He was A gentle soul that lost his way from time to time.
Jason Scott Plienis 06/22/80 - 08/23/2014


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VAC Holiday Duals 2018

5- MS Teams 6- ES Teams

McDonogh Duals 2019

2- MS Teams

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Junior Terps, Lady Terps, Tiny Terps
Maryland's BEST "National Duals Wrestling Teams"
and HOME to the "Toughest" available competition.
Singlets Sizes- XXXS(40-45), XXS(50-70), XS(70-100), AS(100-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-200), AXL(200-240), AXXL(240+)
Shirts Sizes-  XXXS(40-45), XXS(50-70), XS(70-100), AS(100-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-190), AXL(190-220) ,AXXL(225-250) ,AXXXL(250+)
Shorts Sizes- YS(40-50), YM(50-65), YL(65-85), AS(85-120), AM(120-155), AL(155-200), AXL(200-235), AXXL(235-255), AXXXL(255+)

Columbus Day Entry Fee,
10/13 & 14/ 2018

Malvern Duals ES Entry Fee

Hagerstown Duals Fee

Malvern Duals MS Entry Fee
Mid-Atlantic Duals Entry Fee
VAC Holiday Duals Entry Fee
ALL Teams Except ES4
Entry & Early Weigh-in
VAC Holiday Duals Entry Fee
ES All-Stars Only (ES4)
Entry, Singlet, & Early Weigh-in
Tyrant Duals Entry Fee

McDonogh Duals Entry Fee
01/26 & 27/2019

ACWA Wildwood National Duals
AAU National ES Duals
NHSCA National Duals Entry Fee
ES Spooky Nook Duals ES
06/22-24/2018 (2 Days)
MS Spooky Nook Duals MS
06/22-23/2018 (1 Day)
Bison Duals, Bucknell Univ.

White SS Dri-Fit Tee Shirt

Terps Black Singlet


Wade Schalles


Mason Dixon Duals - MDQx2


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MD Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame


MD Fargo All-Americans  




Dapper Dan Classic


Guess Who ?


25,415 Matches - 2009/2017 seasons (8),   5047 Matches in 2015/2016,   4982 Matches in 2016/2017,   4622 Matches in 2017/2018

To the Junior Terps, TRUST is everything. If we can't trust your word, we can't work together.
Poachers- please look elsewhere for wrestlers. Parents- please teach kids to be Trustworthy.

A few pounds never "Won" or "Lost" a match. Superior skills and positive attitudes are what "WINS" matches.


2017/2018 Season Schedule

Opportunities for Kids, 2009/2017

4982 Total Matches in 2016/2017
5047 Total Matches in 2015/2016
3469 Total matches in 2014/2015
3372 Total matches in 2013/2014
2513 Total Matches in 2012/2013
2207 Total Matches in 2011/2012
2025 Total Matches in 2010/2011
1800 Total Matches in 2009/2010
Focused on Folkstyle and getting ready for a High School career.

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