Bison Duals and Open, 07/8-10/2022
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA 19456
(Tyrant Duals Home) (Greater Philadelphia Expo Center)

We always keep our "word"; please do the same.

Bison HS Duals & Open,
Early Weigh-Ins: Friday 2:30-4:00pm at the venue. Additional $20 cash payment required.
Regular Weigh-Ins: Friday 6:00-7:30pm at the venue. NO additional payment.
Team meeting and warm-up - NOT later than 7:15 am on Sat. & Sun. The "cold" Team always loses the first match.
7:00am Doors open,    7:30am Coaches meeting,    7:30am Score Keeper education,    8:00am Wrestling begins

Required Individual Entry $92,     Headgear Required,    NO Cards Required.
Optional Junior Terps' Elite Team Singlet $65, See photo on Home Page.
Optional Original White Short-Sleeve Dri-Fit Tee Shirt $20, See Photo on Home Page.

Please use PayPal Buttons - www.juniorterps.com
Checks: Junior Terps, 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231,    410-446-0327(c)   or   E-mail


As always, we are required to provide a table worker for each match. Please consider helping out.
If you can help coach or keep score or work the clock (TrackWrestling), please volunteer.
Each, of 2 coaches and 1 scorer, do not pay for their child wrestler.
Each, of 2 coaches and 1 scorer, receive free event admissions.

                   2022 Bison Duals - HS                    
MS1 98,106,113,120,126,132,138,145,152,160,180,182,195,220,285 (+3)    
106 * Mason Mangialino, Barn Brothers, NY.      
113 * Matteo Eagleson, Mount Olive High School, NJ.      
120 * Shane Meenaghan, Hicksville, NY.      
126 * Dominik Woodard, Nova Wrestling Club, VA.      
132 * Ryan Yriart, Woodgrove HS, VA.      
138 * Austin Watson, NOVA Sports, VA.      
145 * Nick Marck, NOVA Sports, VA.      
152 * Brayden Farrar, Waynesboro, VA.      
160 * Ethan Farrell, Va. Beach, VA.      
170 * Michael Rivetti, Chantilly, VA.      
182 *Grayson Jones, Fishburne MA, Waynesboro, VA.      
220 Jayden Young, Va. Beach, VA.   NO Call No Show
285 Joe Lubinskas, Battlefield HS, Haymarket, VA.      
MS Coaches- Bill Marck,  John Watson,    Scorer - Mike Yriart