He was A gentle soul that lost his way from time to time.
Jason Scott Plienis 06/22/80 - 08/23/2014

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2021 / 2022
Junior Terps Xtreme MS Season (33-8)
Columbus Day 2021 (Gold Pool 3rd)
National MS Duals 2021 (Gold Pool 5th)
VAC Holiday Duals 2021 (Silver Pool Champion)
Tyrant Duals 2022 (National Pool 2nd)
McDonogh Duals 2022 (Silver Pool Champion)

2022 / 2023 (Projected)
Junior Terps Xtreme/Xpress MS Season
1) Columbus Day 2022
2) National MS Duals 2022
3) VAC Holiday Duals 2022
4) Defense Soap Duals 2022
5) McDonogh Duals 2023

2022 / 2023 (Projected)
Junior Terps Xtreme ES Season
1) Columbus Day 2022
2) VAC Holiday Duals 2022
3) McDonogh Duals 2023

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Singlets Sizes- XXXS(40-45), XXS(50-70), XS(70-100), AS(100-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-200), AXL(200-240), AXXL(240+)
Shirts Sizes-  YS(40-45), YM(50-70), YL(70-90), YXL(90-110), AS (110-130), AM(130-160), AL(160-190), AXL(190-220) ,AXXL(225-250) ,AXXXL(250+)

Battle In the Burg Duals
09/10-12/ 2021
Wheeling WV.

Columbus Day HS, MS & ES Duals
Spooky Nook, Manheim, PA.

Hagerstown Duals K-9 Entry Fee
Sun. 11/14/2021
Franklin Training Center, MD.

Original National Middle School Duals
Sat. 11/11-14/2021
Seagate Convention Centre, Toledo

NEW National Middle School Duals
Sat. 11/11-14/2021
Seagate Convention Centre, Toledo

VAC #1 - Maryland Team ONLY
Va. Beach Sports Center, VA.

VAC #2 - Remaining Terps' Teams
Va. Beach Sports Center, VA.

Tyrant Duals
York, PA.

McDonogh Duals
Westminster, MD.

McDonogh Eagle X Team
Westminster, MD.

Heartbreak Duals
Spooky Nook, Manheim, PA.

NHSCA National Duals
Memorial Day Weekend
Virginia Beach, VA.

Photo- White SS Dri-Fit Tee Shirt

Photo- Terps Black Singlet

To the Junior Terps, TRUST is everything.    If we can't trust your word, we can't work together.
Poachers- please look elsewhere for wrestlers.     Parents- please teach kids to be Trustworthy.

A few pounds never "Won" or "Lost" a match.     Superior skills and positive attitudes are what "WINS" matches.

It is NOT what you do. It is HOW you do it. (Blue Chips)

Focused on Folkstyle and getting ready for a High School career.

2022/2023 Schedule

Opportunities for Kids, 2009/2022

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E-Mail Contact -      rpphusker@comcast.net

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