 5th
Kyle Trybus (MSJ) 6th

Steven Simpson (Ryken) - CHAMPION
Zach Dwyer (John Carroll) 7th
Braeden Alezivatos (Gilman) 8th

Eric Hong (GTP) 2nd
Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) 5th

Colin Kowalski (GTP) 4th

TyShawn Williams (Curley) CHAMPION
Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) 2nd
Sam Martino (Mcdonogh) 4th

Cameron Harrell (McDonogh) 2nd
Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) 4th
William McDonald (Gonzaga) 5th
Lewis Riggs (DeMatha) 8th

Sam Rowell (MSJ) 3rd

Chris Almony (John Carroll) - 3rd

Myles Martin (McDonogh) CHAMPION
Brian Hennessy - St. Johns College 7th
Donny McAfee (Good counsel) 8th

Hunter Ritter (John Carrol) CHAMPION
Kevin Snyder (Good Counsel) 5th
Logan Rill (MSJ) 6th
John Urban (St Pauls) 8th

Mike Smith (McDonogh) 2nd
Paul Triandafilou - Georgetown Prep 3rd
Nick Miller (Good Counsel) 4th
Jake Nordhausen (Loyola) 5th
Jacob Parker (Spaulding) 7th

Miles Brown (Sidwell Friends) 2nd
Mansur Abdul-Malik (Pallotti) 3rd
Christian Scott (John Carroll) 7th
Andrew Humphrey (Dematha) 8th

I don't think I missed anybody, but please let me know if I did. I'm posting this because I was thrilled by how well our area did up there, we had so many placers at each weight. Our presence was noticeable, and it was cool to see the MD and DC schools rooting each other on, with tons of great sportsmanship and support.

A few notes:

220 in MD this year was insanely good. 5 All-Americans

285, 195, 152 120, and 113 had 4 All-Americans each.

Congratulations to Keith Watson for being named national prep coach of the year.

McDonogh was 3rd, John Carroll was 5th, Good Counsel was 6th, and Mount Saint Joseph was 9th. Blair beat Wyoming Seminary for the title, though Sem was missing likely #1 seed Christian Dietrich, who is nationally ranked by Flo. Still would've been extremely close, even with him. Hats off to Blair for responding after getting beaten pretty soundly in their dual earlier in the year.

Malvern Prep out of PA has gotten VERY good, VERY fast, taking 4th with many AA's. Their freshman national finalist at 170, Mike Beard, is the real deal. Look out for his name next year in the national rankings, IMO.

The addition this season of Baylor out of Tennessee was a smart one. Those kids can go with anyone. They took 7th as a team. The only problem was that none of them were seedable because of no standard, so they had some kids who were big time bracket busters. Regardless, they were very good.

Another great season of Prep Wrestling in the books. Congrats to all the participants, their familes, and their programs.

Andrew Lacroix
St. Vincent Pallotti


Had to share this:
1.Don’t make plans from November 1 through March 1. You will either be - at a match, at a tournament, driving someone somewhere, washing smelly, sweat-soaked clothes or selling something!
2.Bring lots of snacks and water! Not only for yourself, but no matter how many times you reminded your wrestler to bring his/her own snacks and water for after school – he/she will forget and search you out in the stands – hungrier than a hibernating grizzly that just woke up!! Wrestlers are known for being hungry, all the time, a few wrestlers can devour a package of cookies in nanoseconds. On second thought, you better hide your own snacks!
3.Don’t ask me why a fungus is called a “worm” but stock up on Tinactin – and make sure your wrestler realizes that jumping in a pool does not count as a shower. Don’t be upset when you see the ringworm, all wrestlers get it at one time or another, despite the scouring and sanitizing of the mats. It’s just a fact of wrestling…
4.Sit with other wrestling parents – it helps to join hands when you want to run on the mat for an injury….or to attack an official…they will hold you back!
5. Put your wrestlers name on all of their wrestling equipment. There's so much floating around, don't risk losing it. Shoes and headgear are found beneath the bleachers all the time. And the reply to coach’s - “Whose is this?” Is always, “Not mine!”
6. Keep a pair of nail clippers in your wrestling bag. Wrestling referees have a “thing” about wrestlers with long fingernails!!
7.Tournaments – be prepared – they run from sunup to sundown! Don’t expect to see the light of day! Bring a cushion to sit on, a book to read, a picnic lunch, a cooler and a crock pot of stew! Oh yes - and a lawn chair in order to sit out in the hallway when the gym becomes a sauna of hot, sweaty, and smelly wrestlers.
8. Bring a book, ipad, ipod, coloring book, homework, something for you and your child to do between matches, sometimes it can take awhile.
9.Finally, as a parent, you will never understand how your gentle, sweet child, could possibly love to wrestle…to be stretched and twisted in ways nature never intended…but he/she does! So be happy when he/she wins, supportive when he/she loses, and always have your camera/camcorder batteries charged!
Have a great wrestling season

From Chris Brown, MD Eagles


25th Mason Dixon Quad Results (1991-2015)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - New Jersey
2nd Place - Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Maryland
4th Place - Virginia
Round 1
New Jersey defeated Virginia 65-6.
Pennsylvania defeated Maryland 45-17.
Round 2
New Jersey defeated Maryland 63-9.
Pennsylvania defeated Virginia 62-7.
Round 3
New Jersey defeated Pennsylvania 44-18.
Maryland defeated Virginia 47-24.


Junior Terps' National Team- 2nd place in the VAC Holiday Duals.
This is the toughest kid's duals in the USA.

Youth 1 - VAC Wrap-up


VAC Holiday Dual Preview:
Maryland Terps National Team

Ryan Lance on Tue, 12/02/2014

Team Middle School National has filled up its roster, as it announces its spot in the 2014 VAC Holiday Duals. As is the case with the other 31 teams, the Maryland Terps National Team is loaded with proven wrestlers from around the country.

Middle School National Team, VAC Holiday Duals

Six-time New York State Champion, three-time National Champion, and three-time VAC All-American, Stevo Poulin, leads this team in the 70-pound division, with Ontario Youth Champion and Canada East Champion, Calum McNeil and VAC All-American and three-time Liberty Nationals Champion in the 75-pound weight class and Logan Ashton competing in the 84-pound weight classes.

Poulin will look build momentum off of his Super 32 silver medal, while Ashton continues to search for his first gold medal since May’s Georgia State Tournament.

Continuing down the Middle School National Team roster, Virginia State Champion and Tulsa National Champion, Kurt McHenry, mans the 92-pound bracket, two-time USAW Folkstyle National Champion and Tulsa National Champion, Beau Bartlett, takes the 100-pound division, and three-time Arizona State Champion and USAW Folkstyle National All-American, Marcus Castillo, will compete with the 112-pounders. 

After a strong start to the season, McHenry, who won a Super 32 Championship, will look to return to his dominating form at the Holidays Duals. Bartlett, looking to build on his runner-up performance at the Flo Kickoff Classic, is hoping to earn his tenth gold medal of the year. 

Rounding out the team is two-time Arizona State Champion and Triple Crown winner, Alfonso Martinez, in the 119-pound division, three-time North Carolina State Champion and two-time National Champion, Alex Sampson, in the 135-pound division, two-time Arizona State Champion and Triple Crown winner, Dawon Andrews, in the 150-pound bracket, and Virginia State Champion and USAW FS/GR National Duals gold medalist, Jonathan Birchmeier, in the 230-pound division.

Martinez is out for revenge after finishing in second at the Goodland Jr. High Mustang Invitational, making him a very interesting watch in that weight group.

This team is compiled of some of the best young talent from around the country. While they have not have a lot of success as a unit, there is no disputing the individual talent they possess. 

Be sure to stay tuned to Youth1.com for a team-by-team preview of the VAC Holiday Duals!


Written by Youth1 Contributor Eric Hurd 



Associated Wrestling Press, State by State, Rankings

#13(tied) MARYLAND – 5

132lbs (1) – #16 Eric Hong, Georgetown Prep (10).

145lbs (1) – #11 Cameron Harrell, McDonogh (12).

182lbs (1) – #1 Myles Martin, McDonogh (12).

195lbs (1) – #4 Hunter Ritter, John Carroll (12).

285lbs (1) – #11 Wyatt Cook, McDonogh (12).


Potomac Valley red ( Team Maryland ) put on an outstanding performance capturing the Silver Medal in Wrestling at the 2014 AAU Junior Olympics. These kids are such tremendous athletes to endure five days of brutal competition and to pull off one of the biggest upsets taking down mighty Minnesota Black in the process. They finished with an unbelievable 16-2 record. Hats off to J Gabes, Ryan Herwig and all the coaches for a job well done. J Gabes and Ryan continue to impress and I for one am so glad that they are taking our kids to the next level. The amount of time these two dedicate to our kids is incredible. Another great experience, and all Maryland wrestling fans have been done proud by your efforts. BRAVO!!!!!
Sean Devaney

Drendan Coughlin- 17-0
Brian Stuart- 7-3
Steven Simpson- 16-1
Cody Matthews- 9-1
Quinn Devaney- 9-4
Mary Margolis- 16-0
Matt Pente- 10-0


Summary of Maryland's Fargo Results - Here

Junior Freestyle - 26 Wrestlers: Team Record, 36–52, 1-All-Americans, 0-Champions.
20 of 26 eliminated on day one. 5 More eliminated the 2nd morning.
MD's single AA was a past Junior Terp. Congratulations Logan.
NJ- 58, PA- 53, MD- 4, AK- 0

Cadet Freestyle - 27 Wrestlers: Team Record, 48 – 55, 2-All-Americans, 0-Champions
21 of 27 eliminated on day one. Both AA's are past Junior Terps.

Cadet Greco - 28 Wrestlers: Team Record, 38 – 56, 3- Final 12, 0-All-Americans, 0-Champions
25 of 28 eliminated on day one, Final 3 eliminated in the 1st match of day two.
All 3 wrestlers, to make the Final 12, were past Junior Terps.

Junior Greco - 25 Wrestlers: Team Record, 49 –47, 3-All-Americans, 0-Champions. 17 of 25 eliminated on day one.
All 3 All-Americans were past Junior Terps. Coughlin did it the hard way. He lost his first match and then won 7 in a row.
MD finished 13th. Tied with PA & KS. MD beat NJ, DE, VA, WV etc. Great job guys.

Observation - MD entered 106 wrestlers in the combined 4 events. They had just 6 AA's. In stead of paying + 50% for the 54 Fargo wrestlers, try sending 27 total wrestlers that are twice as prepared. These guys could be fully funded without costing MD extra money. Fargo is not the place to get mat time. It is the place to take rewards for all the "extra" hard work.


"There are a lot of great coaches out there, but they need to change there mindsets about Greco-Roman and not look at it as a foreign sport, but rather as the foundation of all wrestling."

Matt Lindland - New USAW National Team Head Coach for Greco


NUWAY National Duals and the NWCA College National Duals - Same Time, Same Place in 2015

National Individual and National Team Dual Events over January 9,10,11, 2015 at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Hosting Age based Individuals & National Age Based Teams from Coast to Coast. Last Years Event @ Ohio State University hosted nearly 70 State Based All-Star Teams.Teams must consist of wrestlers that reside in the same state boundaries, affiliated with the NUWAY State & National Organizations. This years event will play host to College National matches for ALL levels of College Teams.
Youth Wrestling Individual Tournament Friday 1/9 and National Duals over Sat/Sun Jan 10-11.


National Junior High Big board 2014-2015

1- Josh McKenzie NJ 180
2- Nick Raimo NJ 120
3- Theo Robison CO 115
4- Cohlton Shultz CO 180
5- Adam Busiello NY 106
6- Dustin Plott OK 106
7- Travis Ford- Melton IL 95
8- Kurt McHenry VA 90
9-  Jack Parr MD 145
10- Stevo Poulin NY 70
11- Colton Yapoujian CO 95
12- Beau Bartlett AZ 90
13- Sam Hilligas PA 90
14- Colt Newton OK 90
15- Jordan Crace OH 95
16- Josh Saunder MO 90
17- Jared McGill PA 106
18- Carter Starocci PA 120
19- Conner Kievman, PA 95
20- Jaden Abas CA 95
21- Matthew Cabezas MA 115
22- Justin Perkins, PA 106
23- Jason Kraisser , MD 120
24- Dylan Blau MD 115
25- Aurillius Dunbar PA 120
26- JJ Wilson PA 95
27- Kurtis Phipps PA 70
28- Gunner Fuss PA 120
29- Eric Faught, IA 85
30- Kellyn March, SD 80
31- Cade DeVos IA 95
32- Carson Manville, VA 90
33- Devin Murphy, CA 85
34- Mason Reiniche TN 120
35- Aaron Cashman, MN 90
36- Job Greenwood CO 100
37- Jacob Mariakis GA 120
38- Conner Brady OH 130
39- AJ Lonski NJ 130
40- Nick Incontrera, NJ 95
41- Luke Grubbs VA 115
42- Logan Ashton GA 85
43- Corey Gamet MI 80
44- Wyatt Yapoujian CO 85
45- Hayden Brown NH 90
46- Joshua Gobencion 95
47-  Jaxon Smith GA 95
48- Nicholas Botello MA 75
49- Anthony Clark NJ 75
50- Max Shaw PA 120

HM Braxton Amos WV 160
HM Jared Thomas MD 85
HM DJ McGee VA 80
HM Cornell Garrett PA 90
HM Keyonte Hamilton MD 110
HM Ryan Crookham PA 75
HM Justin Henry MD 160


In Greco, Aaron Brooks of Maryland Black G went 7-1
128 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Greg Nau (Pennsylvania Red G) Dec 6-1
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Carter Goslee (Team Missouri G) TF 10-0
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Gage Zieske (Minnesota 2 G) Dec 1-0
120 - Michael Gunther (Illinois G) over Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) Dec 4-3
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Clay Keller (Team Nebraska USA G) Fall 4:24
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Deshawn Herbert (Team New York G) Dec 3-2
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Tyler Clements (Team Idaho G) Dec 7-2
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black G) over Nathan Hull (North Carolina G) TF 10-0

FREESTYLE 6-0, Aaron Brooks of Maryland Black F went 6-0
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Steve Mattorano (Colorado Blue F) Fall 1:36
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Tyler Celments (Team Idaho F) TF 10-0
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Joel Shapiro (Iowa F) Dec 7-4
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Nathan Hull (North Carolina F) TF 10-0
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Matthew Grant (Team Michigan Red F) TF 10-0
120 - Aaron Brooks (Maryland Black F) over Elijah Hodge (Team Tennessee F) Fall 1:52


Unfortunately MD's 2013 Junior Freestyle Team placed 38th with 34 wrestlers.
By contrast Team Alaska, with 2 wrestlers, placed 34th. We hope the kids can
improve. Good luck in 2014.


Which MD wrestler competed in 4 FILA Cadet National Championships and
3 FILA Junior National Championships ??? (6X Champion, 1X Runner-up)


2014 ASICS FILA Cadet Nationals - FS Results for Maryland
FILA Cadets-50 KG - Breandan Coughlin's place is unknown. (2-2)
Match #1 Jaden Van Maanen (Wisconsin) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) Fall 1:49
Match #2 Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Carson Speelman (Ohio) Fall 1:30
Match #3 Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Jaleel Hollingsworth (Illinois) Fall 0:31
Match #4 Drew West (Iowa) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) TF 16-6

FILA Cadets-58 KG - Marty Margolis' place is unknown. (2-2)
Match #1 Marty Margolis, Iii (Maryland) over Juaquin Olivas (Arizona) Dec 7-6
Match #2 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) over Marty Margolis, Iii (Maryland) Dec 8-7
Match #3 Marty Margolis, Iii (Maryland) over Benjamin Lamantia (New York) Dec 8-2
Match #4 Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) over Marty Margolis, Iii (Maryland) Fall 4:00

FILA Cadets-63 KG - Austin Kraisser's place is 2nd. (5-2)
Match #1 Johnny OHearon (Utah) over Austin Kraisser (Maryland) Dec 8-4
Match #2 Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Sage Castillo (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #4 Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Jaydon Elge (Nebraska) TF 10-0
Match #5 Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Justin DeMicco (Ohio) TF 10-0
Match #6 Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Wilder Wichman (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
Match #7 Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma) TF 12-2
Match #11 Jared Verkleeren (Pennsylvania) over Austin Kraisser (Maryland) Dec 5-1

FILA Cadets-69 KG - Cameron Harrell's place is 3rd. (7-1)
Match #1 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over TJ Calas (New Jersey) TF 10-0
Match #2 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Dakota Wall (Idaho) Dec 9-3
Match #3 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Kyle Kaminski (Ohio) TF 10-0
Match #4 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Anthony Wokasch (Arizona) TF 10-0
Match #5 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Bryce Steiert (Iowa) Dec 13-7
Match #8 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Joey Gunther (Illinois) Fall 3:21
Match #9 Mason Manville (New Jersey) over Cameron Harrell (Maryland) Dec 8-0
Match #10 Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Jakob Restrepo (New York) TF 12-2

FILA Cadets-76 KG - Brady Daniel's place is unknown. (1-2)
Match #1 Beau Breske (Wisconsin) over Brady Daniel (Maryland) TF 11-0
Match #2 Brady Daniel (Maryland) over Eric Hansen (New York) TF 10-0
Match #4 J.t. Brown (Ohio) over Brady Daniel (Maryland) TF 12-0

FILA Cadets-85 KG - Hunter Ritter's place is 1st. (5-0)
Match #1 Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Logan Murdy (Wisconsin) TF 12-1
Match #2 Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Tyler Johnson (Illinois) Dec 6-4
Match #4 Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Christian Brunner (Illinois) TF 11-0
Match #5 Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Nathan Traxler (Illinois) Fall 3:18
Match #9 Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Samuel Colbray (Oregon) Dec 10-7

2014 ASICS FILA Cadet Nationals - GR Results for Maryland
FILA Cadet-50 KG - Breandan Coughlin's place is 6th. (2-3)
Match #1 Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Tyler Lee (Wisconsin) Dec 11-8
Match #2 Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Jaleel Hollingsworth (Illinois) TF 8-0
Match #3 Trae Vasquez (Montana) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) TF 8-0
Match #4 Brent Jones (Minnesota) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) Fall 0:36
Match #5 Paul Bianchi (Wisconsin) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) TF 9-0

FILA Cadet-69 KG - Paul Hutton's place is unknown. (1-2)
Match #1 Paul Hutton (Maryland) over Anthony Wokasch (Arizona) Fall 1:28
Match #2 Zahid Valencia (California) over Paul Hutton (Maryland) TF 10-0
Match #3 Owen Webster (Minnesota) over Paul Hutton (Maryland) TF 8-0

FILA Cadet-76 KG - Brady Daniel's place is unknown. ((2-2)
Match #1 Brady Daniel (Maryland) over Blaz Daul (Wisconsin) Dec 6-1
Match #2 Vicente Guerrero (Arizona) over Brady Daniel (Maryland) TF 12-3
Match #3 Brady Daniel (Maryland) over Nigel Feliz (New Jersey) TF 14-6
Match #4 Nick Reenan (Pennsylvania) over Brady Daniel (Maryland) TF 8-0


If you are a Maryland resident, please review this proposed change to the MSWA's Bylaws.
If you have a opinion about this proposed change, please feel free to e-mail me.

Article II, ¶ 1., General Membership shall be amended as follows:

Current Language:

1. General Membership
 In order to be considered a member and/or eligible for any participation in a member function, effective January 1, 2005, the prospective participant must have a current USA Wrestling membership or USA Wrestling Official’s membership.

Amended Language
In order to be considered a member and/or eligible for any participation in a member function the prospective participant must meet the following criteria:
a)   Must have a current USA Wrestling membership or USA Wrestling Official’s membership;
b)   Must not have violated the MSWA Code of Conduct;
c)   Must not have violated the MSWA Abuse and Harassment Policy;
d)   Must not have an Institutional Conflict of Interest as defined herein.

In addition, the Institutional Conflict of Interest is also insufficiently defined.  An amendment which would satisfy a clearly stated definition is recommended as follows: 

Article VII, ¶ 8., Institutional Conflicts of Interest shall be amended as follows:
Add the sentence: “An Institutional Conflict of Interest is defined as follows: any person, program, organization, or event sponsored by a person, organization or entity, or any one acting on their behalf, that is in competition with the MSWA and/or USA Wrestling for participation, funding or membership has an institutional conflict of interest with the MSWA.”


35th North Hagerstown HS Hub Boosters Open
04/05/2014, North Hagerstown High School


NsideWrestling, Junior High Rankings, Feb 4th 2014

We have had a few head to head match ups and The Grand daddy of them all Tulsa Nationals is in the books. At McDonogh duals we had some very good match ups and had a few kids wrestle up a weight class and do well, (keep pushing guys!) This is our final rankings of Junior High this season. We will turn our focus to incoming freshman. These rankings are to give recognition to those putting the work in and by no means are an exact science! Please let us know where your 8th grader will be attending next year, his projected weight and we will try to continue to get the kids names out there. Thank you for your comments and we look forward to more.

Complete Rankings - http://www.nsidewrestling.com/blogs/new ... l-rankings

70 pounds
9-Travis Crawford, MD

75 pounds
9-Samual Kalishman, MD
10--Jared Thomas, MD

100 pounds
2-Brian Stuart, MD

105 pounds
10-Jason Kraisser, MD

112 pounds
1-Aaron Brooks, MD

119 pounds
HM-Jack Parr, MD

135 pounds
HM-Joshua Paige, MD

235 pounds
HM-John Urban, MD



WASHINGTON DC – Following a successful NWCA All-Star Classic, the Wrestlers in Business Network’s DC Chapter GWWBN recently made a significant $38,000 gift to the George Mason University (GMU) wrestling program.

The gift was made possible because of all of the efforts that the GWWBN put in to making the event a financial success through ticket sales and sponsorship.

Dan Wotring, a former GMU wrestler and local business man is a founding member of the GWWBN Board states, “the success of our local group through the efforts of the local community and our relationship with the National Wrestling Coaches Association has enabled us to have the funds to distribute to the GMU program. It is exciting for us to do so.”

Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the NWCA added, “We have developed a strong partnership with the WIBN and am excited that our All Star Classic has become a vehicle that creates financial means to support the wrestling community, as well as an event that reflects well on our sport! The WIBN has a unique place within the wrestling community and is doing wonderful work.”

The Greater Washington Wrestling Business Network is a local chapter and now part of the newly created Wrestlers In Business Network. The WIBN is expanding into strategic communities across the nation.

The goal of the Wrestlers in Business Network is to bring the professional community together for the purposes of supporting each other personally, and professionally. For more information on the WIBN, visit www.wrestlersinbusiness.org


The GWWBN is a non-profit networking group that has been organized with the objective of mobilizing the wrestling community for business, social and personal purposes! Our goal will be for its members to network, prosper and position itself as an advocate for wrestling at all levels with in the Greater Washington Region.

GWWBN Board Members are: John Licata, President; Keith Burgess, Vice President; Derek Donahue, Tresaurer; Eric Brugel; Alan Meltzer; Bob Karch; Petch Gibbons; Kevin Colabucci; Darran Anthony; Kurt McHenry; Wade Schalles; Michael Lerner; and Dan Wotring.

National Wrestling Coaches Association
Founded in 1928, the NWCA strives to promote and provide leadership for the advancement of amateur wrestling, primarily at the scholastic and collegiate levels. The association is headquartered in Manheim Pa. The three core competencies are coaching development, student-wrestler welfare, and promotion/advocacy. The NWCA has 10,000 members and educational programs that serve 230,000 students each year.


It is that time of the year. A new season is off and running. We thank John Brooks for our first opportunity in the 2013/2014 season. The South Hagerstown Duals, this past weekend, were close, inexpensive, and well run. There were about 120 kids that wrestled about 5 matches each win or lose. Give or take that is 600 opportunities to learn. Well done John.

Additionally, we were all received an extra treat. We also had wrestling royalty in the building. The only 6 time NCAA Champion was in the building and coaching Austin Barber (Band of Brothers / Junior Terps). In the late 1980’s and while wrestling at Pitt-Johnstown, Carlton Haselrig won three NCAA Div. II National Championships and three Division I National Championships. Carlton was also a Pro-Bowl NFL player with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was extremely polite, quiet, and terrific in the corner.


For the 2013/2014 season MDWAY will NOT require a card, of any kind, to wrestle in the MDWAY State Chamionship on 02/23/2014.

NO Cards required
NO Pre-qualifications required
NO Politics allowed

Just pre-register, Wrestle Hard; Have fun; Win your Championship Singlet


Excerpt from the remarks at the pre-event social at the NWCA All-Star Classic.

… “It is easy for me to stand up here and rant on about what I think needs to happen. Please trust me in that I clearly understand that the agents of change are out there in the audience, in the gyms, in the dank wrestling rooms. What I have tried to do with the Beat the Streets program and what Mike Moyer is doing through the NWCA is to try to give the coaches the assistance and tools necessary to thrive. Our sport needs you. We need a new generation of leaders. Revolution will not happen from the top…it never does. It will happen in lots of ways – Nuway, Agon, and Flo are three examples of ‘disruptive’ technologies that are propelling our sport forward. They are what’s great about America and in lots of ways why I am so optimistic that wrestling is on the verge of a big breakout. I just ask each of you to play your part. I will certainly try to play mine.”

By Mike Novogratz – Chairman of the Board-Beat the Streets-New York City

Courtesy of Wade Schalles


From: Kurt McHenry [mailto:kurtmchenry@verizon.net]
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2013 11:11 AM
Subject: The Inaugural Brute Middle School All Star Classic - Update #3

Parents and Coaches,

Good morning. I trust you all are getting ready for a great weekend. All-Star Classic weekend is right around the corner. I am happy to announce that Brute has signed on as the official event sponsor! I would like to thank Brute for showing their commitment to wrestling at all levels. We have created a facebook page for the event. If you use facebook, please visit the page, “like it”, and recommend to your friends and family members. The more interest we can generate around the event, the more likely we will be able to continue growing it in coming years. The facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Brute-Middle-School-All-Star-Classic/104590229612897. I am going to start putting match-up summaries on our FB page. These will include the bio information and picture you have or will be providing. Please send me a note consenting or not regarding the use of your wrestler’s picture on the event facebook page. It would be great if you could send me short videos of your wrestlers introducing themselves and talking about how they are looking forward to participating in the event. I would love to post those videos on our facebook page as well.

This update will include:

1. Second Information Request
2. Updated Event Schedule
3. All-Star Classic – College Matches update
4. Updated list of match-ups for the Middle School event
5. Miscellaneous

Second Information Request – Need by Sunday
Please send the following information regarding your wrestler.
· .jpeg photo of wrestler
· Wrestler Bio
o Hometown
o Grade and School
o Club and Coach(es)
o Hobbies
o Top 3 wrestling accomplishments

Updated Event Schedule
Event Date: Friday November 1, 2013
Event Location: George Mason University, Field House, 4400 University Dr. Fairfax, VA
Weigh-ins: 5:30pm - 6:00pm
Wrestling begins: 7:00pm

All-Star Classic – College Matches Update
If you have been following some of the buzz regarding the event, you know that the folks at the NWCA have put together some great college match-ups for us to view. So far, the following college match-ups have been locked in.

Confirmed Matchups
125: Nahshon Garrett, So. (Cornell) vs. Jarrod Patterson, Sr. (Oklahoma)
133: A.J. Schopp, Jr. (Edinboro) vs. Mason Beckman, So. (Lehigh)
141: Tony Ramos, Sr. (Iowa) vs. Devin Carter, Jr. (Virginia Tech)
149: Logan Stieber, Jr. (Ohio State) vs. Kendric Maple, Sr. (Oklahoma)
157: Derek St. John, Sr. (Iowa) vs. Nestor Taffur, Sr. (Boston U.)
165: Michael Moreno, Jr. (Iowa State) vs. David Taylor, Sr. (Penn State)
174: Andrew Howe, Sr. (Oklahoma) vs. Matt Brown, Jr. (Penn State)
184: Jimmy Sheptock, Sr. (Maryland) vs. Ed Ruth, Sr. (Penn State)
197: Taylor Meeks, Jr. (Oregon State) vs. Scott Schiller, Jr. (Minnesota)
285: Mike McMullan, Jr. (Northwestern) vs. Tony Nelson, Sr. (Minnesota)

That is a great line-up. A lot of NCAA champions on that list. In addition to the college matches, USA Wrestling will be presenting some senior level freestyle matches as part of the event as well. I think things are shaping up nicely. It should be a great weekend of wrestling for both the participants and the fans.

Updated list of match-ups for the Middle School All-Star Classic
· 60lbs Nasir Wilkinson, MD vs. Joseph Couch, MD
· 65lbs Meyer Shapiro, MD vs. Stevo Poulin, NY
· 80lbs Kurt McHenry, VA vs. Colt Newton, OK
· 80lbs Carson Manville, VA vs. Sam Hillegas, PA
· 80lbs Malik Heinselmen, CO vs. Corbin Hopkins, PA
· 90lbs Adam Busiello, NY vs. Cameron Delucia, PA
· 95lbs Josh Humphreys, WV vs. Cade Olivas, CA
· 95lbs Colton Yapoujian, CO vs. Gavin Teasdale, PA
· 100lbs. Patrick McCormick, VA vs. Levi Englman, VA
· 105lbs. Collin Gerardi , VA vs. Mark Salvatore, PA
· 105lbs. Theorius Robison, CO vs. Brian Stuart, MD
· 105lbs. Grant Gorvett, VA vs. Luke Grubbs, VA
· 115lbs. Malcolm Robinson, VA vs. Aaron Brooks, MD
· 115lbs. Caden Mareno, PA vs. Marshall Keller, VA
· 122lbs. George Worthy, NJ vs. Jack Parr, MD
· 122lbs. Imran Heard, MD vs. Cameron Pine, WV
· 152lbs. Justin Henry, MD vs. Earnest Holland, PA
Junior Terps at the VAC Holiday Duals


· Saturday Morning’s practice: Practice will be held in the George Mason University Field house from 9am – 11am. We are working on getting Bill Zadick from USA Wrestling to run the practice.
· Knight Point Systems (www.knightpoint.com) will be providing our Outstanding Wrestler trophy. Last year’s trophy looked great. I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us this year.
· If you need any assistance with logistics once you arrive in the DC Metro area. Please let me know. I will do what I can to assist you. Feel free to call me with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing all of you Nov 1st.

Best Regards,
Kurt McHenry


The Super 32 Clinic, scheduled for 10/19 at College Park, is a clinic operated by the Terrapin Wrestling Club. 
Please use this registration information only. 
Contact Akil Patterson for further information. ( greco4life@gmail.com ) 

Obe Blanc, Kerry McCoy, and the U of MD staff will conduct the clinic. 
Members, of the Junior Terps Teams to the VAC Holiday Duals, will receive the reduced $35 fee. 




All-Star Classic Poll

I forgot to mention it a while back, but we did the poll to our news section…

USA Wrestling Contest

We added a post to our news section for the USA Wrestling contest…

All-Star Classic Blog Post

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Please check everything over for accuracy.

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NWCA News about the All-Star Classic

Please don’t allow Neil's talk, of a silly boycott, dissuade you from attending the Rally 4 Wrestling and NWCA events. Nobody should work against college wrestling events.


Rally 4 Wrestling III (Atlanta) has spawned new elite duals.

COACHES Please feel free to explore the possibility.

Alpharetta Fall Elite Duals
Nov. Thanksgiving Weekend Friday -Sunday
1 Division K-8 18 weights
9 Matches
Friday Night & Weigh-ins
Satuday All Day
Sunday, over by 1pm
Entry fee $800.00 Per team = $44.44 per wrestler

Presidential National Elite Duals
Presidential Day Weekend Sat - Monday
2 Divisions Elementary K-6th & Middle School 8th & Ubder 14 weights
9 Matches
Friday Night weight-ins
Entry fee $800.00 Per team = $44.44 per wrestler
Match breakdown to be Announced in furture releases.

We have 2 1st class Hotels the Homewood Suites and the Hilton Garden Inn as our Host Hotels ...

Coaches please call me asap to dicuss the details and reserve you
teams spots. These tournament will fill up fast.

Frank Lipoli
Tournament Director


By USA Wrestling, 09/08/2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina (September 8, 2013) – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced it voted the sport of wrestling to remain in the Olympic program as a provisional sport at the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

On the first vote, wrestling received 49 votes out of the 95 voters, receiving the majority of votes and winning on the first ballot.

USA Wrestling and its Committee for the Preservation of Olympic Wrestling (CPOW) join our international wrestling federation FILA in expressing extreme gratitude and satisfaction following the IOC’s announcement.

On Feb. 12, 2013, the IOC Executive Board recommended that wrestling not be included with the 25 Core Sports initiative, which is set to begin after the 2016 Olympic Games. The IOC allowed wrestling to join with other sports in the hopes of becoming a provisional sport of the 2020 and 2024 Olympic programs. On May 29, the IOC Executive Board selected wrestling for the short list of three sports for consideration by the IOC General Assembly today.

“This is a great day for wrestling and for USA Wrestling. As a sport and an organization, we came together like never before to support the sport we love. I want to thank all who helped our cause, especially those from USA Wrestling state organizations and our grassroots community. You all have stepped up, with fundraising efforts, online activities, attendance at our big events and so many other important things. As a family, we showed our pride in wrestling, and have helped tell the story of our sport to the IOC and to the world,” said USA Wrestling President James Ravannack.

“Now the work really starts for wrestling. We need to capitalize on the opportunity which we have received and continue to move the sport forward. Momentum is on our side. We must continue to be passionate and aggressive in promoting and improving wrestling in the United States and around the world. We also want to thank everybody from the U.S. wrestling community who has stepped up to support the Keep Olympic Wrestling movement,” said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender.

“We are thrilled with the IOC decision today. Wrestling has been a significant part of the ancient and modern Olympics and we are pleased to be on the program for 2020 and 2024. The IOC has been fair and encouraging to us and we believe that there will be opportunities for us to again be one of the core sports and permanently on the program in the future. The Olympics has much to offer wrestling and wrestling adds greatly to the Olympic program. It is important to the millions of young wrestlers around the world—boys and girls--that we work to provide an opportunity for them to dream Olympic dreams, just as many of us did. And so we will continue the fight to become a core sport of the Olympic Games,” said Bill Scherr, Chairman of the Committee for the Preservation of Olympic Wrestling.

“It's a great day for wrestling and a great day for the Olympics,” said Mike Novogratz, spokesman for the Committee for the Preservation of Olympic Wrestling.

Although wrestling has retained its position in the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games, the work of the USA Wrestling community is not finished. The mission of CPOW has been “to ensure that wrestling remains as a core sport of the Olympic Games.” This mission has not yet been achieved.

The Keep Olympic Wrestling effort, led by CPOW in the United States, helped bring many positive changes and improvements to the sport. There has been great support and momentum for wrestling in its effort to remain on the Olympic program. The work to improve wrestling and expand its participation and impact here in the United States and around the world will continue, leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and beyond.

USA Wrestling is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Wrestling in the United States and, as such, is its representative to the United States Olympic Committee and the International Wrestling Federation FILA. Simply, USA Wrestling is the central organization that coordinates amateur wrestling programs in the nation and works to create interest and participation in these programs. Its president is James Ravannack, and its Executive Director is Rich Bender.

The Committee for the Preservation of Olympic Wrestling (CPOW) was developed by USA Wrestling, whose mission is to insure that wrestling remains as a core sport of the Olympic Games. CPOW features many highly-respected leaders within the American wrestling, chaired by Bill Scherr of Glenview, Ill., a World champion and Olympic medalist in freestyle wrestling and a leader in the Olympic family.


By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling, 08/17/2013
Flowrestling Coverage

SOFIA, Bulgaria – The United States won a pair of medals on the opening day of the men’s freestyle at the Junior World Championships, a gold medal from Kyle Snyder (Woodbine, Md./OTC) at 96 kg/211.5 lbs. and a silver medal from Alex Dieringer (Port Washington, Wis./Cowboy WC) at 74 kg/163 lbs.

Snyder won a wild final over Viktor Kazishvili of Armenia, falling behind early and almost getting pinned, but battling back for an impressive 11-4 technical fall in 4:04.

Kazishvili, who was third in the 2013 European Junior Championships, went upper body with Snyder and threw him to his back, almost getting the fall, but the tough American got free, but was trailing 4-1. He started a barrage of takedowns, as well as a turn, to take an 8-4 lead at the break. In the second period, a two-point takedown and a one-point pushout put him at 11-4 for the technical fall victory.

“I’m not a big upperbody guy. I like leg attacks. He was challenging me upperbody and he threw me to my back. I had to fight a little from there. After that, I had to buckle down in my positioning, get some attacks done and tire him down as quickly as I could,” said Snyder.

Snyder continued his impressive composure in the semifinals with an 8-0 second period technical fall over Robin Ferdinand of Germany in 3:42. Snyder scored four two-point takedowns for the victory, while maintaining a strong defense which has served him well all day. Ferdinand was fifth in the 2012 Junior World Championships.

In the morning session, Snyder won two matches with skill and composure. He opened with a 9-2 technical fall over Radu Balaur of Moldova in 2:20. In the quarterfinals, he controlled Yusup Malachmagomedov of Russia in a 3-1 victory.

“It was exciting. I have been thinking about this tournament for awhile and I was excited to compete in it. I am happy with my performance,” said Snyder.

Snyder was recently named the 2013 ASICS High School Wrestler of the Year after his junior year for Good Council High School in Maryland. Snyder will be training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center during his senior year in high school concentrating on freestyle wrestling. He has given a verbal commitment to attend Ohio State in 2015.

Dieringer was defeated in his gold medal finals by Alan Zaseev of Russia, in a 1-8 technical fall in 3:59. Zaseev opened up the scoring, and was able to get a big three-point throw off of a Dieringer attack in the second period, which the U.S. protested but was denied, to trail 7-1 at the break. Zaseev finished off the win with a score early in the second period.

Dieringer reached the finals with an impressive first period pin over Gheorghe Bodisteanu of Romania in just 59 seconds in the semifinals. Dieringer quickly took control, scoring a takedown and getting Bodisteanu to his back for the quick fall.

Dieringer was also very impressive in the morning session with three wins. He scored a 7-0 technical fall over 2103 Junior European bronze medalist Lasha Gigashvili of Georgia in just 2:25 in the first match. In the second round, he emerged from a high-scoring shootout with 2013 European Junior silver medalist Bakhtiyar Israfilli of Azerbaijan, 12-11. In the quarterfinals, Dieringer quickly pinned Tekhron Khodjiev of Uzbekistan in 1:27.

“I came out strong. I wrestled a good first four matches. In the finals match, he’s real good defensively. He scored off a lot of my shots. I just have to work on my finishes,” said Dieringer. “This is a great experience, going overseas and competing against the best in the world. There is nothing better than this. I take a lot back from this.”

Placing fifth at 60 kg/132 lbs. was Mark Grey (Rockaway, N.J./Titan Mercury WC), who was defeated by Gamlet Ramanov of Russia by technical fall, 7-0 in 3:00 in a bronze-medal match. The Russian scored a pair of two-point takedowns, then received three points at the end of the first period with a throw with exposure.

It was the second time in his career that Grey has placed fifth at the Junior World Championships. He was also fifth at 55 kg/121 lbs. in the 2011 Junior Worlds.

Grey was defeated in the semifinals by 2013 Asian Senior Championships bronze medalist Nomin Batbold of Mongolia by technical fall, 2-9 in the second period. Grey trailed only 3-2 at the break, but the Mongolian was able to score takedown and exposure points in the second period to finish off the match.

He opened his day with three impressive wins in the morning session. Grey scored a 7-0 technical fall over Aaron Maher of Australia in just 22 seconds in this opener. His next match was a first period pin over Adrian Kranitz of Hungary. In the quarterfinals, Grey beat Germany’s Alexander Semisorow, coming from behind for a 6-3 win.

“It was good. In the beginning, I was moving my feet real well and my attacks were good. In the quarters, I had to come back and fight there. That was good. The semis didn’t go my way. I just kept wrestling. For bronze, it was close, 4-0, and he had a body lock so I went for a Polish. I didn’t get it and gave up three points. It’s alright. I just keep going,” said Grey.

Grey, who was a high school star for Blair Academy, trained this year in Ithaca, N.Y., and will attend Cornell University this year.

The fourth U.S. wrestler competing on Saturday, Ethan Lizak (Schnecksville, Pa./LVAC), lost to Ruslan Gasimov of Azerbaijan by technical fall, 11-4 in 4:35 in his only bout at 50 kg/110 lbs.

After the first day of action, the United States is in second place with 25 points, trailing only Russia with 36 points. Azerbaijan and Iran are tied in third with 19 points.

“It is a solid start. It is great to have a champion. It is exciting. He is a great kid. Kyle works incredibly hard and that was big. We had three guys in the semis and we were really looking for three gold medals. To not get what we wanted in the three other weights, and to have him come back as champion was a good shot for the team. And those other two guys (Dieringer and Grey) are great competitors,” said Assistant National Coach Bill Zadick.

The final four U.S. wrestlers have weighed in and received draws for the final day of wrestling at the Junior Worlds, the last day of men’s freestyle, on Sunday.

At Sofia, Bulgaria, August 17

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
Gold – Kyle Snyder (USA)
Silver – Viktor Kazishvili (Georgia)
Bronze – Yusup Mlachmagomedov (Russia)
Bronze – Satywart Kadian (India)
5th – Robin Ferdinand (Germany)
5th – Ali Bonceoglu (Turkey)
7th - Pedram Jamshidi (Iran)
8th - Philipp Hutter (Switzerland)
9th - Murazi Mchedlidze (Ukraine)
10th - Giorgi Kakauridze (Georgia)
Gold – Kyle Snyder (USA) tech. fall Viktor Kazishvili (Georgia), 11-4
Bronze – Yusup Mlachmagomedov (Russia) tech. fall Robin Ferdinand (Germany), 7-0
Bronze –Satywart Kadian (India) tech. fall Ali Bonceoglu (Turkey), 8-0


Men's freestyle and Greco lose one weight each. Women's freestyle to gain 2 classes. All three divisions to be 6 weight classes each.

IOC President Jacques Rogge speaks during a press conference with IAAF President Lamine Diack on the day before the World Athletics championships in Moscow, Russia, on Friday, Aug. 9, 2013. IVAN SEKRETAREV / AP PHOTO

MOSCOW -- Women's wrestling will have two extra medal classes at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, while two men's events from the London Olympics have been dropped.

The International Olympic Committee says one weight category in both men's freestyle and Greco-Roman will be transferred to women's freestyle. The switch creates six weight classes in all three disciplines at Rio.

Wrestling's governing body proposed the changes to create more equality as it tries to remain in the Olympics for the 2020 Summer Games.

The IOC says its board also approved two changes in sailing: mixed multihull will replace men's keelboat in Rio and women's skiff replaces women's match racing.

The IOC allowed the changes because they won't increase the number of athletes. Rio organizers have a quota of about 10,800 athletes (From the AP & themat.com)


Except in Maryland Rival Groups can work together

Coalition Logos

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the National United Wrestling Association for Youth (NUWAY), the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) and USA Wrestling have volunteered to become the first organizations to join the newly created Coalition to Keep Wrestling in the Olympics. These four organizations which have significant wrestling memberships are working together on behalf of the sport.

This new coalition will include any and all organizations who are willing to stand up and work together for a common goal, which is to insure that wrestling remains on the program of the Olympic Games.

This is not an organization of individuals. There are other ways that private citizens can support this cause. This is geared entirely to organized groups willing to publically add themselves to the coalition.

This will be a collection of groups of all sizes, including both non-profit and for-profit organizations, basically any organization which stands behind the effort to keep wrestling in the Olympics.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

NUWAY is approaching its fifth year as an organization and growing by popular demand across the country. The idealogy and values instilled in this true grassroots organization is to support all state organizations across the country.

The National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) is a professional organization dedicated to serve and provide leadership for the advancement of all levels of the sport of wrestling with primary emphasis on scholastic and collegiate wrestling programs. The membership embraces all people who are interested in amateur wrestling.

USA Wrestling is the national governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States, and is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the international wrestling federation FILA. USA Wrestling has a complete program of activities and events for its members who range from beginning athlete all the way through the Olympic Games and World Championships.

“Wrestling has been around in the USA since the 1800’s, and has been involved in the Olympic movement since its creation. This sport makes a difference in the lives of young people and has made a lasting impact on our society. We support the effort to keep wrestling in the Olympics, and look forward to helping lead the effort,” said AAU President Henry Forrest.

“NUWAY stands behind the effort to Keep Wrestling In The Olympics. As a grassroots organization which serves the wrestling community, we are pledged to do whatever is necessary to keep our great sport in the Olympic movement. We support the mission of the new coalition and will be actively involved in helping us win this battle,” said NUWAY Executive Director and President Dave Dean.

“There has never been a more important time in the history of our sport for wrestling to come together. We all want the same thing, keeping wrestling in the Olympic Games. We must all work together to achieve this,” said Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

“This fight will be won by bringing people together behind a common cause. Our grassroots leadership believes in this effort. We are committed to the combined power of organizations who are willing to work together. Together we are stronger. Together we will reach our goal of keeping wrestling in the Olympics,” said USA Wrestling President James Ravannack.

Any group is encouraged to join and be added to the growing list, no matter what its size or purpose. Corporations and business partnerships are encouraged to join. International, national or local non-profit organizations are welcome. Wrestling clubs and booster clubs are invited to be included. Groups which are not involved in wrestling but support the effort can be involved. It does not have to even be a group involved in sports at all. The members of this organization can be from the United States, or from any other nation on earth.

The only requirement to become part of the coalition is to be a group willing to support the strategy which will lead to keeping wrestling on the Olympic program. Each organization must also be willing to provide a small minimum donation, which will be used exclusively on the effort.

The minimum donation suggested for membership in the Coalition for Keeping Wrestling in the Olympics is $100 for national and international organizations, and $25 for local organizations. Obviously, larger donations are encouraged and welcomed.

USA Wrestling will maintain a master list of organizations which have joined the coalition, which will be posted online. On a regular basis, there will be a story published recognizing the new organizations who have made the commitment.

In order to join the coalition, a group must provide a contact name, email address and phone number, which will allow us to network together and execute the strategy.

The donation can be made online:

The donation can be made by check, made payable to USA Wrestling and mailed to:
USA Wrestling
c/o Coalition to Keep Wrestling in the Olympics
6155 Lehman Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

The financial support will help fund all of the actions which together makes for a successful campaign. It will be used directly on projects such as public relations, international communication, research, education, promotional materials, networking and international travel for meetings with the IOC and members of national federations and national Olympic Committees. Additional projects will be developed by the leadership committee for this effort. Coalition membership will help keep this issue in the forefront and allow wrestling to make its case to the world. It will only be used for this project, not other wrestling programs.

(listed alphabetically as of February 21, 2013)

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
National United Wrestling Association for Youth (NUWAY)
National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA)
USA Wrestling


Rally 4 Wrestling Photos, Maryland 2013- http://www.rally4wrestlingusa.com/photos.html

Rally 4 Wrestling Website - http://www.rally4wrestlingusa.com/home.html

Rally 4 Wrestling Atlanta schedule - http://c2971522.r22.cf0.rackcdn.com/GS3 ... Y8mMyR.pdf

This is one of the few events where nearly all wrestling organizations come together.
USA Wrestling scheduled the Worid Team's travel so it would leave from Atlanta for Europe.

In Atlanta, Akil Patterson (MSWA) and Ron Plienis (MDWAY) are working on the event.
Imran Heard, the Brooks boys, and Brian Stuart will be at the camps and in the elite duals.

New future events are planned for Pittsburgh and Nevada.
R4W will return to Maryland in May of 2014.


NWCA match ups for the Middle school event Friday Nov 1 at George Mason University, VA.
These matches are preliminary to the NWCA All-Star Classic which is on Nov. 2 at GMU
In between these duals events, there is also a terrific clinic. More details and ticket information are TBA. All MD wrestlers (in Red) have participated with the Junior Terps.

*60lbs Nasir Wilkerson MD Champion, Dixie National Champion vs Joe Couch MD

*65lbs Stevo Poulin NY State Champion, Ohio TOC Champ vs Meyer Shapiro MD State Champion

*80lbs Malik Hienselman CO Schoolboy Greco and Freestyle National Champion vs Corbin Hopkins PA State Runner Up

*80lbs Kurt McHenry VA State Champ, Tulsa National Champ, Ohio TOC Champion VS Colt Newton OK (Tentative)

*80lbs Carson Manville VA State Champ, Tulsa National Champ, Novice FS National Champion vs Sammy Hilligas PA State Champ #20

*90lbs Gavin Teasdale #11 PA State Champion Cadet FS National Champion vs ColtonYapoujian CO#6 Super 32 and Tulsa Champion

*90lbs Cameron DeLucia 2X PA State Champ vs Adam Busiello Super 32 Champion NY

*95lbs Josh Humphreys WV State Champion #19 Reno Worlds Champion vs Cade Olivas CA State Champion, 7X trinity award winner

*100lbs Patrick McCourmick VA State Champion vs Levi Engleman VA State Champion, Dixie Natonal Champion

*105 lbs Brian StuartMD #29 4X MD Champ, War at the Shore Champ vs Theorius Robinson CO Champ 2X Tulsa National Champ #7

*115 Malcolm Robinson VA Champ , Dixie National 1st vs Aaron Brooks MD #23 5X MD Champ, TOC Champ and Tulsa National 1st

*120lb George Worthy RAW 241 NJ vs Jack Parr 4X MD State Champion

*115lbs Caden Mareno PA State Champion, Tulsa Champion #30vs Marshall Keller VA State Champion

*126lbs Imran Heard MD, OHio TOC National Champion vs Cameron Pine WV State Champion

*152 Cohlton Schultz 2X CO Champ, Cliff Keen 2X Trinity winner, #13 vs Joshua McKenzie 5X NJ Champ, 3X MAWA National Champ

Pound for Pound Junior High Rankings listed are by Flowrestling


2013 USAW Cadet Greco Nationals Results for Maryland
Cadet-88 - Joe Thomas's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Cadet-94 - Breandan Coughlin's place is unknown.,  DNP, 1-2
Cadet-94 - Cody Trybus's place is unknown, DNP, 0-2
Cadet-100 - Michael Doetsch's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-100 - Kyle Trybus's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-100 - Daniel Planta's place is unknown, DNP, 3-2
Cadet-106 - Kahlan Lermer's place is unknown, DNP, 2-2.
Cadet-113 - Alexander Kline's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-113 - Owen Rill's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-113 - Justin Thomas's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-113 - Nick Malinowski's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-120 - Joshua Kendrick's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-120 - Shawn Orem's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-120 - Austin Smith's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-126 - Nathaniel Brown's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-126 - Alexander Brown's place is unknown., DN, 0-2
Cadet-126 - Paul Hutton's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-126 - Marty Margolis's place is 7th., All-American, 7-2, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-132 - Brady Rogers's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-138 - Dalton Hawkins's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-138 - Cameron Harrell's place is unknown., DNP 2-2
Cadet-138 - Sean Guthier's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-145 - Mitch Fenton's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-145 - Austin Kraisser's place is 4th., All-American, 7-2, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-152 - Charlie Perella's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-152 - Christian Almony's place is 5th., All-American, 7-2, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-160 - Garrett Ruderman's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-182 - Hunter Ritter's place is 1st., CHAMPION, 6-1, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-195 - Mansur Abdul-Malik's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-220 - Michael Smith's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Team Record: 54 – 59, 4 All-Americans, 1 Cadet Champion, Congratulation to ALL

 2013 USAW Junior Greco Nationals Results for Maryland
Junior-100 - Michael Thome's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-113 - Tyear Castle's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-113 - Adam Whitesell's place is 7th., All-American, 5-2, Previous Junior Terp
Junior-113 - Ryan Friedman's place is 6th, All-American, 5-3, Previous Junior Terp

Junior-120 - Timothy Taylor's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-120 - Michael Beck's place is unknown, DNP, 1-2.
Junior-126 - Ekzekiel Salvo's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-126 - Colin Kowalski's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-132 - Jack Mutchnik's place is 4th., All-American, 7-3, Previous Junior Terp
Junior-132 - Anthony Genco's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-138 - Michael Sprague's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-138 - Noah Koski's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-138 - Matthew Pente's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-138 - Jacob Trybus's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-145 - Brendon Colbert's place is unknown, DNP, 0-2.
Junior-145 - Edwin Balcita's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-152 - Logan Breitenbach's place is 4th, All-America, 8-2, Previous Junior Terp.
Junior-152 - Jacob Asher's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-160 - Dylan Gray's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-160 - Matthew Gancayco's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-160 - Bobby Twigg's place is unknown., DNP 1-2
Junior-170 - Casey Guthier's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-170 - Connor Wagh's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-170 - Wes Fowler's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-170 - Bryce Pappas's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-182 - Troy Murtha's place is 7th., All-American, 6-2, Previous Junior Terp
Junior-182 - Logan Rill's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-182 - Sebastian Ames's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-182 - Dan Hawkins's place is 2nd., FINALIST, 7-2, Previous Junior Terp
Junior-195 - Anthony Rossi's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-195 - Logan Kirby's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-220 - Eric Eckstein's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-220 - Cory Daniel's place is 3rd, All-American, 7-1, Previous Junior Terp
Junior-220 - Matthew Olauson's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-285 - Brian Mays's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-285 - Shane Lowman's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Team Record: 75 – 70, 7 All-Americans, 1 Junior Finalist, Congratulation to ALL
Every Maryland, Greco, All-American, had participated with the Junior Terps.

2013 USAW Cadet Freestyle Nationals Results for Maryland
Cadet-88 - Joe Thomas's place is 8th., All-American, 4-3, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-94 - Cody Trybus's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-94 - Breandan Coughlin's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-100 - Michael Doetsch's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-100 - Kyle Trybus's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-100 - Daniel Planta's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Cadet-106 - Kahlan Lermer's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-113 - Alexander Kline's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-113 - Nick Malinowski's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-113 - Justin Thomas's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-113 - Owen Rill's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-120 - Austin Smith's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-120 - Joshua Kendrick's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-120 - Shawn Orem's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-120 - Quinn Devaney's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Cadet-126 - Nathaniel Brown's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-126 - Alexander Brown's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Cadet-126 - Paul Hutton's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-126 - Marty Margolis's place is unknown., DNP, 5-2
Cadet-132 - Brady Rogers's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-138 - Cameron Harrell's place is 4th., All-American, 7-2, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-138 - Sean Guthier's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-138 - Dalton Hawkins's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Cadet-145 - Austin Kraisser's place is 2nd., Finalist, 8-1, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-145 - Mitch Fenton's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-152 - Charlie Perella's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Cadet-152 - Christian Almony's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Cadet-160 - Garrett Ruderman's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Cadet-182 - Mansur Abdul-Malik's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Cadet-182 - Hunter Ritter's place is 3rd., All-American, 7-1, Previous Junior Terp
Cadet-220 - Michael Smith's place is 2nd., Finalist, 6-1, Previous Junior Terp
Team Record: 65 – 60, 5 All-Americans, 2 Finalists, Congratulation to ALL
Every Maryland, Cadet, freestyle, All-American, had participated with the Junior Terps.
Every Maryland All-American had previously participated with the Junior Terps.

2013 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals Results for Maryland
Junior-100 - Michael Thome's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-113 - Michael Beck's place is unknown.DNP, 3-2
Junior-113 - Adam Whitesell's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-113 - Ryan Friedman's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-113 - Tyear Castle's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-113 - Timothy Taylor's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-126 - Ekzekiel Salvo's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-126 - Colin Kowalski's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-132 - Anthony Genco's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-132 - Noah Koski's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-132 - Jack Mutchnik's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-138 - Matthew Pente's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-138 - Jacob Trybus's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-145 - Michael Sprague's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-145 - Edwin Balcita's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-145 - Brendon Colbert's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-152 - Jacob Asher's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-152 - Bobby Twigg's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-152 - Logan Breitenbach's place is unknown., Withdrew, 3-1
Junior-160 - Matthew Gancayco's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-160 - Casey Guthier's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-160 - Dylan Gray's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-170 - Connor Wagh's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-170 - Sebastian Ames's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-170 - Bryce Pappas's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-182 - Logan Rill's place is unknown., DNP, 1-2
Junior-182 - Troy Murtha's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-195 - Logan Kirby's place is unknown., DNP, 4-2
Junior-195 - Dan Hawkins's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-220 - Eric Eckstein's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-220 - Cory Daniel's place is unknown., DNP, 3-2
Junior-220 - Matthew Olauson's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Junior-285 - Brian Mays's place is unknown., DNP, 0-2
Junior-285 - Shane Lowman's place is unknown., DNP, 2-2
Team Record: 56 – 68,  0 All-Americans, 0 Champions

Unfortunately MD's Junior Freestyle Team placed 38th with 34 wrestlers. By contrast Team Alaska, with 2 wrestlers, placed 34th.


The MSWA’s Team to USAW’s Cadet Greco National Duals, finished a very respectable 6th place. It seems like we just can't get past PA or NJ in the medal rounds. Overall our "past" Junior Terps did very well. In Greco, they were 59-17. As a comparison, non-Junior Terps were 10-44. Both Cameron Harrell and Mike Smith were undefeated in the Greco event. Congratulations to the wrestlers and coaches. Good luck in freestyle.

As is most often the case, there is good news and bad news. Unfortunately the MSWA’s Cadet National Team stumbled a little bit today during the freestyle competition. They were just 2-4 as a team, BUT that was good enough for 6th place. In the Gold/Silver Pool, wins are hard earned. BUT the kids wrestle a completely different (tougher) category of opponents. Wrestling the best competition (win or lose) should be the whole point. On the way to their second 6th place finish, the boys were 45-57 as a team. More specifically, the “ past” Junior Terp wrestlers were a combined 41-20. (winning 2 of 3). The non-Junior Terps were 4-37 (winning 1 of 10). They all did a terrific job. Congratulations.



Memorial Day 2014 - Save the weekend for the spring's best event.

A record breaking 188 teams entered the 14th Annual NHSCA National Wrestling Duals at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The four-day event, also known as “The Battle at the Beach”, is presented by the National High School Coaches Association. The Memorial Day Weekend event kicked off Friday May 24th and concluded Monday, May 27th. The 188 all-star teams entered in the three championship divisions shatters last year’s record 138 teams. There were over 2,000 wrestlers competing in 2012. This year, a record 3,000 wrestlers occupied the 37 mats at the National Duals. The three divisions are – High School (Grades 9-12) featuring 90 teams, Middle School (Grades 6-8) with 54 teams and Elementary (Grades 4-6) highlighting 44 teams. The NHSCA National Wrestling Duals is the largest dual-meet team event in scholastic wrestling, which features elite teams and wrestlers from over 24 states.

In the high school division, Young Guns Black claimed the title. Young Guns Black Coach Jody Stritmatter said "The kids did a great job and competed hard all weekend.  There was top level competition and I'm proud of our kids in the way they act both on and off the mat". The Middle School was won by Golden Cross, and the Elementary team champions were New Jersey Venom. In the high school division, Young Guns Black, Diesel, Renegade Elite, and Team Griffin finished in the top 4 for the 2nd year in a row. Participants on the top four teams in each division are honored as All-American Team members.

This year’s talent level shot past all the past events. The level of talent is phenomenal, as the nation’s best go head to head match after match” , said Bobby Ferraro, Executive Director of the National High School Coaches Association. "The NHSCA National Duals provides a great bonding experience for participating teams, as the schedule accommodates coaches, wrestlers, and families to compete on the mats for half the day and enjoy everything Virginia Beach has to offer the other half” Many of the nation’s elite wrestlers including: 2013 NHSCA Senior National Champion Joey Lavalle (NV), Sophomore National Champion Neil Richards (VA), Alfred Bannister (MD) ranked 7th, ranked #19 Reed Van Anrooy (OR) and Dennis Gustafson ranked 10th at 138. PA studs are highlighted by Sammy Krivus and Darian Cruz, ranked #3 #and 4 respectively at 120, Luke Pletcher nationally ranked #2 at 106, #8 at 113 Ethan Lizak, Tyson Dippery #9 at 138, #4 at 145 Solomon Chishko #5 at 160 Garrett Peppleman, Cody Law ranked #145, Zack Zavatsky #16, #5 at 182 Brent Harner, and last but certainly not least Ryan Solomon who is ranked 1st at 195.

The rounds on Monday proved the talent level where nationally ranked wrestlers are squared off head to head. Featured match ups included PA State Champ Joe Galasso (ranked #6 at 138) vs. PA State Champ Solomon Chisko (ranked #4) and PA State Champ Garrett Peppleman (ranked #5 at 160) vs. Austin Matthews (ranked #7 at 152), among many others. 
Results from this year’s event can be found on www.nhsca.com.


Well, it is time; our season is over.  It is time for some rest.  The 2013/2014 season ended in terrific fashion.  At the NHSCA National Duals, we had 2 elementary teams that completed 182 matches.  When added to our previous total, we closed this season with 2513 matches.  Those matches represent opportunities to improve wrestling skills and develop friendships.  As a bonus, 21 (of 26) wrestlers are eligible to return to the elementary team in 2014.  Hopefully we can also organize a middle school team next year.

Nasir Wilkinson and Donte White both survived this very tough event without a loss.  Congratulations to them both.  Our parents were also a terrific group.  They supported the kids thru all fourteen grueling matches.   Coaches Hamilton, Wilkinson, Correia, Sheppard, and Zimmerman were all equally dedicated with their support from the corner.  Parents Wilkinson, Cornell and Bollman shared the job at the scorer’s table.   Overall, this weekend was a terrific opportunity and a great way to complete the season for the Junior Terps’ program. 

We thank Junior Terps and Tiny Terps wrestlers and their families for your participation this season.  Here is how we spell SUCCESS?  (2513 matches)
Thank you.


Maryland's 1st Annual "Rally 4 Wrestling" Award winners


Rally 4 Wrestling’s Mission is to showcase the moral, physical and
intrinsic qualities of our Sport of Wrestling.

To bring to mainstream America the positive role models and lessons
that the Sport of Wrestling brings to our daily lives.

To “Rally” the multitude of Wrestlers, Coaches, Parents and Fans for
the Good News, Good Lessons and Good Sportsmanship that Wresting
instills in Mankind.

Portions of the proceeds to benefit the Committee for the Preservation
of Olympic Wrestling, Beat the Streets and local wrestling fundraising.

Rally 4 Wrestling is "official.  The weekend is 05/10 & 05/12.  The details are attached on our flyer.

The "main point" is to gather the MD wrestling public for a big pep rally for MD wrestling.  Secondly, funds will be used to help with the efforts to reinstate wrestling in the Olympics. 

Wayne Boyd, Mike Moyer, Frank Lipoli, Rob Koll, Kerry McCoy, Teague Moore, Kyle Dake, Kyle Snyder, Alfred Bannister, Garrett Lineberger are just a few guys that are supporting this program.  They would appreciate your support.  The best way to support them, in their efforts for MD wrestling, is to "get the word out". 

Lastly, please spread this information and flyer to your E-Mail contacts.  We need to circulate the word.  We need to sell the ”Speaker Sponsorship” tables.  They help underwrite the cost to bring various speakers and clinicians to MD.


Ron Plienis  Sr.

Please, all requests, for tickets, come thru me. 
410-477-0748,   rpphusker@comcast.net


Junior Terps Hall of Fame, 2013

With great pleasure, we welcome Anthony Cimorosi as our inaugural member of the Junior Terps Hall of Fame. His participation and contribution to our Junior Terps program help set a standard for our future wrestlers to follow. Anthony’s high school accomplishments (4x finalist, 2x Champion) are a terrific example of what the Junior Terps hope to help wrestlers achieve. Anthony is a great example for our current 8th graders as they enter high school in the fall.

High School Career:
4x State Finalist – First wrestler in Cecil County History to go to the finals all 4 years
2x State Champ – 2012, 2013
Career Record – 140 wins, Falls – 81

Off Season Wrestling during High School:
2x Greco All American
4th Place in the Junior Greco World Duals on the USA All-Star Team

Future Plans:
Anthony will continue his career with a definite plan. He will be wrestling for Ellsworth College in Iowa Falls, Iowa. His study goal is for an Associate’s Degree in Physical Education/Coaching/Sports Management. Anthony intends to transfer to a University after his two years with Ellsworth for his Bachelor’s. We wish him well.



It was a huge weekend for both the Tiny Terps (AAU National ES Duals) and the Junior Terps (NUWAY National Championships).   Even though both teams were hundreds of miles apart, they had very similar results.  The Junior Terps were 78-33 overall as a team. The Tiny Terps were 92-43 overall as a team.

At the NUWAY Nationals, 21 of 25 wrestlers were All Americans. We had 6 National Champions and 11 overall finalists.  The team was superbly coached by Steve Blau, Walter Johnson, Mack Crawford and a few additional parents.  It was amazing to watch these guys pour their emotions into their coaching.  They were all emotionally drained by the end of the day.  The kids were “all business” and their behavior represented Maryland very well.  Most everybody needed all the homeward-bound sleep that we could get while on the return bus trip.

At the AAU National Elementary Duals the results were equally impressive.  The team was “light” with five “holes” otherwise known as forfeits.  Our Tiny Terps surrendered 30 points, per match, and still had a winning 5-4 record.  In fact if you only consider the 15 matches that were wrestled in each dual meet, our Tiny Terps were only beaten once in 9 matches.  Our Tiny Terps were lead by James (JP) Hamilton and Mike Zimmerman.  Additionally, several dedicated parents also obtained the required AAU Certification and helped with the coaching duties.  These little guys also represented Maryland in a fashion of which we can be proud.

The future plan is to combine these two teams in 2014.  We will again have a very difficult time filling the required 20 AAU weight classes.  However, we can take as many kids as we want in weight classes from 6U-37 up thru 19U-288.  We can have as many as we want in each of 108 weight classes. The NUWAY National Championship “Eagle” awards are second to none.  This folkstyle National Championship experience is an invaluable tool for developing superior high school, folkstyle, careers.  Please keep mid-April, 2014 open in 2014.

More Details Here


Congratulations to Daniel Planta(Int-102), Warhawks, and Jack Parr(Jr-106), Warhawks, for placing 1st at War at the Shore in Wildwood, NJ this weekend. The talent at War was unbelievable, and both wrestlers had tough roads thru the finals and finished strong. Impressive champions!

Other results MD Wrestlers

2nd Meyer Shapiro, B-60 (true 2nd)
2nd Sam Kalishman, B-73 (true 2nd)
6th Nasir Wilkinson, Mid-58
3rd Keyonte Hamilton, Mid-96
6th Chase Shultz, Mid-105
4th David Dupree, Jr-200
3rd Danny Bertoni, Int-96
4th Bailey Thomas, Int-119
2nd Kevin Budock, HS-127 (true 2nd)

By: Steve Blau


Junior Terps Wrestler of the Year, 2013

Seasoned Junior Terp veteran, Danny Bertoni, is our inaugural “Junior Terp of the Year”.  Danny learned most, of his wrestling in the Hagerstown PAL program, under the direction of Mike Palmer.  We appreciate the fact, that Mike encourages his kids to seek the higher levels of competition with the Junior Terps.   Danny’s 2012/2013 season has been spectacular.

In the two toughest events on the Junior Terps’ schedule (the VAC Holiday Duals and the McDonogh Duals) Danny was a perfect 18-0.  Danny surrendered only 2 total escape points during those entire 18 victories.  He supported his wins at both events with many victories by fall.  In addition, the VAC coaches voted Danny the Junior Terps’ OW for the VAC Holiday Duals.  When you add to those two events the NUWAY National Duals, Danny finished our 3 toughest duals events with a 26-1 record. 

Over the years and again in 2013, Danny has represented Maryland in four Mason/Dixon Quad events.(1)  This past February Danny added his 7th Maryland State Youth State Championship.  He actually “pinned” his way to that 7th State Championship. Thus far, Danny’s 2012/2013 record is 50-5.  Later this spring Danny will compete in both the NJ War on the Shore and the Ohio Tournament of Champions.  We will update this record when those results are known.

Danny is a terrific example of how to prepare for a high school folkstyle career.  He learned in Maryland.  He won 7 MD Sate Championships. For many years, he supported the Junior Terps’ National Teams.  Danny seeks out the best duals competitions and the best individual competitions in the USA.  We appreciate his folkstyle focus and his support of the Junior Terps.

We wish Danny Bertoni good luck with his future.  We understand that Danny will continue his wrestling career at Middletown HS under coach Jimmy Schartner.

(1)The Mason/Dixon Quad was started in 1991 by Ron Plienis Sr and Haswell Franklin.


The McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD, will start their spring mat club this Thursday, 3/21/13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The schedule moving forward will be Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Must have USA card and the cost is FREE !!! All ages welcome, Freestyle Technique and open mat time. When more information is available I will update.


Earn your guaranteed spot in the 2013 VAC Holiday Duals.
Join the Tiny Terps Team to the AAU National ES Duals.
Join the Junior Terps Team to the NUWAY National Open.
All details are on the Junior Terps HOME web page.


2013 MDWAY State Championship - Final Results

6U 40

  1. Tyler Haden
  2. Carter Owens
  3. Jett Cramer
  4. Donnell Harper Jr.
  5. Cash Quirion
  6. Tatianna DeValk

6U 45

  1. Teagan Rossa
  2. Damonyal White
  3. Angel Giron
  4. Tremaine Jackson
  5. Chad Bennell Jr.
  6. Morgan Corwine

6U 50

  1. Evan Boblets
  2. Lucas Scheuerman
  3. Trevor Randolph
  4. Ciro Schianodicola
  5. Jeffrey Hathaway
  6. Colin Telemeco

6U 55

  1. Ried Gills
  2. Bryce Fraley
  3. Trenton  Ott
  4. Austin Drabick

6U 85

  1. Adin Hastins
  2. Alex O’Connell
  3. Dominick Cunningham
  4. Brent Wood

8U 45    

  1. Drew Montgomery
  2. Zachary Starr
  3. Tyler Maynor
  4. Tyler Wood
  5. Aiden Straitiff

8U 50

  1. Amondre Wooden   2013, 2012
  2. Ethan Nasvaderin
  3. Dominic Ambrosino
  4. Sisto Averno III
  5. Nekhi Neal
  6. Clark Smith

8U 55

  1. Delaney Ruhlman  2013, 2012
  2. Ethan Dell
  3. Connor Hayden
  4. DeVonte Simpson
  5. Owen Andriani
  6. Quentin  VanGorder

8U 60

  1. Meyer Shapiro
  2. Clayton Gabrielson
  3. Matthew Walsh
  4. Andre Allen
  5. Darrell Young
  6. Caden Quirion

8U 65

  1. Isaac Guttentag
  2. Paul Ognissanti
  3. Yi (kyle) Zhong
  4. Joe Harrell
  5. Dominic Bullock
  6. Mike Ruffennach

8U 70

  1. Zion Gross
  2. Colby Keilholtz
  3. Austin Palmer
  4. Blake White
  5. Gannon Brooks

8U 75

  1. Kole Green  2013, 2011
  2. Noah Straitiff
  3. Hunter Sanders

8U 95

  1. Justin Brisco
  2. Demetrius Dukes
  3. Zavion Woddard
  4. Nakyi Clements
  5. Felix Chang
  6. Bruce Smith

10U 55

  1. Nasir Wilkinson,  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. Joe Couch
  3. Richard Fedalen
  4. Dylan Montgomery
  5. Jeremiah Aybar
  6. Jimmy Douglas

10U 60

  1. Shane Fink
  2. Jesse Fresh
  3. Shane Spivey
  4. Cole Myers
  5. Garrett Dell
  6. Colin Bowers

10U 65

  1. Matthew Fouts
  2. Tajuan Gray
  3. Tyler Cook
  4. Tallion Elliott
  5. Jake Roche
  6. Heathe Hernandez

10U 70

  1. Nick Kelbaugh
  2. Philip Smith Jr.
  3. Noah Kasco
  4. Ewan Hemmis
  5. Ian Freguson
  6. Marcus Lewis

10U 75

  1. Kahil Nelson
  2. Zack Hallenbeck
  3. Clement Woods
  4. Jake Sweitzer
  5. Zack Hallenbeck
  6. Jalen Jones

10U 80

  1. Kyree Brisco
  2. Paxton Wertz
  3. Patrick Kielb
  4. Kadin Guy
  5. Richard Davis
  6. Rex Fleming

10U 85

  1. Nickolas Simpson
  2. Jacob Baker
  3. Tristan Ruhlman
  4. Chance Ritchie
  5. Cole Baker
  6. Asi Andrade

10U 90

  1. Kyonte Hamilton  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. William Johnson IV
  3. DaMarquis Jones
  4. Jayden Miller
  5. Shawn Price
  6. Jake Rallo

10U 97

  1. Shayan Kassiri  2013, 2011
  2. Tommy Chang
  3. Damonte Jones
  4. Zack Adams

10U 105

  1. Dustin McDonald
  2. Chase Schultz
  3. Marowe Wax
  4. Max Moretz

10U 135

  1. Lucas Suri
  2. Eric Drabick
  3. Caden Carder
  4. Dirt Albertson

12U 65

  1. Travis Crawford
  2. Dustin Balcita
  3. Alex Dufour

12U 70

  1. Jared Thomas,  2013, 2012
  2. P.J. Truntich
  3. Dakota Bowers
  4. Junstin Balcitn
  5. Christopher Barnes
  6. Michael Cutler

12U 75

  1. Deshawn Strand,  2013, 2012,
  2. Jeffery Henline
  3. Sebastion Cummings
  4. Rick Couch Jr.
  5. Nathan Tasker
  6. Tarig Rasul Al-Azeem Fie

12U 80

  1. Lorenzo Lopez 2013, 2012
  2. Colton Zang
  3. Josua Aybar
  4. Andrew Shaffer
  5. Skyler Minutelli
  6. Alex Figueiras

12U 85

  1. Christopher Sanchez
  2. Jonathan Grimm
  3. LaMar Simpson
  4. Colton Commer
  5. Jose Echeona
  6. Raimondo Schianodicola

12U 90

  1. Jelani Machen
  2. Alexander LaVeck
  3. Brad Walsh
  4. Jace Guy
  5. Partick Gilligan
  6. Clark Vandergriff

12U 95

  1. Wyatt McKoy
  2. Therno Chierif
  3. Braeden Askins
  4. Cameron Ritchey
  5. Ian Cawthorne
  6. Christopher Roybal

12U 101

  1. Dylan Blau,  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. Nathan Thacker
  3. Jonathan Short
  4. Jacob Jones
  5. Dylan Watt
  6. Jonathan Jarosz

12U 108

  1. Jack Parr,  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. Karson Robinette
  3. Lance Andriani
  4. Jordan Day
  5. Nolan Brightshue,
  6. Drew Gorsuch

12U 115

  1. Aaron Brooks,  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. John Podsednik
  3. Jabrial Johnson
  4. Trevor Crowley
  5. Damian Claridy
  6. Jacob Jarosz

12U 122

  1. Taylor Randolph
  2. Kevin Makosy
  3. Logan Gilley
  4. Kennard Tate
  5. John Aleshire Jr.

12U 140

  1. Donte White, 2013, 2012, 2011
  2. David Schultz
  3. Justin Henry
  4. Austin Stith
  5. Sam Alshiemer
  6. Ty Kinzey

12U 170

  1. David Dupree
  2. Brandon Oyster

14U 80

  1. Andrew Shaffer
  2. Gotsha Reitterer
  3. Jacob Fresh
  4. Jacob Evangelist

14U 85


14U 90

  1. Brian Stuart,  2013, 2012, 2011
  2. Kyle McDonald
  3. Darius Coleman
  4. Hoyt Chaney
  5. Christopher Spano
  6. Karl Lindsey

14U 95

  1. Luke Davis
  2. Kyle Smith
  3. Jack Connolly
  4. Nicholas Dintino
  5. TJ Quelet
  6. Ian Gwin

14U 101

  1. Daniel Planta
  2. Josue Curbean
  3. Shane Acton
  4. Orlando Redd
  5. Marcelo Motta
  6. Steven Yutzy

14U 108

  1. Dominic Reyes
  2. Lukas Nalley
  3. Johnathan Lechert
  4. Marcus Folk
  5. Garrett David Murray
  6. Cory Clayton

14U 115

  1. Ethan Krause
  2. Chad Podsednik
  3. Camryn Grindle
  4. JD Fitzpatrick
  5. Marcus Suri
  6. Jake ricker

14U 122

  1. Bailey Thomas
  2. DeQuan Hicks
  3. Jalil Nelson
  4. Jimmy Schwab
  5. Jake Nielson
  6. Will Lewis

14U 130

  1. Jamar Williams  2013, 2012
  2. Logan McKoy
  3. Caleb Wilson
  4. Nick Nordhausen
  5. Max Sotka
  6. Michael Autry

14U 140

  1. Zach Wentz
  2. Deshawn Jefferson
  3. Nate Durst
  4. Luke Lowery
  5. Jack Cassidy
  6. Robert Doetsch

14U 150

  1. Steve Wentz
  2. Earnest Sigmon
  3. Elijah Dozier
  4. Vince Parker
  5. Bryant Boswell
  6. Ryan Stakes

14U 165

  1. Brian Hennessy   2013, 2011
  2. Charles Claridy
  3. Marcus Fogle

14U 185

  1. Myles Wright
  2. J’quan Evans
  3. Aeric O’Neil
  4. Tater Hess

14U 225

  1. Logan Blado
  2. Shawn King-Pombo


Ryan Lance, of YouthOne, has prepared a preview for the NUWAY National Duals on 02/10/2013.
MDWAY has organized 3 teams and a bus trip.


Scorpions Capture McDonogh Dual Championship
Written on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 Written by Ryan Lance (Youth1 Wrestling)

Each year, the competition at the McDonogh Duals, is some of the best that competing teams will face all season long. The all-star caliber event which annually features twenty-four of the best teams from across the Eastern United States that are compromised of some of the best young wrestlers in the country.

The McDonogh Duals crowned a new champion this year, as Team Scorpions from New Jersey upended 5x returning champions Pitt Bull Wrestling Club. After posting a perfect 5-0 record and winning Pool D, Team Scorpion was placed in the Championship Pool where they were placed with the winners of the other three pools. Joining Team Scorpion in the Championship Pool was Pitt Bull Wrestling Club and Young Guns from Pennsylvania and the Junior Terps from Maryland.

After defeating the defending champions in convincing fashion by a score of 44-29, Team Scorpions were set to take on the Young Guns team from Pennsylvania.

New Jersey State Champion Dean Peterson got the Scorpions on the board first when he defeated Kurtis Phipps 5-0. Logan Seliga got the Young Guns on the board when he picked up a victory by fall over Anthony Clark in a time of 4:18.

72-pound Justin Bierdumpfel started a four match winning streak for the Scorpions as he picked up a 4-0 win over Nic Coy. Following up Bierdumpfel’s victory with a win of his own was 77-pound Hayedn Brown who defeated Jason Baker 7-3.

Scorpions got a boost from 82-pound Gerard Angelo and 87-pound Daniel Percelay as they picked up back to back falls. Angelo defeated Kaden Cassidy in 1:27 while Percelay picked up his fall in 4:12.

Young Guns was able to stop the bleeding in the 92-pound bout as C.J Manley picked up a 4-0 decision over Nick Teves. Justin McCoy followed that up with a victory of his own as he defeated PJ Crane from the Scorpions 4-2.

The 102-pound bout was awarded to Kareem Askew from Scorpions who pinned Joe Lee in 2:49 to make the team score 27-12 in favor of the Scorpions.

Pennsylvania State and National Champion, Spencer Lee helped right the ship as he picked up a victory by fall over Shayne Mcann in the 107-pound bout and 1124-pound Gerrit Yates followed that up with a 6-2 decision over Damian Maver.

Following up those two victories were Nic Lee and Cam Coy as they helped Young Guns take a 31-27 lead with four bouts to go. Lee scored a 12-4 major over Brandon Kui while Coy pinned Van Miller in 2:05.

Super 32 Champion, AJ Pedro, put a stop to the skid as he picked up an impressive victory over Hunter Jones 6-3 to bring the score within 1. However, Jacob Oliver gave the Young Guns a 7 point lead as he picked up a second period fall over Dominick Maneiro.

With two bouts to go and down by 7 points, Scorpions knew they would have to get bonus points to ensure a tie or better yet a victory. 177-pound Dean Helstowski scored a 6-0 shutout victory over Tyler Cook 6-0 to bring the score to 37-33.

The final bout of the day came down to Heavyweight State Champion Erik Chakonis for the Scorpions and Toby Cahill from Young Guns. Needing a victory by major decision to send it into criteria or a victory by fall for the win, Chakonis was able to get Cahill to his back late in the 2nd period and secure a victory by fall in a time of 3:34.

The six-point victory was enough to propel the Scorpions to a thrilling 39-37 victory and the 2013 McDonogh Duals Championship!

Scorpions 39 vs. Young Guns 37

62 Dean Peterson (Scorpions) over Kurtis Phipps (Young Guns) Dec 5-0
67 Logan Seliga (Young Guns) over Anthony Clark (Scorpions) Pin 4:18
72 Justin Bierdumpfel (Scorpions) over Nic Coy (Young Guns) Dec 4-0
77 Hayden Brown (Scorpions) over Jason Baker (Young Guns) Dec 7-3
82 Gerard Angelo (Scorpions) over Kaden Cassidy (Young Guns) Pin 1:27
87 Daniel Percelay (Scorpions) over Tyler Griffith (Young Guns) Pin 4:12
92 C.J Manley (Young Guns) over Nick Teves (Scorpions) Dec 4-0
97 Justin Mccoy (Young Guns) over PJ Crane (Scorpions) Dec 4-2
102 Kareem Askew (Scorpions) over Joe Lee (Young Guns) Pin 2:49
107 Spencer Lee (Young Guns) over Shayne Mcann (Scorpions) Pin 0:28
114 Gerrit Yates (Young Guns) over Damian Maver (Scorpions) Dec 6-2
122 Nic Lee (Young Guns) over Brandon Kui (Scorpions) Maj 12-4
132 Cam Coy (Young Guns) over Van Miller (Scorpions) Pin 2:05
142 AJ Pedro (Scorpions) over Hunter Jones (Young Guns) Dec 6-3
154 Jacob Oliver (Young Guns) over Dominick Maneiro (Scorpions) Pin 2:12
177 Dean Helstowski (Scorpions) over Tyler Cook (Young Guns) Dec 6-0
237 Eric Chakonis (Scorpions) over Toby Cahill (Young Guns) Pin 3:34

Overall Team Placement

1st Scorpions NJ
2nd Young Guns PA
3rd Pitt Bull PA
4th Junior Terps MD
5th CTC / Georgia GA
6th Burnett Trained OH
7th Team VA Black VA
8th NJ Strength NJ
9th Malvern PA
10th NJ Elite NJ
11th MYWA MI
12th Team Defiant PA
13th Warhawks MD
14th TNT NJ
15th Team WV
16th All-American PA
17th Mat-Town USA PA
18th MJWL MD
19th The Free Agents Multiple
20th Team AACO MD
21st CAWL Stars MD/VA

22nd NY Team Dynamic NY
23rd Tyrants DE
24th Team VA Gold VA


This past weekend (01/27/13) our Tiny Terps had a big day in Richmond, VA.   In winning the Team Championship at the Dale Duals, they earned 5 team victories.  During those victories they wrestled 75 valuable matches.  These terrific kids won 60 total matches which included 37 falls.  It is a testament to the wrestlers, coaches, and parents, when we can have strong teams  in different events 200 miles apart on the same day.  We would also like to express our gratitude to the adults that supported the Tiny Terps in Richmond.  Obviously James (JP) Hamilton, Matt Shaffer, Ricardo Wilkerson, and Dee Wilkerson did great jobs too.   Since I was at McDonogh, John Lambert collected the team’s statistics for me.  Thanks All.



The 2013 McDonogh Duals was one terrific weekend.  A very talented Junior Terps team made the Gold Medal Pool for the first time ever.  After an exciting 5-0 record in Pool “C”, our kids went into the Championship Bracket with parenial powerhouses Pit Bull, Young Guns, and the eventual Champions, Scorpions.  Our 4th place finish, is an indication of the strength of the McDonogh Duals.  We had a terrific team, of Maryland kids, combined with some regional wrestlers.  The top 3 place-winners were more than our wrestlers could handle.  But, without fail, our kids gave everything they had.  What more can be asked of a youth wrestling team ? 

We also want to acknowledge the support that these kids received from parents and coaches.  Sean Devaney, John Brooks, Steve Blau, Dan Bertoni, Mark Simon, and Kally Abrams were busy all weekend working to coach and support the team at the scoring table.  I would like to thank Sean Devaney.  He coordinated the coaching, for all 8 matches, and did not have a wrestler on the team.  Quinn was on the sidelines with a fractured thumb. 

The guys did a terrific job, and the Junior Terps wish them well and good luck for the rest of the season. 

2013 Junior Terps – 4th Place (of 24 total teams)
Jeffrey Russell, Renegade Force/Junior Terps           
Sean Vosburgh, Rampage / Junior Terps       
JJ Wilson, Iron Eagles / Junior Terps     6-2
Kyle Farace, Vipers / Junior Terps
Trent Snader, Renegade Force / Junior Terps   7-1
Danny Bertoni, Hagerstown PAL / Junior Terps   8-0
Aaron Black, VA., Hagerstown PAL / Junior Terps  5-3
Dylan Blau, Warhawks / Junior Terps
Aaron Brooks, Renegade Force / Junior Terps    7-1
Ethan Krause, B&O Outlaws / Junior Terps
Isaiah Brooks, SHHS / Junior Terps
Chandler Olsen, Renegade Force / Junior Terps  7-1
Noah Fleshman, Rough Necks, PA./ Junior Terps
Quinn Abrams, Smitty's Barn, NH, Junior Terps   7-1
Zach Wentz, B&O Outlaws/Junior Terps
Josh Simon, Vipers / Junior Terps    7-1
Brian Hennessy, Rampage / Junior Terps    8-0
Logan Blado, Rampage / Junior Terps
Brandon Ngati, SHHS / Junior Terps




Congratulations on the success of your Maryland teams at this years VAC National Holiday Duals.
Your kids, parents and staff are a 1st class group and a pleasure to work with.
I am sure your teams will again be successful at the Nuway National Duals in Michigan on Feb 10th.
I am a big fan of the Nuway National Duals.
I like the divisions and I believe that the VAC National Holiday Duals and the Nuway National Duals compliment each other. I have and will continue to recomend the tournament teams and coaches I come in contact with.

Good luck and continued success.

Frank Lipoli
VACW Director


The 2013 Mason / Dixon Quad is just over.

Team wise it was very typical. PA & NJ going for 1st. With Team PA winning the last few matches and victory.
MD & DE were in a close match for 3rd. MD wins 48-34 over DE.

Individually results show that MD's King Sandavol, Joe Thomas, Danny Bertoni finished 2nd with one loss.
MD's Daniel Planta and Bailey Thomas finished 1st with zero losses. Thomas also had 3 falls.

Total and complete results are on the McDonogh Duals web site.

A complete summary, of every year since Haswell Franklin and I started the MDQ (1991),
is on the Junior Terps home page.


I have had a few days to recover: Maryland's most gifted wrestlers were on hand in Richmond, VA over the weekend to compete in what by far is the toughest dual event in the country. The Virginia Challenge had wrestlers from 30 states on 68 teams. Past and present Olympic wrestlers and National champions were on hand to witness the intense competition. Nate Carr and Pat Smith to name a few were their showing their support for the youth wrestlers of today. One of the many highlights of the weekend was when our own Ron Plienis was inducted into the VACW Legends of the Mat for his tireless efforts in supporting not only the VAC but Maryland wrestling. Ron has become a major force in developing youth wrestlers. The opportunity that he has afforded not only for Maryland youth but for kids across the country is not only commendable but inspiring. Ron's philosophy is simple, get the kids to as many tough events as possible, as early as possible, so by the time these kids reach high school they are battle tested. As the Middle School director and coach I would like to say thank you for all you have done for me personally and all you have done for Quinn. Without this program Quinn and hundreds of youth wrestlers would not have had the opportunities offered. Bravo!

Now for the Skinny:

Eighty seven wrestlers, spread over 3 MS Teams and 3 ES Teams, accepted the challenge. The Virginia Challenge Holiday Duals was the place to be on 12/14-16/2012. The best youth wrestlers, to be found in the USA, spent 3 exhausting day in Richmond, VA. The combined Terps Teams (87 wrestlers) completed 915 matches. We won some. We lost some. We learned from most all of them.

The Junior Terps White Team finished with 5 consecutive victories to win the MS Bronze Pool. They lost 3 matches by a combined 10 points while forfeiting 235 (broken thumb). They had 5 wrestlers, all MD kids, go a combined 47-3. The Tiny Terp Black Team also finished with 5 consecutive victories to place 2nd in the ES Bronze Pool. Individually, the kids brought home 12 placement medals. Each team determined their own OW. All 4 OW kids also received a medal.

These events could not be accomplished without plenty of parental help. The teams and the kids appreciate their efforts. Our teams and the event itself would be impossible without their hard work. We would like to thank the following: Ralph Planta, Rob Kalishman, John Brooks, Brian Stuart, Christina Stuart, June Jun, Lou Hennessy, Ricardo Wilkerson, Dee Wilkerson, Danny Bertoni, Doug Makosy, Cliff Kraisser, Dan Ricker, J.P. Hamilton, Dawn Vosberg, Mike Vosberg, Steve Blau, Ray Kable, and all the parents for travelling and supporting their kids over this tremendous weekend of wrestling. If I have missed anyone I am sorry.

Following are the MVP wrestlers

Junior Terps - White
Stuart 10-0, Gold
Bertoni 10-0, Gold, OW
Brooks 10-0, Gold
Devaney 10-1 Silver
Planta 8-2, Bronze

Junior Terps - Black
Ryan Garlitz, 8-2, OW
Joe Thomas, 8-2

Tiny Terps - White
Nasir Wilkerson, 10-1, Silver OW
Jason Kraisser, 10-1, Silver
Kevin Makosy, 10-1, Silver

Tiny Terps - Black
Cameo Blankenship, 9-2, Bronze
Sam Alshiemer, 9-2, Bronze
Richard Fedalen, 8-3, OW

Thanks to all
Sean Devaney


On Saturday, 12/08/12, The Junior Terps were in action at the Mid-Atlantic Duals in Hockessin, DE. This was the last tune-up for some of the wrestlers heading to the VAC Holiday duals in Richmond, VA this weekend. Both the Tiny Terps and the Junior Terps finished with a combined 5-5 record on the day. The Tiny Terps finished 3rd overall. The Terps entered 29 wrestlers who wrestled 145 matches on the day. This event saw a lot of first time Terp wrestlers gaining great experience and wrestling extremely tough throughout the day. I would like to thank the following for their continued support and help over the weekend. Rob Kalishman, Ray Kable, Lou Hennessy, Ricardo Wilkerson, Dee Wilkerson, June Jun, J.P. Hamilton, and all the parents that made the trip to cheer the kids on. If I missed anyone I am sorry. I would like to recognize the following MVP wrestlers:

Undefeated Wrestlers
Overall record
55 Nasir Wilkerson 5-0
119 Quinn Devaney 5-0
175 Brian Hennessy 5-0

Tiny Terps
45 Aiden Straitiff 4-1
75 Sam Kalishman 4-1
85 Isaac Van Meter 4-1
95 Anthony Hinson 4-1
105 Tanner Tipton 4-1
126 Donte White 4-1
130 Dalton Biggs 4-1
140 Dustin Swisher 4-1

Junior Terps
75 Ray Kable 4-1
95 Bryson Shaw 4-1
126 Alex Green 4-1

Outstanding Job !!!!!

Sean Devaney


2012 Ray Oliver Tournament Results, McDonogh School, 12/01/2012

1.  McDonogh School  261.0
2.  Smyrna  209.5
3.  Good Counsel  208.5
4.  Archbishop Spalding  154.5
5.  Georgetown Prep  147.5
6.  Caesar Rodney  132.5
7.  Archbishop Curley  118.5
8.  St.Mary`s Ryken  105.5
9.  Westfield  100.0
10.  Gilman School  85.0
11.  Centreville  78.0
12.  St. Mary`s  54.0
13.  St. Mark`s  53.0
14.  Salesianum  52.0
15.  Thomas Edison  48.0
16.  Bishop MacNamara  28.5
17.  Severn  28.0
18.  Langley H.S.  27.0
19.  Calvert Hall  24.0
20.  Gonzaga  7.0

1st Place Match - Jake Vosburgh (St.Mary`s Ryken) 51-12 won by decision over T.K. Megonigal (McDonogh School) 3-1 (Dec 5-0)
    3rd Place Match - Adam Whitesell (Good Counsel) 42-22 won by pin over Victor Echerveria (Centreville) 3-2 (Pin 2:33)
    5th Place Match - Alebbo Monsanto (Smyrna) 17-5 won by decision over Michael Doetsch (Severn) 1-3 (Dec 4-3)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Brent Fleetwood (Smyrna) 43-6 won by major decision over Steven Simpson (St.Mary`s Ryken) 59-9 (Maj 10-1)
    3rd Place Match - Colin Kowalski (Georgetown Prep) 50-11 won by decision over Jack King (Gilman School) 28-12 (Dec 12-6)
    5th Place Match - Gabe Ryan (Westfield) 33-23 won by decision over Justin Engelmann (St. Mark`s) 30-16 (Dec 3-1)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) 4-0 won by decision over Othniel Edmond (Smyrna) 17-15 (Dec 7-2)
    3rd Place Match - Wolfie Bradley (Archbishop Spalding) 36-17 won by decision over Brandon Scott (Caesar Rodney) 14-11 (Dec 5-2)
    5th Place Match - Naron Gilmer (Archbishop Curley) 24-12 won by decision over Justin Yorkdale (Westfield) 11-8 (Dec 3-2)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Micah Hight (Caesar Rodney) 35-4 won in overtime over Tyler Carney (Smyrna) 38-13 (OT 3-1)
    3rd Place Match - Sam Martino (McDonogh School) 5-1 won by decision over Mike Pearson (Archbishop Spalding) 8-2 (Dec 2-1)
    5th Place Match - Tyshawn Williams (Archbishop Curley) 3-2 won by decision over Ryan Yorkdale (Westfield) 14-10 (Dec 6-3)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Daniel Sanchez (Georgetown Prep) 60-6 won by decision over Logan Meister (McDonogh School) 27-19 (Dec 3-1)
    3rd Place Match - Garret Maged (Westfield) 4-1 won by decision over Matt Pente (Archbishop Spalding) 46-21 (Dec 12-10)
    5th Place Match - Kalen Wilson (Smyrna) 4-2 won by decision over Jhared Simmons (Good Counsel) 41-23 (Dec 7-3)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Alfred Bannister (Bishop MacNamara) 84-2 won by major decision over Xavi Ramos (McDonogh School) 37-13 (Maj 16-5)
    3rd Place Match - Matt Kelly (Good Counsel) 57-14 won by decision over James McCord (Georgetown Prep) 51-13 (Dec 3-0)
    5th Place Match - Brock Jacobson (Thomas Edison) 50-16 won by pin over Will McDonald (Gonzaga) 3-3 (Pin 1:48)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Jack Clark (McDonogh School) 53-5 won by decision over Michael Sprague (Georgetown Prep) 47-10 (Dec 11-5)
    3rd Place Match - Derek Arnold (Westfield) 50-15 won by decision over Cole Graves (Archbishop Spalding) 50-16 (Dec 11-4)
    5th Place Match - Zach Carbine (Smyrna) 27-20 won by pin over Danny Ortiz (Caesar Rodney) 4-3 (Pin 1:31)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Toby Hague (McDonogh School) 46-9 won by major decision over Max Wilt (Caesar Rodney) 28-12 (Maj 10-2)
    3rd Place Match - Erik Meyer (Archbishop Curley) 44-17 won by pin over Will Fulton (Centreville) 22-17 (Pin 2:48)
    5th Place Match - Bobby Twigg (McDonogh School) 33-19 won by forfeit over Beau Donahue (Westfield) 50-10 (FF)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Josh Llopez (St.Mary`s Ryken) 48-1 won in overtime over Myles Martin (McDonogh School) 37-11 (OT 6-4)
    3rd Place Match - Bryce Pappas (St. Mary`s) 54-8 won by decision over Stephen Aiello (Westfield) 54-18 (Dec 3-1)
    5th Place Match - Jarren Wilson (Smyrna) 34-16 won by decision over Nick McGinley (St. Mark`s) 28-13 (Dec 4-3)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Logan Breitenbach (Archbishop Spalding) 53-12 won by decision over Zach Boyles (Smyrna) 37-9 (Dec 8-2)
    3rd Place Match - Sean Bieschke (Archbishop Curley) 29-13 won by pin over Donovan Hall (St.Mary`s Ryken) 36-19 (Pin 4:25)
    5th Place Match - Michael McCann (Georgetown Prep) 6-6 won by pin over Dillon Dull (Centreville) 24-23 (Pin 1:10)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Tyler Patrick (McDonogh School) 42-7 won by decision over Troy Murtha (Georgetown Prep) 51-8 (Dec 5-3)
    3rd Place Match - Philip Robilotto (Good Counsel) 38-14 won by decision over Garrett Pfeifer (Gilman School) 35-12 (Dec 8-1)
    5th Place Match - Tyler Love (Centreville) 41-14 won by pin over Ronnie Wuest (Smyrna) 3-3 (Pin 4:25)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Spencer Neff (Good Counsel) 55-10 won by medical forfeit over Mike smith (McDonogh School) 31-18 (MFF)
    3rd Place Match - Zach Abey (Archbishop Spalding) 28-14 won by pin over Anthony Mancini (Salesianum) 39-13 (Pin 1:49)
    5th Place Match - Tyler Morson (Westfield) 41-17 won by decision over Tyler Cox (Smyrna) 29-14 (Dec 7-2)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel) 65-0 won by pin over Tate Dulany (Langley H.S.) 42-8 (Pin 0:14)
    3rd Place Match - Dan Maltsev (McDonogh School) 22-7 won in double overtime over Ethan Boisvert (Thomas Edison) 34-17 (2-OT 2-1)
    5th Place Match - Ryan Baublitz (Archbishop Spalding) 28-21 won by pin over Zack Parker (Caesar Rodney) 22-19 (Pin 1:27)
  Placement Matches (32 Man)
    1st Place Match - Shane Cockerille (Gilman School) 33-6 won by pin over Jemal Averette (Good Counsel) 43-15 (Pin 2:17)
    3rd Place Match - Isaiah Stephens (Smyrna) 5-1 won by decision over Zachery Wallace (St. Mark`s) 22-19 (Dec 5-4)
    5th Place Match - Kevin Sigwart (Archbishop Curley) 21-24 won by decision over Jason Park (Centreville) 20-21 (Dec 7-6)


The Wrestling season for most started this past weekend and the Junior Terps were in action at the prestigious Malvern Prep Duals in West Chester, PA. The Terps have been competing in this event for the past four years. As always we would like to thank Nathan Lauter for his efforts in organizing and hosting not only one of the toughest meets around but for his tireless work in the fight against breast cancer. The Terps entered two teams in the event and the kids never cease to impress with their determination and overall effort. I was extremely pleased with the sportsmanship that was on display as all the kids entered and left the mat as champions weather they won or lost. Junior Terps Black finished with a 3-2 overall record while Terps Red finished 1-4 . This event is a great test to see where you are early in the season and what you need to work on. I would like to thank the following for all their help: Rob Kalishman, Ralph Planta, Dan Lonski, Steve Blau, Ed Obendorfer, Ray Kable and all the parents that made the trip and cheered the kids on. The season is young and we are very excited to see how the kids will fair in the coming weeks. Go Terps!!!

Sean Devaney


Hi All,
Time is growing short. Some terrific events are rapidly approaching. Our rosters have become somewhat fluid again. Please review all events; we have several new openings. Please consider confirming your spots. RSVP ASAP Please

Mid-Atlantic Duals (5 matches)
ES 100, 140
MS 80, 250

VAC Holiday Duals (10-11 matches)
ES 140
MS 135, 145, 175

Tyrant Duals (7-8 matches)
ES 60, 70
MS 60, 80, 95, 235

As you can see 60, 80 and "big kids" are the must urgent concern. This is a terrific way to get started with the Junior Terps.
We also have openings at S. Hagerstown, Dale, and McDonogh.
We also have added the NUWAY National Duals (02/10/2013) to the schedule. Please consider that event. Most wrestlers will see all new kids at that event. Our plan is for a bus to leave on a Sat. morning. Spend Sat. evening in MI. Leave, for home, right after the wrestling. Everybody can sleep on the way home, and kids need not miss school. Parents need not miss work.



Our first 2012/2013 event is “in the books”, and it was a worthwhile event.  As a team, we got 150 valuable matches.  With all-star teams from MD, VA & PA attending, good competition was not hard to find.  Congratulations to all the kids that supported Maryland’s Junior Terps.

We did have a few medical issues that needed attention.  Pre-season events sometimes have a higher than normal injury rate.  We had one hand/wrist injury, two neck/back injuries, and a sickness issue.  I have been in contact, with these families, and there is nothing catastrophic.  Prior to the event, we also had a youngster fracture his forearm playing football.  As far as I know, everybody will be returning to the mat after a short healing period.

Our rosters for the next events thru mid-February are posted on the website.  Please apply to events that interest you.  These rosters are very fluid, and when a change needs to be made, we go to the kids that have previously applied.  Your name ought to be on the list.

We also have added the NUWAY National Duals (02/10/2013) to the schedule.  Please consider that event.  Most wrestlers will see all new kids at that event.  Our plan is for a bus to leave on a Sat. morning.  Spend Sat. evening in MI.  Leave, for home, right after the wrestling.  Everybody can sleep on the way home, and kids need not miss school.


Marylanders Wrestling in College

Shane Arechiga (Good Counsel) - SO - Maryland
Josh Asper (Hereford) - SR - Maryland
Dylan Devine (DeMatha) -FR - Maryland
Tony Gardner (Calvert Hall) - JR – Maryland
Frank Goodwin (Arundel) - JR – Maryland
Brady Massaro (Mt. St. Joe) - RSFR – Maryland
Brad Molina (St. Mary's) - SR - Maryland
Jenkins Monzey (Georgetown Prep) - JR – Maryland
Zathy Ndiang (Wilde Lake) - FR - Maryland
Aaron Norris (Walt Whitman) - SR - Maryland
Paul O'Neill (Gonzaga) - RSFR - Maryland
Tito Onyekweli (DeMatha) - FR - Maryland
Danny Orem (Mt. St. Joe) - JR - Maryland
Brad Mutchnik (St. Paul's) - FR - American
Ben Hatef (DeMatha) - SR - Navy
Matt Jackson (Rising Sun) - SR - Navy
James Kerrick (Sherwood) - SR - Navy
Quentin Leadbeter (Northern) - SO - Navy
Kevin Marvel (McDonogh) - FR - Navy
Dan Miller (Stephen Decatur) - SR - Navy
Matt Miller (John Carroll) - FR - Navy
Zack White (Walkersville) - SR – Navy
Patrick Prada (DeMatha) - SO - Navy
Lou Orem--McDaniel
Joe Camlin--McDaniel
Nick Cross ( Queen Annes) – McDaniel
Eddie Miller ( Wicomico) – McDaniel
Eric Friedman (St. Paul's) - FR - Penn
Peter Galli (St. Paul's) - FR - Stanford
Nathan Kraisser (Centennial) - FR - North Carolina
Matt Laux (Georgetown Prep) - SO - Gettysburg
Jordan Tolbert (Magruder) - SO - Campbell
Patrick Hutton (Georgetown Prep) - FR - North Carolina State
Ben Culver - Princeton (Easton)
Adam Krop - Princeton (gray shirt) (Urbana)
Judd Ziegler - Princeton (Middletown)
Dylan Herrmann - Grand Canyon State (Middletown)
Joe Rimel - Loch Haven (Urbana)
Brandonn Johnson - Notre Dame College (Middletown)
Chad Strube - Virginia Tech (Middletown)
Matthew Wax - Bowling Green (Tuscarora)
Mark Collabucci - West Virginia (Reservoir HS)
Bubba and Brutus Scheffel (sp) are also at W. Virginia
Bubby Graham is at Univ of Oklahoma
Brandon Phillips is at Penn State
Lex Ozias is at Va Tech
Nathan White (River Hill) - SR - Wilkes
Eric Kohr (River Hill) - SR - Washington and Jefferson
Cameron Kirby (River Hill) - SO - Kutztown
Tony Farace (Oakland Mills) - FR - Kutztown
Myzar Mendoza—Wilkes
Willy Sharkey-- Stevens Tech
Gus Mohlhenrich--Seton Hill
Gunner Cullison--West Virginia
Justin Kozera--Gardner-Webb
Stephen Snyder (West Point)
Jason Wright (Mtn Ridge) - Freshmen at Messiah
Tom Patterson (Mtn Ridge) - Sophomore at Briar Cliff
Austin Wenzlaff (Tuscarora) Millersville Univ.
Charlie Lynch (Spalding) - Sophomore at Penn
Alex Rice (Chesapeake) FR- Kent State
CColin Harrell (Broadneck) FR- Kent State
Will Switzer (Spalding) - Freshman at Lehigh
Phillip Walker (Woodlawn)- (JR) Minnesota State University Moorehaed
Matt Hicks (St. Mary's, So) Bloomsburg
Ron Vaughters (Old Mill, Fr) Bloomsburg
Tyler Rill (MSJ, Fr) Bloomsburg


Congratulations to Maryland's Eric Hoffman. He made Wrestling USA's
list of the top 140 high school Seniors for 2012/2013 at 152 (#9).



Full article is above.

And finally, kicking off the event will be a youth match featuring two young, rising wrestling stars, Sam Kalishman of Pointers Run Elementary School against Gene Quodala of Frederick Douglass Elementary School. Kalishman was a 2011 Maryland State Champion at the U8-65 division and a 2012 state finalist at the U10-70 division. Quodala is a two-time Virginia state finalist and was 7th at the 2012 USAW Freestyle Nationals at 70 pounds.

The NWCA All-Star Classic presented by the United States Marine Corps will occur on November 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in Bender Arena on the campus of American University in Washington D.C. The NWCA All-Star classic is hosted by the DC Athletic Club and Greater Washington Wrestling Business Network and is also sponsored by Balance Bar.

Sam Kalishman WON by Fall.


10/14/2012,    Congratulations to these MD Junior Terps.  They are entered in the Super 32.
If I missed anybody, please let me know.

Middle School Division

70- Rick Couch Jr
80-Brian Stuart - 5th
80-Joe Thomas - 8th
90-Alexander LaVeck
95-Aaron Brooks - 4th
95-Daniel Planta - 5th
105-Imran Heard
112-Ethan Krause
112-Quinn Devaney - 2nd
120-Bailey Thomas - 8th


 MSWA’s Johnny Eareckson Memorial Award
The Johnny K. Eareckson Memorial Award is presented annually by the Maryland State Wrestling Association to exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the qualities of inspiration and distinguished service to the Maryland wrestling community as exemplified by Johnny Eareckson.
For 60 years, Johnny Eareckson stimulated the growth of wrestling at the Baltimore YMCA and along the Eastern seaboard.  His efforts spanned the country and even crossed national borders.
He had only six years of schooling, but Eareckson coached at two prep schools, the University of Baltimore, and was the financial and spiritual leader of YMCA wrestling for decades.  He participated in wrestling, tumbling, diving, gymnastics and rodeos, and was an accomplished oil painter and designer of houses.  He founded the Maryland Horsemen’s Association, and for 30-plus years led a boys Drum and Bugle Corps.
Eareckson wrestled for the Baltimore Y until the age of 58, from 135 pounds through heavyweight, wherever his team needed him.  He was National AAU champion in 1929, placed second five times and third three times.  He won four National YMCA crowns and 17 South Atlantic wrestling titles.
Starting in 1919, Eareckson owned various businesses involving power tools, industrial supplies and floor coverings.  In 1922, he bought a model-T truck for his flooring business and packed so many wrestlers inside that he had to holler “Shift!” at corners, so they wouldn’t break the springs.  He bought a bigger truck, and in 1933 hauled 15 wrestlers to Chicago for the nationals, with the two smallest riding on the roof.
He also took the truck to Mexico and to other faraway locations.  “Every wrestler in the country came to know that truck,” said one Maryland governor.  Eareckson put on exhibitions everywhere, including his signature phantom match against an invisible “Joe Ghost.”
Basically, what he did for half a century was wrestle, coach, raise funds, organize trips, furnish transportation, open his home to team members, and provide inspiration, humor and a zest for wrestling.
For his enthusiasm, his love of the sport, and his positive force in the lives of countless young Americans, John King Eareckson was honored as a Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1996.
(Biography adapted from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame)

Elmer Bright*
Vernon Cronhardt*
Marshall Dauberman
Haswell M. Franklin
Bruce Gabrielson
Tom Gaylin
Bill Hastings
Lloyd Keaser
Ed Kelly
Sully Krouse*
Doug Lee*
John Lowe
Matt Malinowski
Mike Malinowski
Ed Masood
John McNelis*
Robert McNelis*
Irvin Naylor
Ray Oliver *
Ed Peery*
Guy Pritzker
Ed Russell
Greg Slick
Dick Slutsky
Dan Zottarelli
* deceased


USA Wrestling's State Chairperson of the Year

1978 - Leroy Evans, California
1979 - Dave Dozeman, Michigan
1980 - Frank Rader, North Carolina
1981 - Ted DeRousse, Illinois
1982 - Dave and Bobby Schneller, Connecticut
1983 - Mick Pickford, Iowa
1984 - Bill Crum, New Jersey
1985 - Tom Canavan, Pennsylvania
1986 - Kay Lacher, Minnesota
1987 - Jack Harcourt, Virginia
1988 - Mark Scott, Wyoming
1989 - Leroy Evans, California and Charlie White, Colorado
1990 - John Welch, New Jersey
1991 - Dave Mellon, North Dakota
1992 - Bob Labat, Minnesota
1993 - Al Kastl, Michigan
1994 - Chuck Elvin, Kansas
1995 - Haswell Franklin, Sr., Maryland
1996 - Archie Randall, Oklahoma
1997 - Fred Lehrke, Wisconsin
1998 - Bob Walker, Florida
1999 - Mike Dowden, Indiana
2000 - Paula McGahee, Georgia
2001 - Tom Shaw, Washington
2002 - Dave Black, Wisconsin
2003 - Jim Considine, Illinois
2004 – Mike Juby, Kansas
2005 – Tom Knupp, Ohio
2006 – Craig Ewing, Missouri
2007 – Bill Grant, Florida
2008 – Shawn Fields, Georgia
2009 – Chuck Bullard, Washington
2010 – Anthony Flatt, Georgia
2011 – Louis Rosbottom, Indiana
2012 – Chris Kallai, Ohio

Congratulations to Burroughs and Varner. Now we have the rest of the story. Is this progress or not ???
USA Wrestling spends millions every year on the elite 20-25 guys, and here is the Olympic payback. (males only)
When any other team plays like this, it is time to fire the coaches and trade for some new players.
Maybe we ought to give the olympic responsibility back to the AAU. Their Disney Duals and Junior Olympic
programs are far more economically successfull than the Fargo program.

1992- 8 medals total, 3 Gold, 2 Greco
1996- 8 medals total, 3 Gold, 3 Greco
2000- 7 medals total, 2 Gold, 3 Greco

2004- 4 medals total, 1 Gold, 1 Greco
2008- 2 medals total, 1 Gold, 0 Greco
2012- 3 medals total, 2 Gold, 0 Greco


Ref: Team Maryland at the AAU Junior Olympics., Texas, 2012

Although they came up one point shirt, what a fantastic job by all the young men involved. A special shout out goes to Jason (Gasbrielson), Ryan (Herwig), and all the coaches for putting this together again. Most of the wrestlers got into 16-18 matches over a course of a week making Junior Olympics one of the best bang for your buck when it comes to summer wrestling.

I know it was not easy to take three teams to Houston but Jason and Ryan did a great job getting everyone there and back safely while getting them all a bunch of experience wrestling wrestlers across the country! Great job guys and thanks!  (MatDad)

Final Standings
1. Team Minnesota
2. Team Maryland Red
3. Brecksville
4. Phoenix Wrestling
5. Team Ohio Blue
6. Team Michigan Red
7. Middle Atlantic Blue
8. Team Maryland Black
9. Ohio Scarlet
10. Maryland Grey
11. South Dakota Blue
12. Texas Red
13. Ohio Gray
14. Michigan White
15. Orange Crush
16. South Dakota Red
17. New England Gold
18. Ohio White
19. Texas Blue


Fantastic job by the MSWA and The Maryland Team.
I believe that this is the best Maryland has ever done at The Nationals.
The leadership of the MSWA is accomplishing more than I remember in 40+ years.
Got to say all the club teams and coaches are also doing a Fantastic job in developing the young guns ready for the next level.
Lauer, Ricker, Gabielson, Plienis and Kolat much love for what you do for Maryland.
Neil and his gang have changed Maryland wrestling.
Haswell Franklin must go to Saint Hood getting Maryland through decades of struggles.

Cornell Bass, Aug., 2012


National Wrestling Coalition to bring Elite State & National Wrestling Tournaments to Richmond, Virginia 

The National Wrestling Coalition will bring National and State Elite amateur wrestling tournaments to Richmond. The National Wrestling Coalition consists of Virginia Challenge (VAC), a grassroots national wrestling event organization, the Virginia Beach Nationals, Interstate 64 Championships which are based in Hampton Roads, Virginia and the American Crown National Wrestling Series. The America Crown National Wrestling Series produces the #1 series of national level tournaments in the country.  The America Crown is based in Liberty, Missouri and attracts over 10,000 wrestlers to its 10 National events. 

***National Wrestling Coalition***

“We Believe in Wrestling”

 The 2012 Virginia Challenge National Holiday Duals kicks off the Coalition tournaments on December 14-16. The Holiday Duals is in its 12th year with 32 Middle School, 24 Elementary School and 12 High School teams from over 25 states. 1064 wrestlers plus over 1500 parents and fans will converge on Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Challenge has worked through the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau to bring the tournaments from Hampton, Virginia to the Richmond International Raceway Complex. Track Wrestling, Flo Wrestling Hosted by Bryan Hazard, Wrestling USA Magazine, and WIN Magazine will be providing national coverage.  

The Virginia Challenge Elementary and Middle School State Individual Championships will take place on January 26, 2013 at the Arthur Ashe Center. On Sunday January 27 of the same weekend the Virginia Challenge Middle School State Duals and the Dale Elementary Duals will also take place at Arthur Ashe Center.

The America Crown National Wrestling Series brings the East Coast Nationals to the Richmond Convention Center on March 30, 2013. American Crown Tournaments attract over 10,000 wrestlers from 40 States last year. The combination of the National Wrestling Coalition tournaments along with existing Richmond Elite tournaments makes Richmond home to the most Elite level wrestling tournaments in the country.

For additional information contact: Frank Lipoli 757-214-3192 flipoli12@gmail.com


We would like to thank the wrestlers, parents, coaches and supporters for a very successful 2011/2012 season. One hundred twenty two different wrestlers completed 2,207 individual matches during the 2011/2012 season. Opportunity for "mat time" is our focus. We truly have a ladder to success for young wrestlers. We accommodate current and future elite wrestlers.

In our final event this season, McDonogh's Firecracker Duals, our 5 teams did very well. Junior Terps teams won both the ES and MS Divisions. Our Senior Terp Team finished 3rd in the HS division. It was hot, but the kids wrestled hard just the same.

Please review our web site for the 2012/2013 season. We already have 40 applicants for next season. www.juniorterps.com

Since we are not allowed to post or be mentioned on the MSWA's MD Wrestling Forum, please keep up with Junior Terps' activities on the MD Sports Link.

We are going to present more and more information via our Facebook site. Please make us a "Friend", and you will see our information.

Thanks for the support, and enjoy your summer.

Ron Plienis, Sr.


As you may or may not know,  McDonogh's Firecracker Duals were rescheduled for 07/07/2012.  The campus was hit by violent storms, and was left without power and restroom facilities.

This postponement allows for some kids to move up to a stronger team.  It allows for some new kids to join the team.  It allows for some new teams to join the event. 

Keep up with event news on the Junior Terps' Website. http://juniorterps.com 

Please "FRIEND" the Junior Terps on Facebook

Please keep up with MD wrestling on the "MD Sports Link" http://www.mdsportslink.com/forum/index.php


UPDATE: Only 2 MD kids went to UTAH, but that $900 could still buy the singlets for the MDQ Team.
Actually they could replace the MDQ uniforms that they lost after I stopped running the event in 2000 or 2001. A full set, of singlets and warm-ups, just sort of disappeared when the MSWA started running the event.

Folkstyle vs Freestyle in MD

If the MSWA can give 3 kids $450 each to go to Utah for USAW's Kids Freestyle/Greco Championships, Why can't they give that same $1350+ to buy the Mason/Dixon Quad Team their custom singlets ?

17 Mason/Dixon Quad singlets and matching shirts would cost way less than $1350 (folkstyle).

Yet they authorize $1350 for 3 kids to go to an event in Utah (freestyle).

Could it be that an Executive Board Member wants to take his son to Utah?

Again, the folkstyle kids, in MD, carry the freestyle kids on their shoulders.


USA Wrestling has named the All-Tourmanent Teams from the 2012 Cadet National Duals, held in Daytona Beach, Fla. this past weekend.

To make the All-Tournament Team, an athlete must go undefeated in the specific style, with a minimum of six matches in that style.

A total of four athletes were named to the All-Tourmament Team in both styles:

These athletes, with their combined undefeated records, are: Tate Orndorff of Washington (15-0 at 220), Matthew Moody of Georgia (13-0 at 145/152), Mason Manville of Minnesota (13-0 at 145) and Myles Martin of New Jersey (12-0 at 152)

Illinois won the team title in Greco-Roman at the 2012 Cadet National Duals, while Pennsylvania won the freestyle team title.

152 - Myles Martin, McDonogh went 6-0  GR
152 - Myles Martin, McDonogh went 6-0


MSWA's CADET Team to USAW's National Duals - Freestyle (6-2) Nice Job

Pool A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - New Jersey
2nd Place - Texas
3rd Place - Utah
4th Place - Washington
5th Place - Maryland
6th Place - Indiana
7th Place - Ohio Grey
8th Place - Pennsylvania Red

Match #1 Quarterfinal: Maryland defeated Pennsylvania Red 49-28
Match #2 Semifinal: New Jersey defeated Maryland 43-30
Match #3 Cons. Semi: Utah defeated Maryland 36-35
Match #4 5th Place Match: Maryland defeated Indiana 47-25

Red/Blue Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Maryland (17th Place overall)
2nd Place - Indiana
3rd Place - Florida Red
4th Place - Tennessee
5th Place - Oklahoma Blue
6th Place - Michigan Red
7th Place - New York
8th Place - Idaho Red

Match #1 Round 1: Maryland defeated Michigan Red 53-23
Match #2 Round 2: Maryland defeated Idaho Red 59-20
Match #3 Round 3: Maryland defeated Tennessee 40-37
Match #4 1st Place Match: Maryland defeated Indiana 42-31


MSWA's CADET Team to USAW's National Duals - GRECO

88 Doetsch, Michael
94 Coughlin, Breandan
100 Whitesell, Adam
106 Simpson, Steven
106 Castle, Tyear
113 Friedman, Ryan
120 Genco, Anthony
120 Salvo, Zeke
126 Mutchnik, Jack
132 Kraisser, Austin
132 Jernigan, Steven
138 Proctor, Stanley
145 Perella, Charlie
145 Fowler, Wesley
152 Almony, Chris
160 Moreno, Josue
170 Barron, Ryan
182 Smith, Mike
195 Sullivan, Mike
195 Olauson, Matthew
285 Blades, Bryan

2012 Cadet National Duals - GRECO (5-4) Nice Job
Pool B - Maryland is guaranteed 3rd place
Match #1 Quarterfinal: Maryland defeated Georgia 58-13
Match #2 Semifinal: Florida Red defeated Maryland 43-28
Match #3 Cons. Semi: Maryland defeated Michigan Red 69-7
Match #4 3rd Place Match: Maryland defeated Kansas 41-31
Match #5 2nd Place Match: Missouri defeated Maryland 49-26 (True 2nd)
It appears that, if MD had won this match, they would have been in the TOP 8.

Bronze/Copper Pool - Maryland is guaranteed 4th place (12th Place overall)
Match #1 Round 1: Maryland defeated Indiana 39-34
Match #2 Round 2: Maryland defeated Virginia 39-31
Match #3 Round 3: Wisconsin defeated Maryland 39-30
Match #4 3rd Place Match: Washington defeated Maryland 40-32

12th place overall

Past Junior Terps: Michael Doetsch (Dundalk) is undefeated and
Jack Mutchnik (St. Paul’s) and Mike Smith (McDonogh), went 8-1


The Junior Terps are a very simple organization. We assemble all-star teams for Elite National Competitions.
We find ways for kids, from many different teams, to gain valuable experience from the toughest events in the country.

We have already acknowledged the cooperation between the Junior Terps and Coach Dan Ricker's Warhawk Team of wrestlers and parents. We appreciate their cooperation with filling and coaching kids in local and Elite National events.

Recent developments, with another national program, have highlighted the benefits of our common philosophy.
These developments have lead to a stronger bond between the Warhawks and the Junior Terps. This morning, in a conversation with Dan, we were informed that the Warhawks now offer even more cooperation with the Junior Terps. Dan has offered his private training facility (the Barn) for Junior Terp's team practices and wrestle-offs for the 2012/2013 season.

Dan's goal and the Junior Terp's goal are the same. That is to give many kids, of different skill levels, an opportunity to complete, at the appropriate level, so they can climb the latter of success.

Cooperation is any organization's most valuable tool. (06/13/2012)


MSWA's Schoolboy Team to USAW's 2012 National Duals - Freestyle (3-6)
If you want your wrestler(s) penalized for being 4 minutes late AND if you want your kids to be threatened with being stranded in Indianapolis, please join a future MSWA/Lavalley team.

POOL B Results, Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue F
2nd Place - Oklahoma Red F
3rd Place - Utah F
4th Place - Iowa F
5th Place - Arizona F
6th Place - Team Maryland F
7th Place - Team Texas F
8th Place - Colorado F

Pennsylvania Blue F defeated Team Maryland F 70-5.
Arizona F defeated Team Maryland F 31-28.
Iowa F defeated Team Maryland F 51-19.
Utah F defeated Team Maryland F 57-24.
Team Maryland F defeated Team Texas F 32-20.
Oklahoma Red F defeated Team Maryland F 65-15.
Team Maryland F defeated Colorado F 36-16.

Consolation 3 - Team Maryland F is guaranteed 2nd place
Match #1 Semifinal: Team Maryland F defeated Team Georgia F 34-24
Match #2 1st Place Match: New York F defeated Team Maryland F 34-30


MSWA's Schoolboy Team to USAW's 2012 National Duals - GRECO (2-6)

Pool A Results, Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Washington G
2nd Place - Minnesota 1 G
3rd Place - Oklahoma G
4th Place - Utah G
5th Place - Colorado 2 G
6th Place - Arizona G
7th Place - Team Maryland G

Utah G defeated Team Maryland G 71-11.
Colorado 2 G defeated Team Maryland G 46-24.
Arizona G defeated Team Maryland G 36-19.
Team Maryland G BYE
Washington G defeated Team Maryland G 69-10.
Oklahoma G defeated Team Maryland G 30-17.
Minnesota 1 G defeated Team Maryland G 68-11.

Consulation Division #4
1st Place - Team Maryland G
2nd Place - Team Georgia G
1st Place Match
Team Maryland G defeated Team Georgia G 38-26.
Team Maryland G defeated NC Blue G 38-19.
Team Georgia G defeated Michigan 2 G 30-25.


Maryland's Asics All-Americans, 1st Team

112 pounds
2010 - Evan Silver, Junior, Blair Academy, Blairstown Township, NJ

125 pounds
1996 - Todd Beckerman, Senior, DeMatha HS, Hyattsville, MD

145 pounds
2003 - Ryan Davis, Senior Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ ( previous- McDonogh)

160 pounds
2006 - Mack Lewnes, Senior, Mount St. Joseph HS, Baltimore, MD

171 pounds
2002 - Matt Palmer, Senior, Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ (previous- Bullis)

215 pounds
2005 - DeShawn Barrett, Senior, Patterson HS, Baltimore, MD

220 pounds
2012 - Kyle Snyder, So, Good Counsel HS, Olney, MD

1996 - J.R. Plienis, Senior, McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD


Congrations to Maryland's Tiny Terps.
They won the PA Slam's ES Duals with 6 undefeated wrestlers.


Folkstyle vs Freestyle in MD

If the MSWA can give 3 kids $450 each to go to Utah for USAW's Kids Freestyle/Greco Championships, Why can't they give that same $1350+ to buy the Mason/Dixon Quad Team their custom singlets ?

17 Mason/Dixon Quad singlets and matching shirts would cost way less than $1350 (folkstyle).

Yet they authorize $1350 for 3 kids to go to an event in Utah (freestyle).

Could it be that an Executive Board Member wants to take his son to Utah?

Again, the folkstyle kids, in MD, carry the freestyle kids on their shoulders.

"MSWA will provide $30,000 to wrestlers and staff who commit to the Fargo program of excellence."

What do they give to the vastly superior numbers that wrestle folkstyle, and do not attend Fargo ?


2012 Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award

Nathan Kraisser (Centenial H.S.) joins 16 other Maryland wrestlers (1996-2012) in winning this most
prestigous of American awards from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.    Maryland Winners


Past Junior Terps at the MD State Freestyle Champ's

05/12/2012, McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD.

Novice - 75-84 Results
2nd Place - Kyonte Hamilton of Blue Claw Wrestling Club

Schoolboy - 84-93 Results
1st Place - Alexander LaVeck of Warhawks
2nd Place - Joshua Kendrick of Kolat
3rd Place - Josh Lauback of Middle River

Schoolboy - 101-110 Results
2nd Place - Paul Hutton of Bad Boys
3rd Place - Imran Heard of TWC

Cadet - 94 Results
1st Place - Breandan Coughlin of Rampage

Cadet - 100 Results
1st Place - Adam Whitesell of Penguin

Cadet - 106 Results

Cadet - 113 Results
1st Place - Ryan Friedman of Unattached
2nd Place - Jake Vosburgh of Rampage
3rd Place - Quinn Devnaey of Junior Terps

Cadet - 120 Results
1st Place - Zeke Salvo of Kolat

Cadet - 126 Results
1st Place - Jack Mutchnik of Unattached
2nd Place - Chris Brown of Kasm Wrestling

Cadet - 132 Results
1st Place - Austin Kraisser of Unattached
2nd Place - Steven Jernigan of John Carroll / Kolat

Cadet - 138 Results
1st Place - Stanley Proctor of Bullseye Wrestling

Cadet - 152 Results
1st Place - Chris Almony of Lone Wolf

Cadet - 160 Results
2nd Place - Brian Kirby of Penguin

Cadet - 170 Results

Cadet - 182 Results
1st Place - Michael Smith of Unattached
Cadet - 195 Results
3rd Place - Matthew Olauson of tyrants

Junior - 106 Results
1st Place - Steven Simpson of Rampage

Junior - 132 Results
1st Place - Thierno Diallo of Havoc

Junior - 138 Results
1st Place - Daniel Sanchez of Georgetown prep

Junior - 145 Results
1st Place - Cole Graves of Blue Claw Wrestling Club
2nd Place - Logan Breitenbach of Team Blue Claw

Junior - 152 Results

Junior - 160 Results
1st Place - Josh Llopez of team high five
2nd Place - Anthony Cimorosi of Unattached
3rd Place - Bryce Pappas of Bullseye Wrestling

Junior - 170 Results
1st Place - Troy Murtha of sharknado

Junior - 182 Results
1st Place - Cory Daniel of Penguin
2nd Place - Daniel Hawkins of Blue Claw Wrestling Club

Junior - 195 Results
1st Place - Logan Kirby of Penguin

Junior - 220 Results
1st Place - Kyle Snyder of Good Counsel

Junior - 285 Results


An MSWA Executive Board Member did not like my article "Where is the Justice for MD Youth Wrestlers?".
This is my reply to him.

I am keeping score.  Your vote is in the "dislike" column.  I have 4 votes in the "like" column.  

My article does not promote my events whatsoever.  It does not even mention the Junior Terps nor MDWAY.  I have nothing to do with the Junior Olympics nor the Disney Duals nor the high school division of the NHSCA. But, it is time that the MD public understands the inequality of how the wrestling public’s money is spent in MD. 

If the MSWA does not like the article, is it because I was the one that wrote it ?  Or, is it because my message was to be kept a secret ? Did I write something that was not 100% true?  Should the priority be chastising me or making the situation right for the kids ?  Which is more important ?

The high school wrestlers are carried on the backs of the junior league kids in MD.  $30,000 for Fargo???  Add to that more for the Cadet National Duals???

In all 4 "Path" freestyle events combined, only 234 high school kids participated.  The average is less than 60 high school kids per event.

Using trackwrestling I can estimate that there were over 2200 entries in various MSWA kid's events this season. It cost experienced kids $75 and novice kids $90 to get to their respective state championships.  The MD kids get next to nothing in return for their support.  Mason/Dixon Quad kids (now cadets) must pay to wrestle.  If you recall, we started that event as a reward to the kids for their hard work.  We did not charge them to wrestle in the 1990's.  With $200,000 plus, why should the MSWA charge these kids now ???

I am going to keep talking to people and posting the truth.  The MSWA ought to compensate the kids and high school guys in the same proportion that they contribute to the MSWA.  Is that unreasonable?  What is wrong with Marylanders being told the truth from time to time ? 


Where is the Justice for MD Youth Wrestlers ?

Tuscarora, Cadets- 37; Juniors- 45
MSJ, Cadets- 40; Juniors- 30
Harford Tech, Cadets- 23;  Juniors- 23
Huntington, Cadets- 14; Juniors- 22

MSWA Average Cadets per tournament for 4 events- 28.5 (USAW has 17 Cadet Weights)
MSWA Average Juniors per tournament for 4 events- 30
(USAW has 15 Junior Weights)

I also noticed that Md's only male champion since 2005 has not attended any of the 4 events. I noticed that Md's 2nd "6x Fargo AA" only attended 1 of the above 4 events. Could it be that they understand what I have been trying to communicate? HS guys shouldn't prepare to win National Championships with these types of weak competitions. To win nationally you need to go national with your preparations.

A brief look, at the 2012 Cadet/Junior Fargo Order Form, is interesting. A wrestler that orders the basic package agrees to a $1180 basic cost. This does not include the cost for the minimum of 9 training days. Nor does it include wasting time at the "path" events. Nor does in include the State Championship event in mid-May. I could not find the cost, for the "training days", but 9-12 days probably cost $300 (my guess). We are up around $1500 for our hypothetical wrestler.

To make matters worse, MD young kids carry the cost of the Fargo trip for MD's HS wrestlers on their backs. Kid's wrestling provides the funds for the Fargo trip.

"... The cost of competing at Fargo has never been cheaper as the MSWA will be providing the bulk of most competitors cost...", W. Hicks

"...There are two PATH events left and a record $23,000 of MSWA funds will be distributed to competitors who qualify at McDonogh ...", N. Adleberg

"MSWA will provide $30,000 to wrestlers and staff who commit to the Fargo program of excellence. REQUIREMENT FOR WRESTLERS: ATTEND TWO PATH TOURNAMENTS AND PLACE TOP 3 AT STATES IN MAY".,
MSWA Website

This is why it costs advanced kids $75+ to get to the Age/Weight State Champ's.
This is why it costs novice kids $90+ to get to the Novice State Championships.

How about giving $23,000-$30,000 for various kid's events !!!

When you consider spending "hard earned" income, you should consider these events for 2012.

1) NHSCA National Duals: 7+ Folkstyle Matches. $65 Team entry per wrestler, transportation and lodging are per each family's individual circumstances. Optional- Great family weekend in Virginia Beach on Memorial Day weekend.
2) AAU Disney Duals: 10-12 Folkstyle Matches. About $65 Team entry per wrestler, transportation and lodging are per each family's individual circumstances. Optional- Great family vacation week at Disney World in Orlando, Fl.
3) AAU Junior Olympic Duals: 16-18 Freestyle Matches. In both 2010 and 2011, Jason Gabrielson has done a terrific job and organized these trips for $500 per wrestler in both 2010 aND 2011. In 2012, the trip is to Texas and the cost per wrestler is about $650.

Roughly speaking that comes to about $1300-$1500 per wrestler for about 33-37+ matches. Win or lose that is about 33+ opportunities to develop wrestling skills. If you exclude the few All-American performances in Fargo, the remaining wrestlers averaged just 6.2 total matches for the whole trip to Fargo.


2012 FILA Cadet Nationals, Akron, OH, May 31 - June 03
Freestyle Results, Event Results for MD wrestlers



2012 FILA Junior Nationals, Madison, WI, April 13 - 15, 2012
FILA Junior Freestyle Results, Event Results for MD wrestlers

Men 55 KG / 121.25 lbs
7th Place Match - Evan Silver (Cardinal Wrestling Club) won over Jacob Schmitt (Massa Maniacs)
Dec 1-0,1-0

Men 63 KG / 138.75 lbs
3rd Place Match - Taylor Moeder (HRWA) won by decision over Jack Clark (Raw 241) (McDonogh)
Dec 3-2,6-0

Men 84 KG / 185 lbs
1st Place Match - Patrick Downey, III (Team OTC) won by decision over Logan Storley (Minnesota Storm) Dec 1-0,0-2,3-2

Men 96 KG / 211.5 lbs
3rd Place Match - Kyle Snyder (unattached) won by decision over Nathan Burak (New York Athletic Club) Dec 1-0,2-0

Men 120 KG / 264.5 lbs
1st Place Match - Austin Marsden (Gator/Cowboy) won by decision over Daniel Miller (Navy Mat Club)
Dec 0-1,1-1,4-1

Also participating: Nathan Kraisser, Eric Hoffman, Lex Ozias, Bubba Scheffel, Steve Snyder


MD E-mail train prior to the 2012 Dapper Dan
MD- 34, WPIAL- 10

“… As I mentioned to you a while ago, we've cleaned up our forum and don't allow the type of bashing that Luke always defended as ”freedom of speech” …  Neil Adleberg
“Ron is not in charge of this event, JR is.  There are 4 high school coaches already involved, 2 private: Jay Braunstein. Pete Welch and 2 public: Cliff Kraisser, Brandon Lauer. JR has outlined a selection process almost exactly as what you state below. He also said that parents and coaches of the wrestlers would be invited and welcome to sit in the corner.

JR has also stated that he would like to work with the MSWA on this but Neil will have nothing to do with him. JR has also wanted to put something on the forum about the event but fears that it will be deleted because he is involved.  Neil - will you allow posts about the Dapper Dan on the forum?”   MSWA Executive Board Member
“Just for the sake of discussion, I think the Dapper Dan event is more about Maryland Wrestling than it is about NUWAY or MDWAY.  I personally do not think it hurts us to have information on the Dapper Dan event on the forum.  I don’t think we need to let certain people make posts on the forum, but I believe this event is a prestigious event for the state of Maryland and it would make sense for it to be publicized and discussed on our forum.”    Different MSWA Executive Board Member
“The Dapper Dan event is a prestigious national event and it's great for our top kids to be able to compete against the best in the country. If we have any top guys who can make the national team, that would be great. The exhibition part against W PA all-stars is less prestigious and in my opinion we don't have enough elite seniors to have a competitive team. Michigan was shut out 42-0 last year. Yes the event is more about the wrestlers than Nuway. … If the board is prepared to support the Nuway sponsored event, I have no problem with that but I will immediately resign from the board and all MSWA activities, as I have stated from the very beginning! I have cc'd the entire board into this email and I'll support whatever conclusion they'd make from it….” Neil Adleberg
“Neil - just to be clear - many of us do not agree with your statement that Maryland does not have enough elite seniors to field a competitive team with the Wpial.  In fact - Maryland has a strong group of seniors that will be competitive with the Wpial. Please - let's be careful about taking shots at the seniors we have in MD.  Yes - Maryland will field a competitive team.”   Influential MD Wrestling Supporter 01/13/2012


2011 FILA Cadet Nationals, Akron, OH, April 20 - 23, 2011
Freestyle Results, Event Results for MD wrestlers

Friedman, Ryan,    46 KG / 101.25 LBS
Ozias, Coy,     46 KG / 101.25 LBS
Meister, Logan,    54 KG / 119 LBS
Mutchnik, Jack,    54 KG / 119 LBS
Ramos, Xavie,     58 KG/ 127.75 LBS
Clark, Jack,     63 KG/ 138.75 LBS.         6TH
Daniel, Cory,    69 KG / 152 LBS
Duncan, Theo,     69 KG / 152 LBS
Hoffman, Eric,    69 KG / 152 LBS,         3RD
Patrick, Tyler,    76 KG / 167.5 LBS
Wood, Travis,    76 KG / 167.5 LBS
Kirby, Logan,     85 KG / 187.25 LBS
Marvel, Kevin,     85 KG / 187.25 LBS
Messallam, Omar,    85 KG / 187.25 LBS
Maltsev, Dan,     85-100 KG / 187.25-220.5 LBS
Johnson, Jason,    125 KG / 275.5 LBS,        5TH


"Focus on Folkstyle 2"

Please understand that the Univ. of Maryland wrestling program and its coaching staff are committed to the development of the International Styles of wrestling in Maryland. Please see the various Univ. of Maryland links on the Junior Terps website for their information. Please understand that these views are from the Junior Terps, and we do not speak for the Univ. of Maryland or their coaches, staff, or wrestlers.

Since the early to mid 1990's, the wrestling landscape has changed. Where once there were mostly post-season, freestyle opportunities, there are now a tremendous amount of Folkstyle opportunities. "Focus on Folkstyle" highlights those opportunities. Other opportunities will be detailed by other members of the wrestling community on the MD Forum. I no longer have privileges on that forum.

Junior Terps in the MIS and MPSSAA State Tournament


"Focus on Folkstyle 1

Welcome to the "Junior Terp Concept": Maryland’s schoolboy and elementary wrestlers need to challenge themselves more. They need more competition, as a team. They need to take this experience and spread it around the various junior league and high school programs. To those ends, the Junior Terps have developed a tough, structured, program for elite and semi-elite middle school and elementary kids around the state. With our schedule, a wrestler can get all the matches they need to carry them to that next level. If a Junior Terp participates fully, getting 60-70 matches, with or without junior league participation, will be easy to get. Some events are restricted, by birth years, and some events are restricted by grades. We will adjust the team as necessary. In the weeks from Thanksgiving (2009) thru New Years (2010), the Junior Terps / Tiny Terps wrestled a combined 600 individual matches. Overall in the 2009/2010 season our teams wrestled about 1800 individual matches. We were also granted a spot in the 2011 McDonogh Duals where we finished 8th.

Since the early to mid 1990's, the wrestling landscape has changed. Once there were mostly all post-season freestyle opportunities. Now there are now a tremendous amount of post-season folkstyle opportunities. In this economy, your money will go further wrestling folkstyle in the spring/summer. The Junior Terps want to highlight these opportunities.

Director, Ron Plienis (USAW Bronze Certified)
Middle School Coordinator, (Junior Terps MS), Sean Devaney
Elementary School Coordinator, (Tiny Terps ES), John Brooks
Head Coach - JR Plienis (USAW Bronze Certified)
Middle school coaches- JR Plienis, Sean Devaney, Doug Makosy, Boyd Forsythe Elementary coaches- John Brooks, Steve Blau, Ricardo Wilkinson, James Hamilton, Rick Couch, Tim Meyer and more depending on the event.

I would also like to take a minute to thank Haswell Franklin for his help and friendship over the last 25 years or so. We started working together, in the MSWA in the mid-1980's. Haswell helped me be Kids Director where I conceived the Mason/Dixon Quad. I took the idea to Haswell. We took it to the MJWL, and the MDQ was born in 1991. We followed that with the East Coast Junior Duals in 1994. Haswell helped me as Cadet Director, Junior Director, and MSWA Treasurer. At a Chairman's retreat in Colorado Springs, Haswell and I also convinced USA Wrestling to start a Kids National Tournament series. As far as I am concerned, Haswell Franklin is the "Dr. Pin" of Maryland wrestling.