2022 Hall of  Fame Duals and Open, 10/28-30/2022
Hall of Fame Village, 2626 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH. 44718
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We always keep our "word"; please do the same.             

Hall of Fame Duals & Open, (Weigh-ins are Fri.,   Duals are Sat. and Sun. )
Early Weigh-Ins: Friday 2:30-4:00pm at the venue. Additional $20 cash payment required.
Regular Weigh-Ins: Friday 6:00-7:30pm at the venue. NO additional payment.
Team meeting and warm-up - NOT later than 7:15 am on Sat. & Sun. The "cold" Team always loses the first match.
7:00am Doors open,    7:30am Coaches meeting,    7:30am Score Keeper education,    8:00am Wrestling begins

Required Individual Entry $90,     Headgear Required,    NO Cards Required.
Optional Junior Terps' Elite Team Singlet $65, See photo on Home Page.
Optional Original White Short-Sleeve Dri-Fit Tee Shirt $20, See Photo on Home Page.

Please use PayPal Buttons - www.juniorterps.com
Checks: Junior Terps, 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231,    410-446-0327(c)   or   E-mail

As always, we are required to provide a table worker for each match. Please consider helping out.
If you can help coach or keep score or work the clock (TrackWrestling), please volunteer.
Each, of 2 coaches, need not pay for their child wrestler.
Each, of 2 coaches and 1 scorer, receive free event admissions.


                   2022 Hall of Fame Duals - MS2           Terps XPRESS
MS2 72,76,80,84,88,92,96,100,105,110,115,120,130,140,160,210 ( +1) Terps XPRESS MS2
72 Costa Paxos, North Canton, OH.   Text  
76 * Christian Wirts, Warhawks, Baltimore, MD.      
80 * Tanner Cochrane, Strongsville, OH.      
84 * Sam Adams, Arsenal W.C., Doylestown, OH.      
88 Blake Coakley, Logan, OH.      
92 * Grady Lambdin, Chippewa, Marshallville, OH      
96 Brandan McLaughlin, Westshore, Westlake, OH.,      
100 Cael Lowdermilk, Careollton, OH.      
105 Carter Trukovich, Ashland, OH.      
110 Mikhail Montgomery, Canton (Perry), OH.      
115 Joel Brink, Shamrock WC, Akron, OH.      
120 Logan Haer, Massillon, OH.      
130 * Trace Johnson, Massillon Perry, OH.      
140 Paul Tepley, Brooklyn Hts., OH.      
160 Noah Stutler, Massillon Perry, OH.      
210 Cain Stryker, Mechanicsburg, Springfield, OH.      
Coaches - Tavis Adams, Aaron Johnson,    Scorer - Lambros Paxos