He was A gentle soul that lost his way from time to time.
Jason Scott Plienis 06/22/80 - 08/23/2014


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VAC Holiday Duals 2016

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Junior Terps and Tiny Terps
Maryland's BEST "Folkstyle National Duals Wrestling Teams"
and HOME to the "Toughest" available competition.
Elite White Singlet Matching Shirt NEW Black Singlet Two-Piece Singlet Matching Shirt and Fight Shorts
Singlets Sizes- XXXS(40-45), XXS(50-70), XS(70-100), AS(100-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-200), AXL(200-240), AXXL(240+)
Shirts Sizes-  XXXS(40-45), XXS(50-70), XS(70-100), AS(100-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-190), AXL(190-220) ,AXXL(225-250) ,AXXXL(250+)
Shorts Sizes- YS(40-50), YM(50-65), YL(65-85), AS(85-120), AM(120-155), AL(155-200), AXL(200-235), AXXL(235-255), AXXXL(255+)

Columbus Day Entry Fee

Va. Beach Nat'al Duals Fee

Hagerstown Duals Fee

Malvern Duals Entry Fee
Wade Schalles Clinic
10/29/16 9:00am -12:00

Mid-Atlantic Duals Entry Fee

VAC Holiday Duals Entry Fee

Tyrant Duals Entry Fee

McDonogh Duals Entry Fee
Wade Schalles Clinic
10/29/16 1:00 -4:00pm
Wildwood Duals Entry Fee AAU ES National Duals NHSCA Duals Entry Fee    

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Wade Schalles Mason Dixon Quad  MSWA Duals Teams MD Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Dapper Dan Classic Facebook PhotoBucket Our Philosophy Beat the Streets Baltimore
MD State HS Division Fargo All-Americans    "Focused on Folkstyle" and preparing kids for a High School career.


We are a "TEAM" and not a "CLUB".   Practice wherever you like. We do not poach wrestlers, from their home club. Just apply early, make our team, wrestle hard, and have fun.   90%, of MD's Male Fargo All-Americans supported the Junior Terps in their past.

20,433 Matches 2009/2016 seasons (7),   3469 Matches in 2014/2015,   5047 Matches in 2015/2016

   Opportunities for Kids, 2016/2017 Season

     To the Junior Terps, TRUST is everything. If we can't trust your word, we can't work together.

Opportunities for Kids, 2009/2016

5047 Total Matches in 2015/2016
3469 Total matches in 2014/2015
3372 Total matches in 2013/2014
2513 Total Matches in 2012/2013
2207 Total Matches in 2011/2012
2025 Total Matches in 2010/2011
1800 Total Matches in 2009/2010
Focused on Folkstyle and getting ready for a High School career.

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MDWAY STATES - Results 2011 - 2016

2011 Results 6 & Under 2011 Results 8 & Under 2011 Results 10 & Under 2011 Results 12 & Under 2011 Results 14 & Under Photo National Championships Team
2012 MDWAY State Champions
2013 MDWAY State Champions
2014 Results 7 & Under 2014 Results 9 & Under 2014 Results 11 & Under 2014 Results 13 & Under 2014 Results 15 & Under
2015 Results 7 & Under 2015 Results 9 & Under 2015 Results 11 & Under 2015 Results 13 & Under 2015 Results 15 & Under
2016 MDWAY State Championships

E-Mail Contact -      rpphusker@comcast.net

Mailing Address -     Junior Terps, 2818 Salisbury Ave., Edgemere, MD. 21219-1231 , 410-446-0327 (cell)

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